One Shade Darker — a devakshi ff – part 12

       ” I thought she had gone forever……. But….. I was wrong ……. She again stood in front of me ; much powerful than before……”

         — The Flashback —

” OMG…..!! Why does this girl always pops up in my life like a spam business E-mail….!! ”
Dev sighed under his breath closing the laptop and shifted to the black bean bag right beside him.

       He blankly looked at the frost white  ceiling of his room and meekly muttered to himself “She is the same girl….!! Nats…..!!! Natasha….!! ”

            Dev could not easily recover the fact that she is entering his life once again…… ; it seemed like this girl has decided to take him to the altar and bind him tightly with the clutches of this unwanted relationship……

He closed his eyes and his memory lane went back to 2 years picturing one of the finest evening in London….

FB ::

Location : Saint Martins 

         A vast playground with neatly trimmed green grass is seen with all the young lad’s of Martins cheering up loudly for a boy standing a the center of the ground with his left leg stifly placed on the neon yellow football…..

          His face shone brightly with a creamish white tan under the mild Sundays….. ; Sweet drops made their way down from his head to shoulders dripping on the green grass…… but least was this young guy bothered about shouts and cheers as his eyes were set on the goal ; exactly 20 yards away from the point where he was standing…….

         The commentator announces the tie between 2 rival teams and gives a final call to all the players of both teams……

          He declares that The team which succeeds to push the yellow ball in the goal within 35 seconds would be the winners and the other team has to be just satisfied with first  runner up cup…….

           once the match starts ; Dev smartly chases the ball and pushes it into the goal just within 30 seconds and his team lifts the championship cup……

            After the match ; Dev was merrily moving from the ground when a blonde haired fair skin girl suddenly came and introduced herself as Natasha…. Dev had smilingly shakes hands with her unaware of the disturbances she can create for him the coming days……..

        In this way…..; Dev has met her for the first time in London at the “Saint Martins “. He was one of the most charming guys in the college and it was a known fact that every girl had a secret crush on him…..

         Dev had even won the annual championship cup ” The Martins All rounder ” in the very first year of his Masters and had continued to bag it for the next two consecutive years….

          Dev was in his last year of Masters when Natasha joined Saint Martins as a fresher. It didn’t take long time for Natasha to become a fangirl of her charming senior Dev Dixit….. Sparks of attraction had taken her heart away ever since the first time she saw him playing football

         During the initial days she used to watch all his moves from afar like an annoying female stalker but had never dared to approach him…..

         This continued for a few months and Dev also took her nimbleness lightly….. ; But he had no idea that she had got cheap thrills on her mind…..!!!

           As the days passes ; She followed him everywhere right from his morning Gym to the nights club with his friends. 

           Just like the song goes…. ” Har ek friend Kamina hota hai….”  Dev’s entire gang has stated teasing him with her name much to his annoyance….!!!

        Within a few months Dev and Natasha had become the Most Tagged Couple and were in the top hot gossip list of Martins…. !!! 

             She had even proposed Dev a couple of times to which he had honestly denied as he had no feelings as such on her…… She had even warned many other girls to stay away from him as she was the only one made for him…….!!!

          He had seen her always boasting about her money , power and rich background. Dev being a down to earth person has never liked this attitude of hers…. He felt that she was a drama queen who constantly craved for his attention

         Though Rithwik and Dev were in the same college ; they had very different set of peers and interests. He had hardly spoken with him only twice during annual college fest and had no idea that Natasha was his sister…..

              On the last day of graduation ; she has once again proposed Dev in front of almost all her friends but again being rejected……; she had thrown an open challenge to Dev that she will marry him and make him also to agree for that…..!!!

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                After his masters he has come back to India to look after his fathers company and the past two years were a roller coaster ride for him…… He had no time for marriage nor he had met any girl who could steal his heart away……

               He never thought that Natasha would try her motives in this way…….. His clenched his fists in anger on her for forcing him to go through this helpless situation.

         Rejecting this proposal in simpler words meant playing with his innocent sisters feelings which he would never do……



           After having dinner that day ; Dev went to his mother’s room to break open all the confusions he was going through .

            Dev always used to to share emotions he went through with his mom. She was like a best friend and also an adviser when it came to the matters of his heart……..

” Maa mein shaadi karna chahti hun…….”
Dev said sadly.

” Hai bhagwan…; kitna acha din aagaya…..!! Dev ek baar phir se bolo beta…… Par tumhara chehra itna udas kyun hai beta…..?? ”

“Aisa Kuch nahi maa…..mein kush hun…..” 
Dev woke up and stood near the wide window in his mothers room..

” chalo ab mujhse bhi Kuch  share nahi karoge kya…..?? Mujhe pata tha ki tum der hi sahi aaj aaogi….; isiliye meine darwaja band nahi kiya tha……; aur mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki tum koi dabav mein yeh faisla utaya hai….”
Ishwari said confidently….

” Maa yeh kaise possible hai…?? Bin bataye aap ko sab Kuch pata chal jaata hai….. Baat simple hai maa….. Agar mein rithwik ke behen se shaadi kiya toh Nikki aur rithwik ka shaadi ho sakta hai….. Ab Nikki ka zindagi mere upar hai and i dont want to risk it…..”
 Dev said helplessly near his mother.

” Baat simple nahi hai beta…..; Nikki ka shaadi koi business deal nahi hai….; aur tum Kuch bhi soche bina shaadi ke liye haan kar diya….?? Pata hai na Dev ;agar tumne ek baar haan kar diya toh pua media ko eh baat pata chal jayega. Media ko chodo beta….; kya tumhara dil mein uske liye jagah hai….??” Ishwari was visibly shocked by Dev’s impulsive decision.

“Pata hai maa…..; but I too don’t have any better option. Rithwik se meine baat kiya aur kal uska pura family dinner ke liye hamara ghar aa raja hai…… Natasha ke saath….. ”
Dev was going blank with every passing minute….

” Dev tum galat kar rahe ho beta…..; Hum Nikki ke liye koi aur ladka dekh sakte hai….; Tumhe eh kadam uthane ki koi dabav nahi hai beta… ”
Ishwari tried to make her point clear to dev 

 ” Maa…… Its my final decision aur mein iss decision se khush hun…..Please kal dinner ka preparation kigiye maa….. Gudnight…… ”
Saying so Dev walked away with a heavy heart from his room.

           Ishwari stood in her room with a blank mind and she very well knew that Dev was in going in the wrong direction…… She hardly could sleep that night and decided once to speak with Rithwik parents regarding Dev’s unwanted alliance……

              Dev on the other hand felt bad for speaking rude with ishwari. He was aware of his mothers concern but he had no option left with him….. He drank several cups of espresso and finally it was 4am when his tired eyes closed to get an ounce of sleep…….

Precap :  Dev and Sonakshi’s first romantic sequence.


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