One Shade Darker — A Devakshi FF by Nivu

Hai lovely friends of TU…… I’m back…. Does anyone remember me here…?? Well if you don’t remember its okay…. I’m Nivu back with a new ff. Hope you all will enjoy reading this…. Please express your opinions as that would mean the world to me……❤❤

One Shade Darker

Singapore — a sheen city ,  espresso ,coffee lattes,  fashion magazines, Cover – models, soothing weather, peaceful sidewalks, open parks and something even more…. To top all these I’m the ward of the most reputed fashion design college  ” The Raffles ” .

         Getting into this college in a simpler way was  a direct ticket to the most famous fashion designing companies. The out coming  batch  of this college were just like hot cakes who were hired first in the fashion market…..

          Heyyy , wondering who I’m….. I’m a fashion designer…. Not a mere one…. but the one who can play with different blends of colours, sketches, fabrics and trends. To me fashion is being comfortable under your skin and still managing to look classy and fabulous. It is more of attitude and confidence to me…

      So…., Well my school name is Sonakshi Bose. But I’m much of SONA to the world — to the small world of my friends and family.


       Credits of raising me goes to my coolest ma Asha Bose and Over caring baba Bejoy Bose. I even have a punching bag , well his name is Saurav Bose, my big overprotective brother. He is the most sweetest person who always joins me in some of the noble works like making the house dirty, eating unlimited packs of cookies, Maggie , lays, bingo, kurkure and everything which is unhealthy. Are you thinking don’t we both become fat…?? No as my Dada is nearly 100kg and me half of his. 

        But still at times he is my ‘ virtual brain’ when I run out of my fashion ideas . Apart from them I even have a friend of 70’s who is crazy behind Lataji’s music just like how I’m mad behind Armaan Malik’s voice. I’m fascinated by how she remembers all Bollywood lyrics even at this age…… Well she is my audacious  DADI. She knows every herbal treatment even to the unknown disease yet to be found…..!! I bet her Bengali pickles and snacks will put you out of world….??

             When my other pals were busy with their books ; there I used to sketch every possible combination of dress styles and patterns. When they use to gag about loosing marks I was somewhere lost in reading my all time favourite fashion magazines dreaming one day my article and sketches would be published there……

        Being too much   understanding my baba and ma had never constrained me to be a typical doctor or an engineer . Instead they had  joined me into the most famous fashion design degree college which I had managed to pass with a decent degree and even got the master degree seat on a scholarship…. That is what we call a jackpot ryt….!! 

        It was only then I was sent to Singapore to pursue my higher degree in ‘RAFFLES’ —  the college which I had always dreamt of. I felt like settling down in my life was just an inch away….!!

           But I never thought that Singapore would turn my life upside down….. All I could visualise was my life becoming serious just like a white sheet of paper getting colored by 
ONE SHADE DARKER …..!! ,,,,, darkening every minute.


So how was the episode friends…??
What do you think might have happened to the perfect life of Sonakshi…..??

NIVU saying bye 4 now…
keep smiling and
Don’t forget to comment..
Luv u all loads…???????
This story will be published in wattpad @nivu228

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  1. Nice plss post soon n regular

  2. Darshana

    It was awesome dear..well I don’t you!..but your ff seems so interesting..sona being a fashion concept..your presentation was excellent…
    I just cant make any guesses of what will happen to sona..why is her life one share darker??…
    post soon….
    u too keep smiling?

    1. Darshana


  3. V.V.harshita

    Awesome….yaar…Post asap ????

  4. Muthash

    Wow!!!! Beautiful intro…. ?very nicely sketched. Today only read your ff. Heading to read the other parts of it…..?

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