One Shade Darker — A Devakshi FF by Nivu — part 4

Loction : Ishwari Mansion

            Dev finished his meeting and left for the airport to pick up Rithwik. Dev knew that Nikki was only 20 years and it was a bit early for marriage but when ma, Nikki and mamaji were ready for the marriage ; he was left with no other option. Moreover ; he can’t say NO to his loving sister. 

         Nikki and Rithwik were initially Facebook friends and now they were in too much love with one another. Rithwik among his busy schedule had agreed to come to India just because Devs family wanted the marriage and engagement to happen in a traditional way. 

         Dev reached airport and picked up Rithwik. Both of them knew each other as they were classmates for a year in London. On their way back to house; both of them spoke about random business stuff and the new trends….. They were welcomed by Ishwari, Mamaji and Radha. 

” How was the journey beta, Its soo good that you came here… Make yourself at home beta ” Ishwari said to Rithwik. 

“The journey was good aunty…..Actually I came here directly ; even mom and dad also wanted to come…. They stay in Chandigarh and next time they will come for sure” Rithwik said.

” No problem beta, we are totlly happy to see you. We can understand your hurry to see our Nikki….” Mamaji teased him back.

           The rest of the conversation went on smoothly and Dev was happy seeing everything going on well with Nikki. He even felt happy  that Rithwik was the best choice for Nikki……

     Suddenly he got a call from Tina; His personal secretary who remained him about an important work. Dev informed Ishwari and left in his car…….


        It was already 5 in the morning when I reached Mumbai — The city of traffic and the Terrific. And don’t even think this city would be calm at these early hours of morning…. It is a ‘nagari’ of Noise and chatter. I could hear a loud cacophony of busy bustling vehicles, vendors, flower sellers etc…… What hit my nose most was the smell of hot vada pav, kheema pav, Misal pav and my favourite Pav bhaji which dusted away the laziness from my journey…. I’m a big foodie and I would never miss this advantage of having street food when I’m not with my family. I smile at the thought of remembering how my baba always forbids me and Dada to have these stuffs and make us eat the SO called “healthy foods”…….

             I quickly ordered 2 plates of Pav Bhaji and stood on the pavement ; when something tooo interesting on the opposite road caught my eyes….. It was a banner of the auction being held at the ” Osians Fashion Gallery” . I quickly search the location of the gallery to know that it is just 20 minutes journey from the place where I’m going to reside now……. Though i had no big ideas of bidding some of my works ; I thought to give it a try…… Paying the money to the bhaji wala ; I get into a local auto and move towards Bandra west…..

            My stay in Mumbai is with a girl whom I know since the age of 4 . She is my bestiee in everything….. Too much bold, naughty, kind, friendly and even hot as well…..!! She is none other than ELE……!! Elina Banerjee…..!! She is also a pure bengali and we both were classmates right from LKG to degree….. It was only when I went to singapore for masters I and Elena were seperated……. Now i feel glad that ele was not a part of the disaster which happened to me a few months ago….. 

          Well my ele is a google and a Facebook kid. I usually call her “FB ki bacchi…” . Her day starts and ends there. She even have that sweet annoying nature of tagging me with every single post so that I get notifications in the most weirdest place and weird times of the day……!! . Well she now works in a private company and spends most of her salary on food and dresses……!!

          So just have a look at her by yourself….. I knock the door and there she shouts at the top of her lungs…….

“SONA……..!! SONA……!! why did you not inform me…?? I would have come to pick you up….!! I even checked your Facebook and Watsapp status; No clues there also…..!! ”

” Don’t start your Facebook again Ele….!! “Before I could continue there she again starts….!!

” Face se yaad aaya ; What happened to your face Sona…?? You look sooo pale and tired….!!” she asks me…

” I’m just a bit tired Ele…!!journey….. You know……!!  ” I lie to her.


       ( I know I’m pale because of the grief which has completely engulfed me from the past 6 months…. It is nothing like I dont want to share it with Ele……; its just I dont want to remember it myself……!! )

” Sona….Sona….. Kahan ho….!! By the way I’m tooo much angry on you yaar….. 6 months No phones; No messages….; No mails…..; Did you even know how much afraid I was…. I was even about to come to Kolkata this Sunday….!! ” She says settling herself on the dusty couch near by….

“Sorrryyy my dear Ele…..!! I was a bit caught up….. Dont worry as I’m back now….. My head is free and  you can eat it 24*7 as usual…” I say laughingly.

” No worries sona….. I’ll do that sincerely…. ” she laughs back raising her hand for a Hi-fi.

         The best feeling in the world is being with your Best Friend and Ele is one for me and I’m one for her.  She says about all hot gossips which I have missed in the past days…… 

” You know Sonaa….. Rashika broke up for the 4th time; Nivin is dating Khushi now….; Avanti dumped Himanshu… Poor guy…… and……” . Her stories never end…

” Leave about them Ele…; Say me whom are you dating now…??” I tease her.

” Ohho Sona…..; This time it is a secret….!! He is my FB friend and he is not from India….!!” I could see excitement in Ele’s eyes.

” This is unfair Ele…; No secrets between besties…!! Say me…..say me Right now….!! FB ki bacchi….!!. At least profile photo toh dikha do yaar….” I ask her.

” No…. I’ll make you meet him when he will be back to India….” 

“Okay…… Accha suno Ele; 
Will you be free by today eve 5 as I have to go to ” Osians fashion gallery” for auctions….” I ask her.

” wow Sona…… Show me which sketches are you giving for auction…?? I’m excited sona…I’ll join you….” She says.

          I show her 3 sketches and she likes them. Come on yaar…..; we both are fashionist’s and starts dressing for auctions. I unzip my bag and then from my side bag slips a triple folded white sheet of paper….. I open and I could read 3 neatly written lines……

      ” WHITE — The colour of the Corpse on a dead body ; The colour of peace and silence as in a mourning hall. No one is dead or No one is Mourning….. BUT….. they surely may be the events ahead…… and this is what make me love WHITE…”

         At the first read; I neither understood it nor thought how it would have got into my side bag. I Try to guess the handwriting but the above lines are printed and it is a waste of time to think of such a weird letter which says something unimportant about a colour…..

        I keep it back in one of my drawing books and pick out a pink top and jeans to wear. I do my hair, change my earnings, apply kajal and both me and Ele are set to go to the auction……..


Is it an un-important letter??
Why is it written on white??
Has it come to sonakshi by mistake…??
What do you all think..??

How was the episode friends??
Please let me know your opinion through comments…..❤❤

NIVU saying bye for now…
Love you all loads….❤❤❤
Keep smiling and don’t forget to comment

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