One Shade Darker — A Devakshi FF by Nivu — part 3

Location : A big mansion with the name plate ‘ Ishwari Dixit ‘ imprinted on it

          Meet Nikki , a jovial girl of 20 who is ample of everybodys eyes living in this big mansion. Professionally she is a painter and loves food, fashion , family and most importantly Varun Dhavan. Her room is filled will posters of Varun Dhavan in almost every possible pose…… From the day of release ; She has successfully finished watching ‘ Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniyaa ‘ for 200 times and still her excitement is at its brim….!! She wants her spouse to be like Varun Dhavan and just as in that movie she wants a designer Lehengaa on her marriage…….!!

   Mein tenu samjhaavan ki..
   Mein tere bina lagdaa ji…..
   Tu ki jaane pyaar mera….  
  Mein karu intezaartera…..!!

        Nikki is busy watching this vedio and adrmiring VD for (N+1)th time when she hears the honking noise of the Volkswagen amego brand new car from backyard . she hurriedly shuts down her lappy and runs towards the main door because she very well knows who is back home…….

         Nikki goes and hugs a tall man who amiably hugs her back in response….. His face is relived and he looks devilishly handsome , extremely rich and very powerful….. Hey…..; don’t think he is a typical stone hearted , rude behaving spoilt brat rich Kid brought up with a golden spoon……. Instead ; he is the Vice Versa version of this……!!

       Amidst of all his male  awesomeness ; his face has a tinge of happiness, love and care….. He is Dev Dixit…..; who runs the famous fashion company ” Fab India “. He is graduated from the famous fashion university ” Saint Martins ” in london, England….. ” Fan India ” has become a big name not only for the 14 fashion branches which they own but also due to their varied variety of quality , designs and trends. 

             Actually ” Fab India ” was started by Dev’s father in Mumbai long back….  Dev was a small boy of 10 years ; when his father had passed away in the  most terrific car accident…… The entire Dixit family was in shock over his fathers death and then it was his Mamaji who took over the responsibility of running the company. Dev has immense respect for this man and never puts away his word…..


       Being a true gentlemen; his Mamaji has taken the company to greater heights in the past years…. His wife Radha and their only son Vicky stay along with Dev’s family in the mansion….. In spite of being the son of such a gentleman ; Vicky has turned out to be a spoilt brat…. And sadly his mother Radha has no regrets about it……!!

          He even loves his mother Ishwari who owns all the credits of his today’s success . Above all this ; he is  overprotective brother of Nikki —  his sweet naughty sister ….. Dev is like a ‘ Ginnie ‘ for her ; Once she wishes….. The next moment he makes sure that it is hers…..!!

           A festival shade has covered dixit mansion as today is a special day for all of them…… A groom is coming from London to take Nikki’s  hand in marriage….. The groom was classmate of Dev in “Saint Martins” and also worked as a fashion executive in London… Ishwari wanted this marriage to happen as she felt once the marriage is done with Rithwik ; Nikki’s life would be safely setteled… 


           Dev was resting on his bean bag when his mother Ishwari entered the room with his favourite espresso and wakes him up saying……

” Dev…… Are you tired…?? Get up and have some fresh coffee… You’ll feel better….”

          The aroma of his mothers coffee woke him up……. 

” Thanks for the coffee maa…..; Did you want to say something…??”

” Yaa….. Make sure that you receive Rithwik at right time tomorrow…. I think he will be the best match for our Nikki….”

“Don’t worry maa…; Ill make sure he comes safely…. Now I have some formal meetings to attend and im going for office…..; Bye…”

“Bye beta….. Drive safely …..” Said Ishwari waving a bye..


Location : Sona’s house in kolkata..

 ” Baba I don’t want to leave you all and go….and I dont know much about Mumbai…. ” I said in a sad tone

” You are not going to say No for this offer Sona…. Just think about the positive side once you pass out as an intern from ” Fab India ” . I have spoken with my friend and they are ready to accept you as one among the 15 interns ” said baba with a commanding tone..

” I know baba; but I’m afraid if I could truly perform well and adjust to everything new there….” 

” My sona is a fighter….. She will do well…..Once you go there everything will be fine….” Says ma with a assuringly….

     Then comes my Dada who has started his monologue of missing me from the past 2 days. I know Dada is too much dependent on me ; but the fact is I also misses Dada more than he does…. Still I’m all set to go to Mumbai as even my career is important to me…..

” Sona…… Take your sweater; water bottle and Umbrella. Have you kept all your fashion books and drawings…??” Says my ma from kitchen 

     She is busy packing all types of Bengali sweets , pickles and dry snacks….!!

        ” Ma, you r making me feel like my bidayi is going on and I’m on my way to in-laws house…..!!” I say laughingly ….

      ” Who knows Sona ; You may find your dream boy in that company…… But please dont forget us once you get your BF…..” Teases Dada….!!

” Dada….. I’m going as a intern and not for groom searching ; so please put a break to your imagination…. ” I reply back to him…

         Even my ma and dadi joins him in teasing me as usual and all of them have a hearty laugh….. As the clock ticks night 8 I start leaving in a cab and wave all of them a goobye…..

        I dont know what is in store for me in Mumbai but I wish it would be a pleasant one….. With these thoughts I plug in my earphone and starts listening to my favourite song looking out of my car window…..

     Rang rahi hun mein…..
     Yeh kaise rang mein…..
     Mein nahi hun….
     Khud apne his bas mein..
     Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise       Bhi……

PRECAP : Dev and Sona’s 
first meet..❤❤


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