One Shade Darker — A Devakshi FF by Nivu — part 2

Life in “Raffels” was Perfect….. Just Perfect….!! A fresh set of peers, hot gossips , fashion art galleries, weekends masti , proposals and even a hot messy roommate. 

      My roommate was Payal , a girl who changed her boyfriends like hair colour. Apart from that she was an awesome friend and a talented designer. Both of our combined ideas and colour combinations helped us maintain  highest scores in report card. In no time we have become a hot topic in “Raffels” corridors.Staying with her had made me a party girl. Every weekend we both use to hang out in clubs sipping kamikaze…… 

          8 months of my designing course was completed and excitement had topped its brim . All I could think was just in a span of 2 months I would be graduated from my dream college. I had even started my own fashion blog and it was going on too well…….. I had been working hard and had acquired complete knowledge of every sketch and the tricks of maintaining a fashion journal. 

             On the other side my baba,Ma and sourab awaited my return to Kolkata. I agree we could not communicate too frequently but my sweet family is far too understanding……. My baba’s inspirational speeches and ma’s Bengali quotes in vedio calls and mails kept the spirit in me always awake……

          Since only 2 months was left our college authorities had decided to throw a pomp farewell party which has brought a festival shade to our college…… I and payal have designed our own dresses which matched perfectly with the farewell theme ” Autumn Harvest “. 

            The farewell night has shook the hell out of my life and the following events were a pure DISASTER…….!! A disaster which i could never ERASE from my mind….. In simpler words it was the end of my career……!!

    FB ::      

        My favourite Mrs. Lucy’s class was going on when the serf came to escort me and Payal to the principals chamber . We were handed a white envelop with a letter inside it. 

         With trembling hands we uncover the envelop to encounter the word ” RESTRICATED ” which send electric shocks from head to toe….  I and Payal have never imagined even in our wildest dreams that the last nights incident would make us undergo all this……

        My eyes well up the very next minute as I visualise the humiliation I’ll face as soon as I step out of my principals chamber……. We both hands in hands walk  through the Raffels corridor and from all directions I could hear my friends gossiping…… ” Look….. Here come the culprits…..!!” ” I can’t believe this innocent looking girl has done this……” ” Payal is such a b**** ” “What about their career….??”  ” Did she had a affair…!!??” ” Payal spoilt her….” and much more. We silent keep our head low and walk back to the hostel to wrap up the scrum…..

         Payal was trying tooo hard to convince me but I had become numb. My mind and senses had become beyond repair…. The biggest question running in my mind was ” How would my baba and ma react to this ” I had shattered their dreams In a single go….. Would they believe the justification I would give for my restriction. These thoughts were raising the fear in my veins inch by inch….!!

            Having no option left with me I come back to Kolkata with a heavy heart and narrate the entire incident. I had never thought that my baba and ma were sooo much understanding. They neither scolded me nor let me feel broken ; All they said was not to blame me for the happenings and stop behaving like a victim. 

            Its been 6 months now and I still have not entirely  come out of the shock…. I still sit here by the window side and wonder if any career is left for me……..?? Most of the time i sluggishly go through all the beautiful sketches I have  done once; sipping my coffee…..


           BUT……. today baba brings me a good news that I have finally been selected as an intern in a famous fashion design company and I’m tooo much excited for this one…… Its like the last life jacket left in a drowning titanic…..!!

            The backside of my mind screams that everything is going to be all right…. Just like how the lightning brings wings to the black cloud …… To that cloud which is ‘ One Shade Darker ‘ than the rest of the monsoon clouds…………!!


So…. How was the episode friends….??
Please let me know what you think about the chapter….. All your comments are most welcome…❤❤

And sorry friends for not introducing our Dev till now….. Next chappy will be fully for him…….!!

NIVU saying bye 4 now…
Love you all loads…..???
Keep smiling and please
Don’t forget to comment….


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  1. V.V.harshita

    Nice one…..but whn vil devakshi meet ???
    And plzs post asap

    1. Nivu99

      Thank dear…
      Devakshi will meet in the 4th epi…


    Nice ? what happened that night
    Post soon pls luv you

    1. Nivu99

      Thank you dear..
      I’ll post soon

  3. Akshita

    Hey plzzz try to be regular ?? anyways it was an awesome episode ???

    1. Nivu99

      Thank you dea….
      I’ll post asap

  4. nice one
    plz post soon

    1. Nivu99

      Thank you ……

  5. Darshana

    Awesome..full of suspense….tons of questions are jumping in my mind..
    post soon…?

  6. Yvonne Codner

    Exciting…can’t wait for the meeting! 🙂 🙂

  7. Muthash

    Wow!!! Your writing is fantabulous….. ?

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