We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode16


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode16

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Yesterday’s episode : Kapoor Family in Singhania’s House. Laksh mesmerised seeing Ragini.


? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari Mansion from SWARAGINI}

[Soon all start to leave and before Riaksh (Laksh and Ragini) or Sanskar-Laksh or Swara and the Singhania’s could speak, they were soo busy in their guests and known people that it totally slipped from their mind that their known ones and loved ones are somewhere present there.]

Om : So all have left.. Okay so let us introduce both the families and then you can speak.
Om : This is Mr. Arnav Kapoor and his family. She is his wife Mrs. Vandana Arnav Kapoor. His eldest son Mr. Abhay Kapoor, Abhay’s wife Mrs. Tripthi Abhay Kapoor. His second son Mr. Sanskar Kapoor, Sanskar’s wife…
Sakshi : Swara.. Swara.. She is Swara..
Sushila : Bhabhi how do you know?
Jeevika : Aunty we will speak about it later. First let uncle introduce us. Then everyone will get to know things.
Om : Okay.. So she is Mrs. Swara Sanskar Kapoor. Their only daughter Ms. Ragini Kapoor and their youngest son Mr. Tarun Patel.
Sushila : Ragini is the girl, whom we want to see as the Youngest Daughter-in-law of the Singhania’s.

Dadi (K) : Om, who will introduce me?
Om : Sorry MaaJi.. (showing towards Kapoor’s Dadi) She is the most lovable Dadi of Kapoor, Mrs. Kaveri Shekhar Kapoor.

[All the Kapoor children go and take blessings from the Singhania’s. Laksh and Saanvi are out of seen as of now. So they don’t know about Laksh.. Neither it strikes Sanskar’s mind.]

Sushila : So.. This is Singhania Family. The eldest member and the most respected Dadi of Singhania children Mrs. Devyani Raghav Singhania. Her eldest son Mr. Karan Singhania and his wife Mrs. Sakshi Karan Singhania. Their children.. Eldest son Mr. Mayank Singhania and his wife Mrs. Chavi Mayank Singhania. Their second son.. Mr. Arre where is he? Btw.. Let him come then I will introduce him.. Because he is the guy. Maa’s second son Mr. Karthik Singhania and his wife Mrs. Priya Karthik Singhania..Their children.. Son Mr. Bhavik Singhania and his wife Mrs. Jeevika Bhavik Singhania and their baby doll Vibha. The only daughter Ms. Saanvi Singhania. Arre.. Even she isn’t there? Where did they go?
Karan : Both will be together.. They will be upto some Mischief for sure. Anyways all of you please take your seats.

[All Singhania children take elders blessings and settle down.]

Om : Sakshi Bhabhi.. How do you Swara? It’s the first time you all are meeting right? I mean the males might have met at business meetings or any common place. But you are meeting them for the first time right?
Sakshi : We are meeting them for the first time you are right Bhaisaab.. But we know Swara from the past 2 years. Right Swara?
Swara : Yes Ma.. Sorry.. Aunty.
Vandana : Sorry Sakshi Ji.. But how do you know her?
Laksh & Saanvi (from behind) : I will tell aunty.
Sanskar : Hey Laksh.. How come here?
Karan : Laksh, you know them already?
Laksh : Yes Papa.. Remember I told you Swara had come to the hospital.. I was her doctor. By the Sanskar how come you are here? (looking towards Ragini) Chavi Bhabhi.. You asked me your today’s dress designer name right?
Chavi : Yes..

Laksh : Here she is.. Ms. Ragini Kapoor and Ragini you designed the dress for them.. My Bhaiya and Bhabhi..
Sanskar : You mean you are their son and the guy..
Dadi (K) : Sanskar first let us know how they know Swara.. And then we will talk. Haan toh Laksh you were saying about Swara..
Laksh : Haan Aunty.. Actually aunty I am a doctor and…

* Flashback Starts 1*

2 years back Saanvi, my sister had met with an accident.. A severe one.. The car which hit her had left her to die and that guy ran away. There were many people who were there.. But none helped her because it was an accident case and police had to be involved there. Luckily Swara was..


Swara would you tell them the whole story? Clearly?
Swara : Yes.. Dadi..

*Flashback Starts 1 (continued)*

Luckily I was passing by that way in a taxi to my work place.. And when I saw the crowd, I got down and as I move forward I saw a girl lying in a pool of blood there and people surrounding her but none came forward to help and I asked the taxi driver to help me and take her to the hospital.. People started saying that, I shouldn’t get into such things. But I knew that I had to save a life.. With the help of the driver, I made her lie in the car and took her cell.. The last dialled call was of Laksh Bhaiyu.. I called him up and explained the whole situation. He asked me to get her to Apollo Hospital and inform once I reach there. As I was working there, I knew the address and the floor she had to be taken. We reached the hospital and I quickly arranged for a stretcher and called up Bhaiyu and he asked me to get her to the third floor. As we reached there, he asked his senior to do the operation but they refused to do the operation because it was an accident case and by then all reached there. Seeing Bhaiyu and everyone broken, the only thing that struck my mind was calling the police and taking the blame on me.. I requested bhaiyu.. I literally begged them to call the police and when they came, I cooked up a fake story and took the blame on me.. And after that they started Saanvi’s operation.
Laksh : Then in the evening, after Saanvi was fine and her operation was done.. I ran to the police station. I could have gone early.. But had 2 emergency cases and had to be there for conveying doctors situation to the family. When I reached there.. I saw Swara in the lock up and I asked for permission to meet her and spoke to her.. I came to know that she doesn’t have anyone in the world.. Her mother dies when she was of 2 years and there was no one to get her out from that place. I came out and called up papa and told him everything, he asked me to hire our lawyer and cancel the case.. And free her.. After that..
Swara : After I came out.. Bhaiyu took me home and they never asked me to stay with them as bhaiyu had collected every information about me and came to know that I have nowhere to go and no one with me.. Then they made me stay with them and pampered me with love.. And respect.. Which I never thought I would get.


Vandana : Then Swara.. Why did you leave them?

[Karthik looks towards Priya and Swara senses that he will tell the truth, so before Priya is made to feel guilty, Swara speaks up]

Swara : Maa, as they are big known people.. Everyone used to come and people used to tell them I am staying here for money and things and they used to tell a lot of things to them.. But these people always explained them about me.. And took a stand for me.. Tired of all the acquisitions on them and they explaining and coming clean to the society because of me.. I left them and ran away. I didn’t want them to bear anymore blames.

Ragini : But Shona.. How can you run away? Do you how much they would have…
Sanskar (interrupting Ragini) : Ragini.. Leave it. She is already feeling bad for it.. (Looking towards others, I know am young to speak in front of elders being present here) I know what she did is wrong.. No hell wrong.. But she did it to save you people from explanations. I know she is wrong.. But instead of scolding her and hurting her even more, we should understand her situation and respect her this decision.
Ragini : BigB.. Doesn’t it look like Sanskoo Bhaiya has changed his profession to a lawyer and defending his wife?

[All laugh hearing the comment and to make the situation normal and light.. Sushila speaks]

Sushila : Haan So Laksh, we got the proposal of Ragini for you.
Laksh, Ragini : What?
Karan : Haan.. Maa.. How do you like Ragini?
Dadi (S) : Arre.. Karan.. First let the children speak and then let them tell their answer.. And at the end we will tell.

Tomorrow’s Episode : Riaksh Talk alone. Family bonding. Swara pampered by the families..

* Need of suggestion, do you want me to introduce any character opposite Saanvi (Sanaya Irani) and Tarun (Shakti Arora) because for sure these both aren’t going to fall for each other. Do comment.
Author’s Note : Thank You everyone for remembering me and loving me after the extreme delay also. Sorry for the same precap, I wanted to open up the secrets slowly over the bond, reactions, and the understanding of the families. Tomorrow the episode comes with a bang. And Friends.. There won’t be any villain or negative track in my fan fiction. Nor memory loss one’s. It will be a simple, loving and close knit Family Stories. Hope you all like it. *

{That’s it for today..}

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