We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode15


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode15

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Am really very sorry for the delay..
Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot. Hope you remember me..

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

*Note : Om and Sushila will be in the story only for a episode or 2.*
*Dadi (S) is Singhania’s Dadi.. Dadi (K) is Kapoor’s Dadi.. *

Please note.. I have changed the name of AZAM to OM and of SEHAR to SUSHILA.. And SHAMA to SHRISHTI.

Yesterday’s episode : Sibling Moments of Kapoor Family.

[All have a great time teasing Ragini and here Doctor Laksh Singhania is all ready and prepared to say a “NO” to the girl who is coming to meet him without knowing his destiny.]

? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari Mansion from SWARAGINI}

[The house is decorated in the most beautiful as it can be.. There are flowers of every color, beautiful curtains hung on the wall. Everything is soo beautiful yet elegantly. The entire SINGHANIA family is running here and there apart from 3 people : Jeevika who is with Chavi.. Chavi who is the guest of the Party.. Laksh who is in his room getting ready but is uninterested in the girl and her family who he is supposed to meet.]

Laksh (to himself) : God.. I was the one most excited for Bhaiya and Bhabhiz Child and Chavi Bhabhiz this function.. But look at me today I am getting ready here.. Or am forced to get ready for the girl who my family wants me to meet? I know I will say a “NO”. Hey Bhagwan, My Love Story has not even started leave alone the 1st or 5th gear and you are already emptying my fuel tank. Why God? Why? Anyways Laksh Singhania, go downstairs and see the arrangements. Your future will be seen and decided.
Jeevika (in Chavi’s room) : Chavi.. I must say you look sooo beautiful. Laksh has really made you guys look so pretty. This dress just suits you and you are looking gorgeous. Aaj kahin Mayank behosh na ho jaaye.
Laksh : Mayank Bhaiya behosh ho na ho.. Kala teeka zaroor lagaye Bhabhi. I didn’t know Bhabhi could look so pretty also.

Chavi : By the way Bhabhi.. Isn’t our only lovely brother-in-law looking handsome and dashing? Just hope ki before that girl no other girl goes flat on him.
Saanvi : Ahaa Bhabhi.. There will be many who will go flat on Bhai.. After all he is the most known successful doctor and the most eligible bachelor in today’s date.
Laksh : Haan.. I pity the guy who is going to marry you. Bechara.
Saanvi : Bhai and (she turns to run behind him and Laksh shows his tongue and runs)

[Laksh runs and comes down and he is mingling with the guests and speaking to them, unknown that the arrival of his ‘Soulmate’ will happen in a few minutes. While the Singhania’s are busy attending their guests, Om and Sushila have their eyes on the door. Among the many cars entering the SINGHANIA house, One Black Renault Duster stops and out step the Kapoor Family’s Children from it. Seeing the name board of Singhania’s, the person who is rooted to her Place is Mrs. Swara Sanskar Kapoor. She has tears of shock, happiness in her eyes. Breaking her trance, Ragini calls her out.]

Ragini : Shona.. Come Let’s go. Maa and all are waiting for us.
Swara : Haan.. Ragini.. Come.

[The Kapoor Family enters and hare received by Om.]

Om : Karan, there comes the Girl and her family. I will call them. Others shouldn’t have a doubt.
Sushila : Welcome Welcome.. Thank God You guys came. Arre Swara come beta. Why are you standing there?

[The Entire Singhania Family turns to find Swara there and have tears in their eyes.. With each expressing varied emotions of Love, Hurt, Happiness, Sorrow, Anger, Calmness and what not. But among all the people standing there.. The two people who are rooted to their place seeing this beauty in the pretty attire of a blue cream anarkali

{This One : http:// http://www.fashionncare.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Indian-Royal-Wedding-Wear-Long-Anarkali-Dresses-600×822.jpg }

with the chuda (bangles) in her hand and the adored sindoor on her forehead which wasn’t covered even an inch by her puffed hair which fall down to her waist and the beautiful diamond studded elegant Mangalsutra which made sure it stands out among those diamond and platinum necklace complementing her attire, those eyes which are smoky and the eye lids which have been lightly given the shade of Blue and Cream and the eyes telling people about her happiness in her this life and those Light Pink Painted Lips of her were telling tales of her happy married life where she is showered or say pampered with the love, trust, respect and understanding which she deserved but never got, were Laksh Singhania and Priya Karthik Singhania. Where Laksh’s eyes were moist because of the Love he once showered on ger and will always do, there Priya’s eyes were moist because of guilt and shame of all those harsh words she let out from her mouth to this girl standing in front of her. Soon the trance of Swara was broken by Sanskar, who comes to her.]

Sanskar : Swara, let’s go inside. Why are you standing here? And why these tears in your eyes?
Swara : Sanskar.. Woh Nothing.. Actually something went inside my eyes. I will bring Ragini along. You go.
Sanskar : Okay, come fast. Get Ragamma along.
Swara : Sanskar…
Sanskar : Okay Baba.. Sorry..

[Swara goes to get Ragini who is out speaking on the call. As they enter, Laksh feels a cool breeze over his face which is silently whispering and asking him to look at the entrance for his lady love and as Laksh looks at the entrance, he sees a Beautiful Girl entering inside wearing a beautiful Navy Blue Ghagra and her hairs reach upto her waist and those smoky Eyes with bluish-pinkish eye shadow and Pink lipstick. Puffed hair with curls at the end left open and beautiful Blue & Golden Jhumkas.. With matching bangles and a simple yet beautiful chain

{This dress : http:// https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0185/1220/products/2007-1-min_c356f7a0-1f92-45f2-a42a-53c0fec141aa_1024x1024.jpeg?v=1471457599 }.

Seeing her enter, Laksh gets mesmerised. But who lets the recently struck and fallen in Love, Love Bird enjoy this admiration and to break his trance comes his Lady Love’s very own Sanskoo Bhaiya and before Sanskar could speak anything, Mayank announces the beginning of the function and Laksh and Saanvi give a performance for the coming child of their family and soon all guests go and bless the gonna-be Mom and Dad. As the Kapoor go on the stage…]

Vandana and Arnav : Congratulations Beta.. May God Bless You Both and this new family member with all the happiness, success and love it deserves. (And places a gift on Chavi’s lap)
Sushila : Chavi, Mayank.. They are Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Kapoor. I told you about inviting my guests right. So here they are.
Mayank : Thank you Uncle Aunty, you came and gave us your blessings. It means a lot for our baby. Please enjoy.
Sakshi (meanwhile come to Sushila) : Sushila those people haven’t come yet? Will they come?

[Sushila and Sakshi come to Om, Karan and Dadi (K)]

Sushila : Bhabhi.. They have come. But I ws thinking if we speak about this later.
Sakshi : Why? Is there any problem?
Sushila : No Bhabhi.. Woh..
Karan : Sakshi.. We can speak after the function, so that people won’t have a doubt and talks can be easily done with family. Right Om?
Om : Its perfect Karan. And by the way they know many people here so we can tell you are business associates or have met through meetings. I know they will not let people know about the actual reason.
Arnav (comes to Om) : Arre Om.. You are here. Namaste (to everyone) Om I was saying ki can we talk about the matter after the function if they don’t mind. Because speaking about it now when soo many are there will only lead to baseless talks.
Om (turning to Karan) : I told you right. They will not talk in guests presence. Good you came here Arnav. They are the guy’s parents.

[Soon all start to leave and before Riaksh (Laksh and Ragini) or Sanskar-Laksh or Swara and the Singhania’s could speak, they were soo busy in their guests and known people that it totally slipped from their mind that their known ones and loved ones are somewhere present there.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Ragini, Laksh introduction. Swara’s truth out.

*Author’s Note : Thank You everyone for remembering me and loving me after the extreme delay also. Sorry for the same precap, I wanted to open up the secrets slowly over the bond, reactions, and the understanding of the families. Tomorrow the episode comes with a bang. And Friends.. There won’t be any villain or negative track in my fan fiction. Nor memory loss one’s. It will be a simple, loving and close knit Family Stories. Hope you all like it. And one more suggestion, do you want me to introduce any character opposite Saanvi (Sanaya Irani) and Tarun (Shakti Arora) because for sure these both aren’t going to fall for each other. Do comment. *

{That’s it for today.. Sorry for not uploading these many days.. Wasn’t well and had few personal issues..}

{Thank you all for the comments, I didn’t expect this Fan-Fction to go so long. I guess either the story is going is offtrack or I am not putting it forward to you people as it was done before.. Do let me know the reason.}

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