We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode14


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode14

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode14

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Am really very sorry for the delay.. I wasn’t well and had some personal issues. Sorry for the delay.. Hope you remember me.. Am really very sorry for the extreme delay. Hope I am forgiven.
Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot. Hope you remember me..

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

*Note : Om and Sushila will be in the story only for a episode or 2.*
*Dadi (S) is Singhania’s Dadi.. Dadi (K) is Kapoor’s Dadi.. *

Please note.. I have changed the name of AZAM to OM and of SEHAR to SUSHILA.. And SHAMA to SHRISHTI.

Yesterday’s episode : Swara and Laksh know about each other.. Laksh gives the gift and family moments.

? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari’s House from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI}

[This was enough to make the doctor and Swara stand rooted to her place and here Laksh has tears in his eyes.. Hearing the voice of Swara.. His Swara.. Yes.. HIS Swara.. Ragini goes in and gets the order book and makes Laksh sign as a proof that the parcel has been delivered. Laksh returns back home and seeing him happy and the parcel in his hand. Riaksh dose off with a smile on their face and others are all busy gearing up for the function.]

* Kapoor Villa *

Vandana : Swara.. Tripthi.. Go make Laadoo ready.. We have to leave in half an hour.. (to Arnav) Listen.. Should we take something and go.. I mean a gift or something..
Dadi (K) : Yes.. Vandana.. Take some gifts.. Its someone’s Godh Bharai also right.. Give one to them and one for the family. After all we are going to see the guy for our Laadoo. Swara, Tripthi go make my Laadoo ready as a princess.
Swara : Yes Dadi.. Bhabhi come lets go. We have to make doll also ready.

[Tripthi and Swara go to Ragini’s room and make her get ready. Sanskar, Abhay and Tarun enter the room with the elders. The brothers go near Ragini.]

Sanskar : Maa, she is soo small. How can we get her married soo early?
Abhay : Haan Maa.. Sanskar is right.. Why so early? Ragini still has to achieve so much in life.
Tarun : Papa.. Dadi..
Dadi (K) : Shut up all of you. She is getting married at the age meant to. You are behaving as if we are doing child marriage here. Arnav, your sons are crying. Now they will make Laadoo cry and then these daughter’s of mine will start crying because their only sister-in-laws makeup will be washed away. Its better we leave. We will leave in one car. You all come in the other car.

Sanskar (in the car) : Ragamma, only if you like the guy and are fine.. Then tell a Yes.. Otherwise don’t.
Tripthi : Yes, Doll.. If you want you can meet him anytime later also. But make sure it’s your decision. Only yours. There’s no pressure on you. Okay?
Ragini : Okay Baba, I understood. You guys are behaving like I am dumb. Sanskoo Bhaiya drive fast na.
Swara : Arre Waah.. Ragini.. You are soo impatient to meet him haan?
Tripthi : Haan.. Looks like if we go slow.. Ragini will run and reach there..
Swara : Just like Bolt.. Full speed..
Tripthi : Arre.. Look.. Someone’s blushing haan.. If you keep blushing Ragini.. The guy will surely faint.

Abhay : Swara.. Do you know what Ragini will tell the guy?
Tarun : My Sanskoo Bhaiya said ki If I don’t like you.. I can say a No.. And if you force me.. Then I will..
Sanskar : I will run my sewing machine that too, Japan’s latest model on you and make sure you are covered with Laces and Chamki..

[All have a great time teasing Ragini and here Doctor Laksh Singhania is all ready and prepared to say a “NO” to the girl who is coming to meet him without knowing his destiny.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Ragini, Laksh introduction. Swara’s truth out.

{That’s it for today.. Sorry for not uploading these many days.. Wasn’t well and had few personal issues..}

{Thank you all for the comments, I didn’t expect this Fan-Fction to go so long. I guess either the story is going is offtrack or I am not putting it forward to you people as it was done before.. Do let me know the reason.}

Credits : HisPrincess

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