We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 8

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode8

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Riaksh and Swanak Conversation.

[Swanak are busy in their own conversation and on the other hand.. Doctor and his Ms. Kapoor are busy passing comments and smirking at each other.]

Laksh : I am on a leave today Ms. Kapoor. And I love my profession the way it is. I hope you don’t have a problem with it.
Ragini : Doctor, why would I have a problem.. In fact I love people who are doctors.. And their profession..
Laksh : Should I take that as a proposal?
Ragini : No.. Please.. I just have a great regard for people in this profession. Anyways.. Can we speak something else?
Laksh : Yup, sure.. So what do you want to speak.. I will give my intro.. I am Laksh.. Laksh Singhania, I am a well settled and quite known Doctor.. I am handsome.. And..
Ragini : (interrupting) I suppose.. You know that I don’t run a marriage bureau.. I run a fashion designing shop.. You have come to the wrong place.. The marriage bureau is 3 shops down the lane from this shop.. You are wrongly addressed by someone.
Laksh : Oh, I thought something else meant this.. Anyways I came here to Give an order for a function.
Ragini : And you think I would live up to the expectations of Singhania’s?
Laksh : Yes, I trust you far more than myself. You will live up to for sure
Ragini : And what makes you think so?
Laksh : Aaa.. I never knew Ms. Kapoor would doubt her own capability. If I did beforehand.. I wouldn’t have dropped in here.. So, Are you taking the order?
Ragini : I don’t doubt my capability.. But you know they say.. Big Name.. Big Fame.. Same is the case.. Big Name.. Best expectations.. Sure.. I will be back in a moment.

[Ragini gets up to go.. She hits her leg to the table and was about to fall, when two strong muscular arms hold her from touching the floor.. And then what follows is a cute lovely eye lock..]

************ Scene shifts to Swanak *************

Sanskar : Don’t worry Shona.. I will see you properly in Switzerland. And you wanted Dadima to accept our relation with true heart.. And then we would be together. So here it’s all done.
Swara : Am sorry.. I didn’t spend a single day with you from when our wedding happened.
Sanskar : Shona.. I am happy that you cared about me and my family.. And wht if we never stayed together.. We can always spend time now.. After all we don’t have any more approvals left right ChotiMa?
Swara : Yes, ChotePapa.. You are right.. So we have to leave tomorrow morning right? We got to pack Sanskoo.. And I got to even spend time with baby doll..
Sanskar : Okay Okay.. You do the packing.. And take Doll along with you for shopping in case you want something.. Because there are few files that have to be checked and discussed upon and since the MD of Peace Hotels – Mr. Abhay Kapoor is back to his post and Mr. Tarun Kapoor our Manager is there.. So it might extend. Sorry Love..
Swara : It’s okay Love.. I understand.. And shopping I would do it with my husband in Switzerland. I got to see what your Ragamma is doing.. Btw, A customer already came.. I hope Ragini didn’t start her Shahid.. Ranbir and so on list.
Sanskar : Speak for a while more. Won’t be able to speak till tomorrow morning then.
[They continue speaking about their love story and random stuff]

************* Riaksh Side **********

[Ragini, realise the atmosphere and gets up and thanks Laksh and comes back with her order book]

Laksh : This Professional haan?
Ragini : I hate unprofessionalism..! So go ahead with your order.
Laksh : Okay, Could you make it up in a week or so?
Ragini : Week or so as in? Please be specific Laksh.. (realizing) Sorry Doctor.. Because I wouldn’t want to be thrown in the category of tailors or designers who make you measure the distance between your place and their shop for a piece of cloth or a dress.. Or any attire in that matter.. So specific date would do..
Laksh : Am impressed.. Ms. Kapoor.. Okay so I would want it exactly after 25 days from now.. And it would be 1 for the female.. And 1 male.. (Shows a pic, but Ragini is least interested).
Ragini : Any particular colour ?
Laksh : For both.. Any colour apart from white and fluorescent and loud ones..
Ragini : And what would it be about.. A saree or what..
Laksh : I would leave the choice of the female dress on you.. I would want to know your taste.. And for the man of the day.. The complementing Sherwani.
Ragini : Okay, so your order would be ready in a fortnight. And the charges would be..
Laksh : Don’t worry about it.. I just want the man and woman of the day look extremely stunning. I must say.. That day is the GODH-BHARAI rasam so.
Ragini : Would be only 1001..Since its my first order. Oh, so when is your wife’s date?
Laksh : My wife? I am single.. (to himself) But I can get a date if you say.
Ragini : You said Godh Bharai.. Right? If not your wife’s, then whose?
Laksh : My Bhaiya, Bhabhiz.. Okay,.. And do you any hotel where I can order food and snacks for the party.?
Ragini : I would suggest my favourite place.. Peace Hotels..
Laksh : The one on Casa Briggatta Road? Oh that just sucks.. It’s just pathetic there. I so wish I could file a complaint against them. It just stinks as rotten egg.. The rooms cry literally for a make over.
Ragini : Look, Doctor.. You can’t speak..
Laksh : Ms. Kapoor.. I wish you had some standard and taste.. I mean who would eat there?

[Meanwhile there’s someone at the door who is listening to all this and enters to stop their conversation.]

Sanskar : Hello, Laksh.. So what’s the discussion going on with my sister? And how come you here?
Ragini : Bhaiya.. He is my first customer.
Laksh : Yes, Yes.. Btw Sanskar do you some good hotels where the food could just be awesome? Your sister referred me to Peace Hotels..
Sanskar : Hey.. Yup, indeed it is a good one.. The service.. Food.. Is just mind blowing..
Laksh : You got to be kidding me.. That hotel.. I wouldn’t ever recommend anyone there.
Sanskar : Hold On Laksh.. I guess you don’t know who I am.. Here take this.. (hands over a card)
Laksh : (reading out the card details) Mr. Sanskar Kapoor.. CEO of Peace Hotels.. (tag line) The place which feels like home.. On.. (shocked)
Ragini : Casa Briggatta, Brunrton Road..
Sanskar : Bro, you could show my card there for the best food and of course a special discount. And yes what were you telling about the hotel.. I couldn’t hear that well.
Laksh : (covering up) I.. I.. I was telling.. Oh yes, I was telling that the service there is good..
Ragini : (intimating Laskh) It sucks.. It’s just pathetic there. I so wish I could file a complaint against them. It just stinks as rotten egg.. The rooms cry literally for a make over. I wouldn’t ever recommend anyone there.
(Laksh joins his hand begging Ragini not to speak a word.. But Ragini doesn’t pay heed.)

[Laksh leaves as soon as he could and Swara comes out then only to find her husband and sister-in-law laughing their heart out. All leave and go back home. After having dinner, all go to their rooms and Swanak are busy packing and don’t have time to even speak to each other as all have made a plan to not let them be together today. Soon the next day begins and early in the morning after the Pooja.. Swanak leave for their Honeymoon.. And Ragini.. Goes to the market for selection of her first order..]

********** Scene shifts to our Couples in the Flight **********

Swara : (hugging Sanskar and keeping her head on his shoulder and holding hands) Sanskar, where all will you take me in Switzerland?
Sanskar : Every possible place where I can see this beautiful smile on your face.
Swara : Sanskar.. What if I didn’t survive that day?
Sanskar : Swara, please don’t speak anything like this.. Please..
Swara : No, Sanskar I am serious.. You know when I fell, all our memories.. My memories with out family everything was coming in from of my eyes..
Sanskar : You know Swara.. When you fell.. I felt my world fell down.. When you closed your eyes and fainted.. I fell my whole world shut down.. When the doctor came and said you were critical, the earth below me just moved away. I was angry.. I was angry.. On myself.. On God.. On the universe.. On my fate.. I felt as If I lost everything in this world.. I never knew I loved you soo much.. But that day, I realised there’s no one whom I would love so much.. My soul and my heart kept saying you are alive.. Nothing will happen.. And when you opened your eyes.. I started breathing.. I started living.. Please don’t leave me ever.. Please..
Swara : Promise.. I will never leave you..

[Soon, they both dozed off the way they were and here, Ragini is doing her best to show her capabilities and talent and make an amazing awesome beautiful Ghagra and Sherwani for Singhania’s, so that it can match them and she is satisfied.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Swanak Moments.. Intro of Singhania’s.

{Important Note : For 2-3 episodes, there won’t be any Kapoor Family scenes. The story would go on into the lives of Singhania’s. Riaksh scenes may be few.. So please do bear.}

{That’s it for today. Comments Welcomed. Take Care. Thank you}

{Thank you so much for your comments and love.. Sorry for never replying individually.. It means a lot.. Do keep showering the same love. Hope the story strikes the correct “LOVE IT” chord.. In all your hearts.}

Credits : HisPrincess

Be thankful for what you have.. Because you have far more than you deserve.

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