We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 3


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode3

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Family moments. SwaRaKar bonding.

[While Vandana and Arnav are thinking about the situation in which the wedding happened. Ragini is busy with her phone and Swanak have a strong and passionate eye lock.]

Vandana : Arnav, I think we should get them married again with the dream that Shona has seen always.
Swara (breaking her eye lock) : Maa, I have never seen any dream about my wedding, apart from this that my family should accept me and I stay there happily.
Arnav : Why are you saying this Shona? Why didn’t you ever have dreams?
Swara : Papa, there was no one with me who would show me this dream. I had no one with me. Apart from my that family who kept me in their house for a year and I left them.
Sanskar : Doll, keep your phone aside. Come lets go down and watch TV waise bhi Shahid Kapoor’s Movie is coming. Hain na Papa?
Ragini : Shahid? I am going.. Maa get popcorn please.. Bhaiya Cold drink.. Papa chocolate. Swara Bhabhi come fast.. I can’t afford to miss a single scene. And haan bhaiya thank you for my phone.

[Ragini and Swara run and are seated on the sofa and are busy watching Jab We Met and so engrossed in the movie that they didn’t realise when their Hitler Dadima came.]

Dadi : Vandana, Arnav, You were supporting this girl? Look at her. She has no pallu on her head and instead od understanding our customs, she is sitting and watching movie. God alone knows what did her parents teach her. See my Tripthi is so good.
Ragini : Dadima, please stop it. Don’t point at her every time. Don’t find faults. See the good in her. And I pulled her to watch the movie. She wasn’t coming. She can also watch and she will watch with me.
Arnav : Maa, you came from the temple right? Come have lunch. You must be hungry. Vandana go with Maa.
Dadi (after eating the food) : Vandana, who made the food? It is really very tasty. If I eat like this every day, I will become fat. I know my Laadoo made it.
Sanskar : Nahi Dadima. My Shona made it. Your Swara. And dadima, don’t speak about her family. We all know the truth. She was an Orphan. But now, this is her family.
Dadi : What? She made it? I don’t believe.
Arnav : Maa, you ate it and you loved it. So now give my Bahu her gift. And if you won’t give, Remember Maa, I will give it.

[The scene shifts to the other side of Kapoor Villa. There is someone sitting and it looks like he is working on the laptop and then enters a beautiful lady with a cute baby bump and her has her hair tied in a bun and has worn a red anarkali.]

************* Scene of this side continues *************

Voice : Abhay, why do you keep staring at this pic everytime? I know you miss Sanskar and Ragini. But do they miss you?
Abhay : Tripthi (yes the voice was of Tripthi), I can do nothing but stare at their pic. I lost them. I lost all the fun we could have as a family. And it is all because of..
Tripthi : You are worried for them? They never came and asked me how am I? They never cared for me in these 6 months. If it wasn’t Dadi, we would have been on the road somewhere. Your family just cares about their new daughter-in-law.
Abhay : Tripthi, stop it. Please. Papa agreed that is why we are here in this comfort. Though they aren’t speaking to us or whatsoever, they have made sure we don’t face any trouble. They set everything for us here. Maa, always cooks food for you and gives you. She cares for you more than anyone. So stop it now.
Tripthi : Yes, for you always they are right. Did Maa and Papa even five a valid reason why they hate us?
Abhay : Tripthi..!! They are only rude to us, don’t hate us. If they hated us, why would Sanskar ask Swara to make food for us and why would Maa give these clothes for our baby? Have you ever thought? Anyways I am going out. Take Care and take rest

*************** Scene shifts to the other side ****************

Dadi : I will never accept her nor gift her.
Arnav : Okay Maa, don’t give. I will give it from your side.
Swara : Papa, No need. I will take it from Dadima itself whenever she accepts me whole heartedly. Please.
Vandana : Arnav leave it. She will take it from Maa and I know she will win Maa’s heart soo. I trust my daughter.
Sanskar : Doll, where is your surprise? You said you will give us a surprise. I am waiting please give fast.
Ragini : Offo, Sanskoo Bhaiya, wait. It is on it’s way.

[After sometime, the door bell rings and Ragini runs to the door and opens it and her scream or happiness pulls everyone’s attention towards the door.]

Ragini : Tarunnnnnnnnnnn……. And she hugs him tight.
Tarun : Ragu Di… How are you? Where is everyone? Where is Hitler Nani?
Sanskar : Tarun.. Meri Jaan.. Mera Bhai.. How are you? So this is the surprise which Ragini wanted to give?
Taun : Bhaiya, will you let me come inside or you will complete your interrogation here itself.
Vandana : Arre, come inside beta. Come. These both have gone crazy seeing you.
Tarun : Pranam MamiMa, MamuPa.. (He touches their feet and hugs them) How are you both? You know I missed you all so much. There wasn’t a single day I didn’t miss you. Where is Nani? Haan, there comes my sweetheart. Meri Jaan.
Dadi : Badmaash, You still didn’t learn manners haan? Now that you have come, you aren’t going anywhere. Come sit. Have lunch. See how thin you have become. Arre, Vandana get something for him to eat.
Tarun (looking towards Swara) : Waise Nani, who is she? She is new here.
Dadi : Arre she is..
Sanskar (interrupts Dadi) : She is my wife. My better half.. Swara. (to Swara) He is..
Swara : Tarun.. He is Tarun right? Heard a lot about him.
Tarun (moving forward) : Kya Bhai, I thought you all are getting me married to her. I am late. My bad luck. Waise where is BigB and Bhabhi.
Arnav : Beta, they are at that side of the house. We separated the house. You know right? So now you will have to go and meet them that side.

[The whole family spends time with Tarun. And there is happiness all over.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Reason for rude behavior towards Abhay and Tripthi. Tarun, Ragini and Swara in for a shock.

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Credits : HisPrincess

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