We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 23

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode23

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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{Please NOTE :
KAPOOR children include : Abhay, Tripthi, Sanskar, Swara, Ragini, Tarun.
SINGHANIA children include : Mayank, Chavi, Bhavik, Jeevika, Laksh, Saanvi..
So the scenes where all of them will be there, they will be mentioned as above. Please do know.}

*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Yesterday’s episode : Sibling Moments



[Tarun’s phone rings and he shows his mobile to Ragini and she screams on the table.]

Ragini : Anamika..
Vandana : Anamika? Who’s this?
Ragini : Woh.. Ma.. Woh
Tarun : Maa.. Anamika nahi.. Ana Mina Dika.. That song.. That song Di is Singing.. Right Di?
Ragini : Yes.. Yes.. Maa.. I suddenly remembered the song and in the flow it came out like that..
Dadi (K) : Today’s children na.. They start doing anything, anytime.. Waise Vandana are you coming with me to the Temple? We have to give Prasad on everyone’s name.
Vandana : Yes Maa.. Before you leave.. You call up MaaJi and explain her everything.. They shouldn’t feel bad.
Dadi (K) : Haan.. Yes.. I will call..
Tarun : Di.. You almost killed me now.. What was the need to scream?
Tripthi : Tarun she was just singing a song.. Ragini why did you not answer when Maa asked?
Tarun : Bhabhi.. Woh song nahi tha.. Woh
Ragini : Woh Anamika ka call tha..
Swara : Ana Mika Dika.. Waah.. What brains Tarun.. Accha so once Maa leaves we can speak to her.. Right?
Abhay : But only after Maa leaves.. And she should be comfortable to speak. So just make sure Tarun that she is aware that we all will be together.
Tarun : Yes BigB..
Dadi (K) {on a call with Dadi (S)} : Namaste Ji.. Everything and Everyone good? Oh yes.. We are absolutely fine by God’s grace. Woh Actually children were coming to your place.. No. No.. Nothing serious.. They will come and talk.. Nothing to worry.. So along with them I am sending few gifts for all of you and for Chavi.. At our place it is given by elders to going to be mothers, and have sent along few Shagun ke items.. You see which ever you have to keep, keep it and the rest please give to Laksh and all the children.. No. No.. It is nothing like formality. It’s just our village’s tradition. And after all my only daughter’s wedding.. We also have the rights to fulfill our dreams.. Okay then I will send it through the children and sorry for not coming and giving it.. Okay Namaste..
Sanskar : Dadi.. The driver is ready.. You can go with him to the Mandir.. And we will also leave once you are back..

[Soon all elders leave, The Kapoor Children have decided to divide the work of the birthday celebration and get on it right from today. Presently All of them are in Tarun’s room and are ready to talk to Anamika.]

*All Conversations are now on the call with Anamika*

Tarun : Hello Sweetheart.. Yesterday I called you up in the night, you didn’t answer.
Anamika : Haan.. Woh was working and I don’t know when I slept.. Anything important.. I saw you had called up. 2 times.
Tarun : Haan.. Woh actually Di, Bhaiya’s and Bhabhiz came to know about us.. And they wanted to speak to you..
Anamika : They got to know? What will I speak? They must be angry right?
Ragini : Anamika.. Cool Down.. By the way.. Hi.. I am Ragini..
Anamika : Hi.. Duffer’s di right?
Ragini : Duffer haan? Not bad..
Anamika : Sorry Di.. Woh..
Sanskar : Anamika.. This is Sanskar here.. Okay sorry to interrupt.. By the way do you have skype at your place and a screen or so?
Anamika : Namaste Bhaiya.. Yes.. I Have..
Sanskar : Okay.. Call on Skype and connect to the screen.. So that we all can talk easily and you can see us.. And we can see you.. Is it fine?
Tarun : Ae Phattu listen.. Don’t apply makeup and stuff now.. Come however you are.. We will talk like that.. Waise Bhabhiz and Di are also looking like devils.. So no problem if one more joins..
Abhay : Tarun..!!
Tarun : Sorry.. Sorry.. Forgive me..

[By then, Sanskar and Anamika have connected and called on Skype and everyone have settled.]

Anamika : Namaste..
Everyone : Namaste..
Ragini : Actually.. A Hi or Hello is better.. Namaste is too old..
Swara : Do you find anyone old here?
Anamika : Actually yes Swara Bhabhi..
Swara (excitedly) : You know my name also..
Anamika : Yes.. The old person sitting in your group has given me all your introduction and spoken a lot about you people..
Tarun : Oh Hello.. Am Not Old..
Anamika : You are..
Sanskar : Okay.. Stop it both of you.. Let us talk now.. Anamika.. Tarun has told us about you and everything that happened.. I agree whatever he said is only half.. But you know what?
Abhay : We can go any mile for this Idiots happiness.. And he has spoken a lot about you..
Anamika : Thank You Bahiya.. It feels ao good talking to you. Otherwise who would talk to a girl like me..
Ragini : Ahaann… No Anamika.. What happened happened for a reason.. Otherwise you wouldn’t have got Tarun.. And we wouldn’t have seen this side of Tarun.. And you are really strong to face it and fight against it.
Tripthi : Yes Anamika.. You are really strong and have done something which many of them wouldn’t be able to do.. You fought with yourself and with this world.
Anamika : Trust me Di.. Today if Am alive and happy.. It is just because of Tarun..
Sanskar : We know Anamika.. You have been really strong and patient.. You are a gem..
Ragini, Abhay, Sanskar : It is a yes from our side for both of you.. Anamika Bhabhi..
Ragini : Anamika.. No one can love, understand and keep him happy as much as you can. We will speak to Maa Papa.. Don’t worry..
Swara : Haan Anamika.. I don’t know about others, but this family and these parents can do anything for their children’s happiness.
Tripthi : Anamika, why don’t you come to Papa’s Birthday Party after 2 days? It’s family and friends.
Sanskar : And you are family now.
Anamika : Bhaiya, Bhabhi.. Thank you so much for the love and trust..
Ragini : Aa.. Aa.. Aa.. Don’t thank us now.. You can talk about all this later.. So you are coming right day after?
Anamika : Di.. Woh I can’t.. I have an important meeting and I can’t afford to skip that else I will loose my job. Sorry.. But for your wedding, I will surely take leave and attend.
Sanskar : Okay.. No problem.. Even we are eager to send this devil out from here.
Abhay : And get you home. Anyways Tarun you speak to her.. We will leave and haan, Remember you have take them to Singhania House. Okay?

[All leave Tarun and Anamika alone and are out for the arrangements. The work is divided where, Ragini is in charge of inviting everyone; Swara is in charge of the attires and return gifts; Tripthi is in charge of Decorations; Sanskar is in charge of a special gift for his father; Abhay is incharge of the seating arrangement and food and Tarun is in charge of Picking the guests from station and their stay.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Anamika and Kapoor siblings talk.. Party arrangements.

* Author’s Note : Sorry for the small update. Am busy in my studies and have exam approaching.. So couldn’t upload these many days.. The next episode is going to be a big one. Thank you for the comments and love.*

{That’s it for today..}

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