We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 22

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode22

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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{Please NOTE :
KAPOOR children include : Abhay, Tripthi, Sanskar, Swara, Ragini, Tarun.
SINGHANIA children include : Mayank, Chavi, Bhavik, Jeevika, Laksh, Saanvi..
So the scenes where all of them will be there, they will be mentioned as above. Please do know.}

*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Yesterday’s episode :


******* NEXT DAY MORNING *******

The morning comes with a new promising hope and the sun shines soo bright that it wishes to wipe away all the darkness in everyone’s life.


[The Kapoor children dose off there in their beautiful garden and are all ready for arrangements and stuff right from tomorrow’s first sun ray, after all they have to make their beloved Father’s 50th birthday the best and most memorable.]

[The bright sunray falls in the garden of the Kapoor’s, that garden which is specially built for the Kapoor’s younger generation to have their best time and remember these beautiful moments forever. As the rays fall.. The princess of Kapoor Family wakes up and gets freshen up and by the time she returns her both Bhabhiz are awake but her brother’s are in their deep sleep.. Ragini tries waking them up, but they are a mini version of Kumbhkaran.. So all that she could do is on the tap of that garden and face the pipe on her lovely brothers faces and then there’s a SPLASHHHHHH… and The her brothers wake up screaming on top of their voice and their better halves are happily laughing and enjoying the scene. They wake up to see their naughty sister holding the pipe and now she is all going to be grilled. ]

Sanskar, Abhay : Ragamma, Ragini… Ragini ki bachhi..
Ragini : Am not Ragini ki bachhi, I am Vandana ki bachhi..
Tarun : Di.. Whose ever daughter you are, All you have to do now is save yourself from us.. BigB, Sanskar Bhaiya.. ATTACK..
Ragini : No.. First get hold of me, then we will see who attacks whom.
Abhay : Ragamma.. Stop there itself.. Ragini..

[These siblings are busy in running and chasing each other and the audience for this moment have increased from the better halves to their parents and of course the new born baby..]

Arnav : Abhay, Sanskar, stop it both of you.. You have to go for the meeting. Have you both forgotten it? And Tarun.. I asked you to get ready by 10 today and we have to leave to the Lawyer’s office. Do you remember? Are you all kids to do this?
Ragini : Sorry Papa.. Woh I..
Arnav : And shame on you 3.. You are my sons? You all together also, can’t get hold of your this naughty sis. (He comes and catches Ragini’s ears and slowly winks to Abhay and they all gather around Ragini and pour water on her)
Vandana : Arnav… Instead of saving her, you are doing this?
Ragini : Hawwww.. Papa.. This isn’t fair.. Go I won’t talk.. You should support your daughter and not these people.
Vandana : Okay.. Now go get ready.. Before Maa comes and sees..
Dadi (K) : Maa.. What Vandana.. (looks towards her Grandchildren) Hey Bhagwan.. You all haven’t grown up still.
Tarun : Arre Sweetheart.. We won’t grow up soo early.. Actually never.. Right Di..
Dadi (K) : You will never change.. And Your Di will get married then who will save you haan?
Sanskar : Papa.. Woh meeting has been postponed. The clients will come after 1:00 and the lawyer will also come post lunch as their is some emergency in his place.
Arnav : Okay.. You all enjoy.. Come for breakfast. Swara, Tripthi.. Beta Breakfast.. Your Mother doesn’t have time for me now.
Ragini (whispering) : Sanskoo, Send Dad to office.. We all can sit and speak and then discuss with Maa and Dadi also.. Please.
Sanskar : Papa woh..
Abhay : Papa, have you checked the file and details of Kohinoor Hotels.. We had to overtake it.
Arnav : Oh No.. See I totally forgot about it. The files are in office.. I will go there and check.. You all can come later.
Swara : Papa, breakfast ready. All of you get freshen up and come.

[Soon all leave to have their breakfast and tey have a lovely time or say ‘ Family Time’ while having their breakfast. Arnav leaves and the Kapoor Children have discussed the plan with heir mother and Grandmother and have also got the numbers of friends and everyone.]

Vandana : Ragini.. You, Swara and Tripthi can go along with Tarun and invite Singhania’s also and yes while going take these sweets and these boxes too. Maa will talk to MaaJi about it. Hain Na Maa?
Dadi (K) : Yes.. I will speak to them.. You have to take this and go.. And remember to take it..


[They keep thinking about ideas and Laksh is busy in the detailing of the case.]

Saanvi : Arre There should be some way right.. Think think.. Ummm.. Letter, Date, all flop.. Then what else.. At such times.. What would Swara Di do.. Wait.. Swara Di.. Yes.. I got it.. How could I forget it.. How could we?

[Breakfast Table Scene]

Laksh : Good Morning Everyone..
Everyone : Good Morning..
Karan : So Laksh.. Today do you have any operations?
Laksh : Yes Papa.. 3 operations to go today. Maa.. I might be late today evening..
Jeevika : Saanvi, what’s wrong with you? Why are you jumping like this?
Dadi (S) : May be Mosquitoes bit her.
Saanvi : Arre Bhabhi.. I found the answer.. I got the idea..
Mayank : What idea?
Saanvi : About Laksh Bhaiya and..
Bhavik : Oh.. That riddles answer.. It is okay.. You tell us later now have breakfast.
Saanvi : Bro.. Which riddle.. I am talking about..
Chavi : Haan.. We know what you are talking about.. (she stamps Saanvi’s legs and tells her about Laksh’s and everyone’s presence)
Saanvi : Ouch..
Chavi : What happened Saanvi? Any problem?
Saanvi : Aah.. No bhabhi.. Woh something bit.. I guess Mosquito. Maa, when are you going to call the Pandit and aren’t you guys asking SWARA di to come here.. (She specifies the word Swara so that all get a hint)

Tomorrow’s Episode : Anamika and Kapoor siblings talk.. Party arrangements.

* Author’s Note : Sorry for the small update. Am busy in my studies and have exam approaching.. So couldn’t upload these many days.. The next episode is going to be a big one. Thank you for the comments and love.*

{That’s it for today..}

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