We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 21

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode21

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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{Please NOTE :
KAPOOR children include : Abhay, Tripthi, Sanskar, Swara, Ragini, Tarun.
SINGHANIA children include : Mayank, Chavi, Bhavik, Jeevika, Laksh, Saanvi..
So the scenes where all of them will be there, they will be mentioned as above. Please do know.}

*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Yesterday’s episode : Riaksh say a yes.



[She says and starts chasing Swara.. And in the middle Swara asks Ragini to see Tarun who is busy in his phone and lost somewhere.. Slowly Ragini comes and takes away his phone.]

Ragini : Tarunnnnnn…
Tarun : Si phone Di.. Di give it back..
Swara : No Laadoo.. Don’t..
Tarun : Tripthi Bhabhi.. Ask them to give my phone.. Please..
Ragini : Tarun.. This isn’t going to work on me.. Neither your Bhabhi nor either of your brother can take it from me..
Tripthi : Ragini.. Swara.. What are you both doing? You have..
Abhay (interrupting) : Tripthi.. Don’t get into their matter.. They will gang up against you and tease you if they get a chance.. Then even your Lovely brother-in-law Tarun won’t be on your side.
Tripthi : I know what am doing.. Keep quiet.. Shona.. Laadoo.. You have his mobile and are running with it.. See what is there in it that he is dying to get it back..
Ragini : Haan.. Shona.. Let’s see..
Tarun : Di..
Swara & Ragini : Statue..
Ragini : Sanskoo, BigB.. Bhabhi.. It is some girl with whom he is chatting and they are exchanging pics and messages..
Abhay : Haan.. So.. Arre common hain.. Friend hogi..
Tarun : Haan BigB.. Common hain.. Friend hain..
Swara : Friend nahi BigB.. Girlfriend hain..
Ragini (reading out the msg) : Sweetheart.. Di is going to get married in a few months or so.. Her marriage is already fixed.. I will invite you to the wedding.. You can and meet my family.. And then I will speak to them about us.. But we have to wait till then..
Sanskar : Oh.. Toh Yeh Baat hain.. This is what you are hiding from us? Ragamma.. Shona.. End his statue yaar..
Tripthi : Are you telling or we can call her and ask haan?
Tarun : I will tell.. Wait.. (he sits and all make a circle around him) She is.. Anamika..

*Flashback 2 Part 1 Starts*…. {Tarun is narrating}

I met her when I was studying abroad.. Though we were in the same class, we never interacted.. She never spoke to any guy nor had any friends who were boys.. Then one day when I was out with my friends for some project.. We went to a restaurant for lunch and then itself I got a call from Di.. And I came out to speak to her.. When I was talking, I saw that Anamika was crossing the road lost in her own world and she was continuously wiping her tears and she didn’t notice the car heading towards her in full speed.. I just cut the call and ran and pulled her and luckily she was saved.. Later she just uttered a thanks and ran away without answering my questions. Then we used to meet in college and passing smiles was everything that was done.. Whenever I approached her to talk, she used to always go away from there.. I never understood her behaviour. After 2 months.. She didn’t come to college.. I tried asking her friends no one replied.. Then one day All of a sudden she comes to college and comes to the class and invites all of us for her wedding. And that is when we all came to know that her best friend is our friends fiancée.. So I called up that girl and asked her everything.. It was then revealed that she was already engaged to the ministers son and it was a forced one.. Her parents had to agree because he threatened them to kill their whole family and spoil their daughter’s life. And there were his men studying in the college who always had their eyes on her and kept that guy updated with everything happening in her life. That day when she was about to meet with an accident and I saved her, it seems that day he had asked her to meet him and he got along with him all his spoil brat friends commented on her, tried to assault her that man, didn’t say a word to them.. She somehow ran from there.. On the day of her wedding, he comes their at the time of pheras with a girl who is his girlfriend and insults Anamika and her family and leaves her there and goes. She ran to her room and was going to suicide and luckily I managed to get in her room and brought her out safe.

*Flashback 2 Part 1 Ends*
Ragini : Tarun, can we speak to her once? Please..
Tarun : But Di..
Sanskar : Yes. Tarun.. Let us speak to her.. You can sit here with us.. But let Ragini or any female speak to her.
Tarun : Okay Bhaiya.. I will call her..

[The Kapoor Children have an emotional, sensitive moment going on and they want to speak to Anamika..]


[Laksh’s lovely siblings and his Bhabhiz have a great time pulling his legs and making him blush.]

Mayank : Laksh does Ragini know you love her?
Laksh : No Bhaiya.. She doesn’t know..
Chavi : What she doesn’t know and still she said a Yes for marrying you?
Saanvi : Arre Oh Doctor.. For once leave your patients and think about your life..
Bhavik : Haan, you should propose her..
Jeevika : Yes.. It is every girls dream..
Laksh : Arre.. Am not proposing..

[Laksh gets a call from his senior doctor Mr. Raj, so he leaves to his room to discuss about a case.. Meanwhile all his lovely family members present in their secret place are making plans to make Ragini aware of Laksh’s feelings for her]

Saanvi : Bhabhi.. Why can’t we set up a romantic date and Bhaiya can propose there?
Bhavik : That’s a bad idea.. You think he will tell? Even today he didn’t..
Mayank : And moreover he will tell Ragini ki this my family has planned.
Chavi : Let’s ask to write a love letter..
All : Bad Idea..

[They keep thinking about ideas and Laksh is busy in the detailing of the case.]


Tarun : Bhabhi she isn’t answering the call.
Ragini : It is okay.. After speaking to her tomorrow, we will listen to the further story.. Right?
All : Right..
Sanskar : Swara, Bhabhi.. Tomorrow we have a meeting with our clients and we will be late.. Tarun and Papa will come home early.. So don’t worry okay?
Abhay : Sanskar what’s the date tomorrow?
Sanskar : BigB it is 21st..
Ragini : Oh God…!! Sanskoo Bhaiya, BigB.. Tarun.. Tomorrow is 21st..
Abhay : Haan so..
Ragini : BigB you also forgot?
Tarun : What did we forget Di?
Ragini : Neither of you remember?
All : No…
Ragini : On 24th it is Papa’s 50th birthday..!!
All : Oh No.. We forgot..!
Sanskar : Now what do we do?
Abhay : We hardly have 3 days left..
Tarun : Exactly.. Di couldn’t you remember early?
Ragini : Oh Hello.. Ek toh yaad aaya sirf mujhe.. Upar se..
Tripthi : Stop fighting you both.. Let’s think something..
Sanskar : Yes.. Let us think and plan something really good..
Swara : But what?
Ragini : Idea..!!
Abhay : Tell Madam.. Please..
Ragini : BigB, why don’t we keep a grand party for Papa, and we can invite all your business partners.. Your staff..
Sanskar : We do that every year.. What’s special in it?
Tarun : Point..
Ragini : Point ke Bacche.. Let me complete..
Swara : Carry On..
Ragini : And we can invite all papa’s friends, childhood, college and even business.. Whom he hardly meets and we can surprise him by…
Abhay : By fulfilling all his dreams and make him live all those dreams which he saw but sacrificed for our sake.. And..
Sanskar : And have him relive him life the way he wanted..
Ragini : So Done?
All : Done?
Ragini : And we can even invite Singhania’s..
Swara : Oh ho.. Singhania’s haan?
Sanskar : Haan.. Singhania’s.. What’s wrong in it Swara?
Abhay : Sanskar.. Swara said it is fine.. Don’t you think Ragini is changed?
Ragini : BigB…
Sanskar : Oh, Ragamma wants to invite them haan?
Tripthi : Yes.. Ragini wants to invite them.. Don’t you think she is too much in their side now?

[The Kapoor children dose off there in their beautiful garden and are all ready for arrangements and stuff right from tomorrow’s first sun ray, after all they have to make their beloved Father’s 50th birthday the best and most memorable.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Anamika and Kapoor siblings talk.. Party arrangements.

* Author’s Note : 2017..!! Happy New Year to All of You.. May this year bring with it the best of everything in your life..!!
Thank You everyone for loving me soo much and for these valuable comments. Means a lot. I am trying my best to show the importance of characters and the bond.. The story is mainly on RIAKSH and SWANAK.. So the others might not get that much importance.. But with these 4..their bond will shown.. I hope the bond and the understanding of each of the character towards each other is shown in a good way and the story strikes the right chord of “Love It”. There won’t be any villain or negative track in my fan fiction. Nor memory loss one’s. It will be a simple, loving and close knit Family Stories. Hope you all like it. Thank You. *

{That’s it for today..}

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