We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 20


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode20

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed. Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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*********** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Yesterday’s episode : Riaksh say a yes.



[Siblings are those special ingredients in our life.. Without whom, we never know what Life is.. They are the evil demons at times of Mischief and the sweet angels at times of Trouble.. The Lovely Shaitans of our life.. Yes Lovely Shaitans..!! They are those Shaitans who never let you in peace and always hover over you, making sure they know every bit happening in your life and they can have the entire opportunity to tease you and pull your leg.. And they fight for the opportunity no less than a world war. They are even that Ever Available Angels who will be with you in every trouble of yours and pull you out of it.. They not only put you in trouble but also get you out from it. The Hot, Spicy, Cold, Sweet, Bitter, Delicious Masalas are these siblings who you can never stop fighting with nor can let others fight with them.]

Sanskar (opening Ragini’s room door) : Ragamma…. (shouts on top of his voice)
Tripthi : Sanskar.. Slowly.. Dadi will come up now..
Tarun : But where is Di..
Abhay : Sanskar our doll is at our usual Spot.
Swara : Usual Spot?
Sanskar (opens another door inside the room which isn’t the washroom for sure) : Yes.. This is our usual spot.. Me BigB and Ragamma always come here after Dadi and Maa Papa sleep.. We come here 3-4 days in a week..
Tripthi : But we have never seen this.. I mean I..
Swara : Bhabhi even I haven’t seen this..
Ragini (coming after changing) : Because we all had promised that if we ever come here.. It is we 3 or never..
Tarun : 3? I think it should be a 4.. But you all forgot me..
Abhay : Arre Oh Dramebaaz.. We will always be together no matter what happens.. And we are 4 or 3 doesn’t matter.. We are together is what matters.
Swara : Accha.. Let’s sit now..
Ragini : You guys sit.. I and Sanskoo Bhaiya will be back in few minutes.

[The door which Ragamma’s Sanskoo Bhaiya opened was the door which leads to a beautiful garden or lawn which has the best fragmented flowers of all colours and greenery spread all over and the heavenly waterfall there adds more elegant look to it.. There on the right side is a stone table and 7-8 small stools and 2-3 sofas all made of stone around it and a little far from it is a small, cosy kitchen built and equipped with all the necessary items that make a kitchen and a freezer which is never out of stock with Ice-creams, juices, cold-drinks and chocolate and on the left side is a swing on which the Kapoor Children have spent the best days of their childhood and even spend their best times and bad times there today also. The garden is quite big and it also has a shed and mattresses put their for the siblings to lie on and stare at the sky which is filled with shining bright stars and the beautiful moon spreading its lights and making this place look as magnificent as it can… Breaking the ‘Awww’ expression of Swara and Tritphi of this place, in come Sanskar and Ragini with snacks for their loved ones there.]

Tripthi : You 3 never met from the day Papa divided the house?
Sanskar : No Bhabhi.. We never met nor came here.. Only Ragamma used to come to keep this place the same as it is.. So that tomorrow when Papa forgives you all, we have the place as it was earlier and we can have our time here.
Tarun : Di.. First meeting itself You said a yes haan?
Ragini : Tarun.. It wasn’t my first meeting with Doctor.. We have met earlier also.
Abhay : Earlier when? Because I don’t think you even attend those business functions and events where we have at least met them.
Swara : BigB.. Woh Bhaiyu is Laadoo’s first customer. He had come to give her the order of Chavi Bhabhi and Mayank Bhaiyaz today’s attire.
Sanskar : Wrong Swara.. Laksh is the doctor who treated you that day.. He is the famous Doctor.. Who knows every thing..
Tarun : Oh Ho.. Doctor haan?
Tripthi : So.. Ragini.. How did you like him?
Ragini : Bhabhi.. I liked him as a person.. He is a good human being.. You guys are here to talk or tease?
Everyone : Tease obviously..
Sanskar : Ragamma.. What do you expect, we will leave you so easily?
Abhay : Haan.. That too our doll has chosen the guy and also said a Yes for her wedding.. She might already be thinking about him.. Lost in his dreamland.
Swara : Haan.. Haan.. Bhabhi you know what their conversations will be in their room?
Tripthi : What Swara.. Tell
Swara : Bhaiyu will tell.. Ragini Baby.. You know today A Hot Girl had come.. She had pain in her legs.. And she had worn such a short dress.. Slowly she started flirting and the pain was moving from her legs to her thighs and so on.. She is such a good patient. And Laadoo will tell.. Baby you know today I have a gift for you.. And she will get her latest Scissor and tell this is my latest Scissor and with this, before cutting the dresses.. I will cut you and stitch all the possible patches on you.. And then they both will fight and make the room no less than operation theatre with dress order thrown here and there and where the doctor is ready to be operated with machines and laces and Scissor.
Ragini : Shona..

[She says and starts chasing Swara.. And in the middle Swara asks Ragini to see Tarun who is busy in his phone and lost somewhere.. Slowly Ragini comes and takes away his phone.]


Mayank (entering Laksh’s room) : Laksh…
Bhavik : Mayank slowly.. If someone comes, then we will be in a problem..
Mayank : Yes.. Right.. But where is Laksh?
Saanvi : Bhaiya.. Obviously he is lost in his going to be wife’s dream.. See there..

[Locking the door behind, Mayank, Bhavik and Saanvi slowly tip toe towards Laksh who is sitting on the sofa of his room and they scream their lungs out : Laksh, which only makes me jump from his beloved seat nd saves him from a heart attack and deafness. While his Bhabhiz have a great time seeing the siblings loving each other and caring for each other and their happiness more than their lives.]

Laksh : Aaaaaaa… (He jumps) Bhabhiz.. My both the gorgeous bhabhiz.. Can’t you ask your husbands not to do this to me.. I almost had a heart attack now..
Chavi : What can we do Dewar Ji.. Your Brothers and sister love you so much that we can’t speak anything in this matter.
Mayank : By the way, in whose dreams were you lost that you neither hears the door opening nor closing haan?
Jeevika : Who else Dewar Ji.. Obviously his going to be wife’s. Right Laksh?
Laksh : Oh No..
Bhavik : Oh yes..
Laksh : I should have guessed it.. That you guys.. Or you shaitans have come here to not spend time with me.. But to tease me and pull my leg.
Saanvi : Yes Yes.. Have we ever not don this to either of our sibling?
Bhavik : Yes.. Remember when I said a yes to Jeevika.. You dressed up like her and even did her acting with this Choti.
Jeevika : Oh.. They even sent me the video of it.
Chavi : Are we going to sit or only stand and speak?
Laksh : Bhabhi come.. You shouldn’t stand much in this position.. Come sit..
Saanvi : Aha.. Not here..
Laksh : Then where?
Everyone : To our Adda..

[The Secret door from Laksh’s Dressing Chamber when opens leads to a huge room such that it is centrally located and which has 4 such doors to it.. That each One opens in each siblings room and the room on its right has a well built kitchen maintained by Laksh’s Bhabhiz and his adorable sister. This is actually a secret room for not only the siblings but also for the recently happily married brother’s and Bhabhiz of Laksh. This idea is of Laksh.. As he wanted that there should be a place where the youngsters can come in and feel free and share anything with each other and know each other in and out. The bond they share is of no secrets.. This is one place where Laksh’s Bhabhiz can come in any attire they want and be free enough to sit with their husbands really close and pull each other’s leg and stand for each other. He wanted this place as a secret so that anytime anyone can walk in here and relish the memories they make every time and eat and cook their favourites which are at times not prepared because of the health and what not reason of their house.]

Bhavik : So Laksh, how did you chose Ragini? I mean say a Yes so instantly?
Saanvi : Yes Bhaiya.. You always take days and weeks to decide, then how come this in just a meeting of hardly half an hour?
Jeevika : Arre, he met her earlier also.
Chavi : No Bhabhi.. But still.. What’s the reason haan?
Laksh : Woh Actually.. I met her the first time in the hospital when Swara was admitted and Tripthi Bhabhi was admitted for her delivery.
Mayank : Haan So? Go on..
Laksh : So seeing her the very first time, with a tensed face for her friend and a happy face for her bhabhi and the continuous prayers on her lips and he sweat on her forehead made me fall in for her..
Chavi : You mean love at first sight?
Laksh : Yes Bhabhi.. Love at first sight.. I thought I would speak about this to her first, know her answer and then tell the family. But Om Uncle and Sushila Aunty came as angels in disguise and got her proposal for me.
Saanvi : Bhavik Bhaiya.. You are Laksh Bhaiya and I am Ragini Bhabhi..
Bhavik : Done..
Saanvi (as Ragini) : Laksh..
Laksh (interrupts) : She calls Doctor.. Not Laksh
Chavi, Jeevika : Oh Ho.. DOCTOR Haan..
Saanvi : Doctor.. You know today a customer came, he was such a handsome, dashing young man.. He came to order for his Brothers Engagement.. He was flirting so much.. Any girl would drool over his looks.. And he even invited me.
Bhavik (as Laksh) : Baby You know what.. I am a Doctor.. And I can easily (losing his temper) cut him into so many pieces and give him so many injections and at every place that no doctor can ever cure him and leave alone flirting, he will never think of his wedding again.

[Laksh’s lovely siblings and his Bhabhiz have a great time pulling his legs and making him blush.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Families to meet again..

* Author’s Note : Sorry for the same precap.. Wanted to show the bonding they share. Thank You everyone for loving me soo much and for these valuable comments. Means a lot. I am trying my best to show the importance of characters and the bond.. The story is mainly on RIAKSH and SWANAK.. So the others might not get that much importance.. But with these 4..their bond will shown.. I hope the bond and the understanding of each of the character towards each other is shown in a good way and the story strikes the right chord of “Love It”. There won’t be any villain or negative track in my fan fiction. Nor memory loss one’s. It will be a simple, loving and close knit Family Stories. Hope you all like it. Thank You. *

{That’s it for today..}

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