We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 12

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode12

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
Thank You everyone for the comments. It means a lot.

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{I have mentioned about the characters of Singhania’s again.. So that there’s no confusion. And Peace Hotels have 2 branches.. One on Lavelle Road.. The main office and Second on Casa Brigatta Brunton Road.. (near Ragini’s Shop). In SINGHANIA’S, the Eldest is Bhavik-Jeevika, then comes Mayank-Chavi, then Laksh and youngest is Saanvi.}

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

*Note : Om and Sushila will be in the story only for a episode or 2.*
*Dadi (S) is Singhania’s Dadi.. Dadi (K) is Kapoor’s Dadi.. There won’t be Riaksh scenes for 2 episodes.*

Please note.. I have changed the name of AZAM to OM and of SEHAR to SUSHILA.. And SHAMA to SHRISHTI.

Yesterday’s episode : Swanak moments.. Reason for Azam(Om) and Seher’s (Sushila) visit. Jeevika and Chavi convinced Laksh.

? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari’s House from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI}

[Jeevika calls and tells them that Laksh has agreed to meet her and that they can call her on Chavi’s godh bharai and they explain their plan to them as how they emotionally blackmailed Laskh and Laksh stands there making a fool of himself. Whereas.. Swanak are enjoying their honeymoon.]

************ Swanak Side **********

[The love birds are busy enjoying their personal private space and time and Sanskar has tied a cloth on Swara’s eyes and has taken her to a place which is beautifully decorated with baby pink and red flowers.. A table is kept with a white cloth over it and there is a big bright candle on it with a bowl of roses in it and a slow romantic music being played.]

Swara : Sanskar what is all this?
Sanskar : A return gift.
Swara : Return gift? Why?
Sanskar : For yesterday night.. To let me make you mine..
Swara : But Sanskar..
Sanskar : (placing his finger over her lips and coming close).. Sssshhh for the pain you suffered last night.. For the tears that flew out from your eyes.. For the lovely eyes that were wet yesterday.. For the red lips which were begging to be let free.. Am sorry for the pain I gave you..
Swara : Sanskar.. I am happy that you gave me this pain.. Now stop crying like a baby.. And yes.. Am very hungry..
Sanskar : You are making me hungry in this dress.. You have dinner and I will have you..

[Sanskar winks at Swara making her blush like a red tomato and then Sanskar’s heart knew that his wife was the most prettiest female there in a red strapless gown which reached till her legs and a cut on the right side exposing her legs and her hair tied in a messy bun and to add stars to her beauty was the Diamond Necklace and Earrings gifted to her by their BigB and what else was to say.. Sanskar quickly grabbed her from her waist and pulled her towards him into a bone crushing hug with a long yet passionate lip lock which made them forget the world and they landed on the Bed which had a red bed spread over them and reddish-white cloths hung from its centre to every part of the bed.. They slowly started undressing each other and again becoming one.]

*********** Scene shifts to Singhania Industries ***********

Sushila : Okay.. So I will speak to Vandana?
Karan : Yes Bhabhi.. You can ask them to come on Chavi’s Godh Bharai.. Arre haan.. Om and Sushila.. You guys also come.. Get Shrishti along..
Sushila : Bhaisaab.. We will come surely.. Shrishti will not be able to come.. She has to go for check up..and then the couple have plans to go out..
Sakshi : Okay.. So you just confirm their answer. If they are fine.. Hain na Maa?
Dadi (S) : Yes.. Yes.. And you both have to come.
Priya : Yes Bhabhi.. After soo many years we all will be together (just then the door opens) Aah.. See your Laksh came..
Laksh : Namaste Aunty.. Uncle.. How are you? Where is Shrishti?
Priya : Laksh you should thank them.. They thought for you.. Which even we didn’t think. (all laugh)
Laksh : Choti Maa.. Atleast you should have told me about it.
Bhavik : Laksh.. I never knew you love your Bhabhiz soooo much.. I mean..
Mayank : Exactly.. You know how big drama Queens they are.. Especially Chavi.. Still you gave up.. I didn’t expect this from you..
Chavi : Keep quiet.. Now we will see how you will tease Laksh after our devrani comes.
Laksh : Maa.. It is only a meeting right? It isn’t a compulsion to say YES right?
Om : Laksh.. You meet her and then you can tell your answer. Your Aunty got this relation for you..
Karthik : Haan.. Toh Bhabhi.. Tell us more about her.. And her family..
Sushila : No Bhaisaab.. I will not disclose anything.. Once they agree for the meeting and they reach the place.. Only then will I introduce you all..
Dadi (S) : Okay.. We will be waiting.
Om : Okay.. So we will leave.. We have to go to their place and confirm also.
Sushila : Okay Maa.. We will leave.. They meet everyone and leave.

[The entire Singhania family is talking about the arrangements and how the function will go where Laksh is heart broken and has agreed to meet the girl for his family.. And is ure of his answer i.e., a NO.. The family is busy discussing about the new member and playing with Vibha (bhavik and Jeevika’s Daughter) and is all geared up making lists for the function 5 days later.]

************** Scene shifts to Kapoor Villa **************

Vandana : Maa.. See Tripthi isn’t having this Kada which you made for her.
Dadi (K) : Tripthi.. Drink fast.. It is time for tea also.. Vandana you prepare something good today..
Voice : (from the door).. Like Paneer Pakode and Kachori..
Vandana : Sushila…. Bhaisaab.. Come.. What a surprise?
Om : Namaste Maaji.. Where is Arnav?
Vandana : He has gone to office.. He had some important meeting. Come please have a seat.
Dadi (K) : How come you are here? How is Shrishti? Where is she? I heard you have become grandparents haan..
Sushila : Yes.. Maaji.. She is extremely fine and happy.. Yes she gave birth. We are so busy with the baby now..
Om : So. Where are the children? No one is to be seen anywhere..
Sushila : Yes.. Where are Maithli, Abhay, Sanskar and Ragini.. Even Didi is not to be seen.. Her son Ta..
Vandana : Tarun.. Didi’s son.. Woh Sushila Didi passed away 5 years back.. And Maithli met with an accident and she also passed away.
Om : We are sorry Bhabhi.. We didn’t know about it..
Dadi (K) : It is okay.. And Sanskar got married and the couple are on their honeymoon.. And Tarun, Abhay and Arnav are at office.. Tripthi.. Come here..
Sushila : Tripthi is Abhay’s wife right? How is she? Isn’t she the one who..
Vandana : No.. Sushila.. We were mistaken.. She didn’t do anything.. It was fate.. Tripthi they are..
Tripthi : Sushila Aunty and Om Uncle .. Namaste Aunty Uncle..
Om : How do you know us?
Tripthi : Uncle.. Before meeting you all itself these all have given me a clear picture of who you both are.. Maa’s even a single day doesn’t pass without mentioning your name.. She keeps speaking about you both..
Sushila : Vandana.. Will Bhaisaab take time to come? And Ragini..?
Arnav (from the door) : We came.. Ragini is in her new shop..
Om : Arnav.. (they have a hug and the guys too) As they say.. THINK OF THE DEVIL AND THE DEVIL APPEARS..
Sushila : Namaste Bhaisaab.. How are you? Tarun.. Abhay.. How are you both? Tarun might not remember us..
Tarun : I know aunty.. Everyday BigB.. Sanskar Bhaiya.. Ragu di.. Keep speaking about you all.. And I have an update about each of everyone.. You know na Ragu Di will give update like a news reporter..
Om : Haan.. Where is Ragini?
Arnav : Woh Ragini is in her boutique.. Fashion Designing..
Om : Okay..
Arnav : So what gets you here? You had lunch? Vandana..
Sushila : Bhaisaab.. We had.. We came down to meet you all and speak something..
Dadi (K) : Haan.. Tell..
Om : Woh Maaji.. We cam here to speak about.. (signals Sushila to start)
Sushila : About.. Please don’t mind.. Bhaisaab.. We have a good match for Ragini in your eyes..
Vandana : For Ragini..? We haven’t thought about it yet..
Sanskar (from the door) : Isn’t it too early aunty..?
Tarun : Sanskar Bhaiya.. You guys here..
Swara : Haan.. Woh there was some meeting some important one..
Abhay : Sanskar you never..
Sanskar (ignoring Abhay) : Papa.. Ask BigB not to speak.. He is in tension and still he hid it from us..
Vandana : But what happened? Abhay.. What is Sanskar speaking about?
Abhay : Maa.. Nothing..
Sanskar : BigB.. I will tell maa the truth.. Papa you gave BigB to handle the Brunton Road Hotel right? He worked hard soo many years staying away for a takeover of a famous hotel.. I knew about it long back.. And helped him.. And today when he had to give thr presentation.. He backed out..
Arnav : Why? Abhay what Sanskar is telling.. Is it true?
Abhay : Papa.. Woh..
Arnav : I asked yes or no..
Abhay : Yes..
Vandana : But why?
Sanskar : I will tell BigB.. Maa.. It is because he wanted the takeover to be in 80:20..so that he can give 30 to me.. And 30 to Tarun.. But as they disagreed and put forward a condition of 60:40..and BigB didn’t agree for it.. The. Contract was to be given to Our competitors : Sunshine Hotel {NO ROLE}.. Luckily Ritvik called up and told me and he somehow cancelled the deal.. And we came back..
Arnav : But Beta.. Swara..
Swara : Papa.. I only suggested Sanskar.. I knew how BigB worked hard for it.. And after this if he loses to crack.. Then he will lose his confidence.. Sorry..
Sushila : I must say.. Vandana.. You have chosen the best bahu..
Swara : Aunty.. Not Bahu.. Bahuz.. Bhabhi is also there..
Sanskar : Aunty.. Uncle.. Sorry.. Woh..
Om : Its okay beta.. Am really happy and am sure.. It must be a proud moment for Arnav to see his sons fighting for each other and not with each other.
Dadi (K) : So now.. Can we continue..
Om : Yes yes..

************** Scene shifts to Ragz Creation **************

[After designing the Ghagra and Sherwani, Ragini now sits peacefully and thinks of her talent.. When she remembers that she had to give a call and deliver her first order.. She opens her order book and searches for Laksh’s number and rings him. Laksh who is sitting with his family.. Excuses himself and goes to his room.]

Laksh : Hello..
Ragini : Hello.. Doctor Laksh..
Laksh : Yes.. Speaking..
Ragini : Hey.. How are you? I am sure you must not have recognised me Doctor..
Laksh : Sorry.. I didn’t .. Hold On.. Did you call me A Doctor?
Ragini : Yup.. Doctor..
Laksh : Aahh.. Then it’s Ms. Kapoor.. So am good.. How are you?
Ragini : All fit and fine.. I called you to inform that your parcel. Is ready.. And as it is a gift, it is packed..
Laksh : I must say.. You are too true to your words.. You said a week.. And its just 6 days..
Ragini : That’s called professionalism..
Laksh : I will come tomorrow and collect.. Hope you don’t mind..
Ragini : Nope.. I have to anyways leave now.. Got to go home.. So come tomorrow anytime.. Bye.. Take Care.. See you..
Laksh : Bye.. Take Care.. See you too..

[Ragini cuts the call and heads back home as Tarun had already pinged her regarding the arrival of her sweet Aunty and Uncle. So she leaves and reaches home. She greets them and is shocked to see her Sanskoo Bhaiya and Shona there. She settles down with the rest of the family.]

Sushila : Vandana.. They are our family friends.. The guy is really good and well settled.. The family is just like yours..
Sanskar, Abhay, Tarun : But what’s the need to do it soo early?
Om : Possessive brothers haan.. We aren’t asking you to get her married tomorrow.. All we are saying is.. You all can see the guy and family once.. And then decide what to do..
Arnav : I think.. Om is right.. We have to think about this.
Abhay : But Papa.. Isn’t it too early..
Vandana : Its her age to get married.. And it will take atleast a month or so.. And it’s good if she also settles in her life. Because after that Tarun’s line is clear.. Right?
Sanskar : Ragini.. Doll.. Are you okay? There is no compulsion..
Ragini : Bhaiya if all elders think its right.. Then it is.. I know they will never take a wrong decision.
Arnav : Yes Beta.. We can meet.. But remember Ragini.. The sole and final decision is always yours.. Don’t give up your dreams or anything okay..
Ragini : Yes Papa..
Sushila : Okay.. So they are also fine with it.. But Maaji..
Dadi (K) : What happened?
Om : Maaji.. They have a function at their place.. So they asked us to tell you to come in the function and meet.. Because their daughter-in-law is pregnant and they don’t want to hype the news.
Arnav : Yes sure.. You tell us the address we will reach there.. When is it?

[Om tells the address and the date to the Kapoor family.. But doesn’t reveal anything about the guy and his family. Both the families are under cover. Where the Kapoor’s are having a great family time.. There on the other hand.. Singhania’s are happy that the girl has agreed to meet and now their function has to be even better.. And Laksh is all heart broken and waiting for the D-Day to reject the girl.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Riaksh Moments.. Tripthi and Ragini tease Swara.. A week leap..

{That’s it for today. Comments Welcomed. Take Care. Thank you}

{Thank you all for the comments, I didn’t expect this Fan-Fction to go so long. I guess either the story is going is offtrack or I am not putting it forward to you people as it was done before.. Do let me know the reason.}

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