We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 11

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode11

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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Episode10 link : Episode 10

{I have mentioned about the characters of Singhania’s again.. So that there’s no confusion. And Peace Hotels have 2 branches.. One on Lavelle Road.. The main office and Second on Casa Brigatta Brunton Road.. (near Ragini’s Shop). In SINGHANIA’S, the Eldest is Bhavik-Jeevika, then comes Mayank-Chavi, then Laksh and youngest is Saanvi.}

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************


{The leap in the episodes before.. Applies here to.. So now, Chavi is 8 months pregnant.}

Dadi (Akshara’s Dadi from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI – Vineeta Malik)
Karan (Dr. Shashank from DILL MILL GAYE – Mohnish Bhel)
Sakshi (Sister Padma from DILL MILL GAYE – Shilpa Tulaskar)
Mayank (Mayank of MILEY JAB HUM TUM – Arjun Bijlani) {Son of Karan and Sakshi}
Chavi(Nupur of MILEY JAB HUM TUM – Rati Pandey)
Laksh (Laksh of SWARAGINI – Namish Taneja) {Son of Karan and Sakshi}
Karthik (Ram from SWARAGINI – Amar Sharma)
Priya (Dr. Kirti Mehra from DILL MILL GAYE – Sonia Singh)
Bhavik (Viren from EK HAZAARON MEIN MERI BEHNA HAI – Karan Tacker) {Son of Karthik and Priya}
Jeevika (Jeevika from EK HAZAARON MEIN MERI BEHNA HAI – Krystle)
Saanvi (Khushi from ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON – Sanaya Irani) {Daughter of Karthik and Priya}

*Note : Om and Sushila will be in the story only for a episode or 2.*
*Dadi (S) is Singhania’s Dadi.. Dadi (K) is Kapoor’s Dadi.. There won’t be Riaksh scenes for 2 episodes.*

Yesterday’s episode : Swanak take their relationship to the next level. Riaksh Conversation. Singhania’s know about Swara.

[The men of Singhania’s are in their office waiting for Sharma Uncle to come and Laksh is busy with his patients as he is the most loved doctor.. By all his patients and children.. Ragini is busy utilising her Talent for Singhania’s and Swanak are consummating their marriage.]

Bhavik : Laksh we know.. Losing Swara is the biggest pain to you.. But we have to deal with it.. Now at least you are happy right.. That you have seen her? Treated her. Felt her? Anyways be ready at 7..we will leave.. Shall we leave BadePa, Papa?

? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari’s House from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI}

[The Singhania men rech their office and all are seated in Karan Singhania’s cabin.. Waiting for Mr. Sharma. Soon their most trusted employee comes in with a knock and tells them that Mr. Sharma has arrived and he enters in and with him enters his wife, all greet him and they sense that it is something important which has to be discussed, otherwise they wouldn’t miss out on calling their favourite lad.. Laksh.. They have even called all the Women of Singhania family unknown to Laksh.]

Dadi : So what gets you here after such a long time Azam?
Azam (Osman Abdullah from BEINTEHAA – Naved Aslam) : Maa, woh I was busy with my work.
Dadi : So busy that you forgot you ever had a mother? Or should I assume that I differentiated between my kids and you?
Azam : No Ma, It’s nothing like that.. I have always longed to come to you.. From the past 3 years, I was abroad.. Handling business.. 3 weeks back I returned. So thought of meeting you all today..
Karan : 3 weeks back.. And you are meeting us now?
Azam : Was busy.. Had too much pressure.. And upon that even Shama gave birth to a baby boy.. So was stuck up in all that.
Sakshi : Bhaisaab.. Don’t you think, you have to give us sweets.. Shama became a mother.
Seher (Suraiya Osman Abdullah from BEINTEHAA – Suchitra Pillai) : .. Why don’t you all make us eat sweets?
Priya : But Bhabhi.. Chavi hasn’t even delivered yet and Jeevika’s daughter is already a year and 6 months old.
Seher : There can be any other reason too.
Azam : Yes, think.
Karthik : I don’t think anyone else is giving us a good news anytime sooner.
Azam : Karan you can give na?
Karan and Sakshi (shocked) : How can we?
Dadi : Wait.. Keep quite all of you.. Azam, Seher, speak.. You both what is going on in your mind.. And don’t try to lie.
Azam : Maa, we this thought just struck my mind, so we thought to speak about it to you.
Seher : Maa, we are talking about Laksh’s wedding. I think it’s time he gets married.. He is working.. Well settled.. Good Looking also.. Has good values.. It is time you all start making him settle in his life.
Azam : Maa, Karan, Bhabhi.. We just felt we should share our thoughts so we did.. The rest is your wish.. Because Laksh is at a proper age for his wedding.
Karan : Am glad Azam.. You have thought about it.. We never thought about it also.. We never looked at that side.
Sakshi : Seher, do you have any girl in your suggestion for Laksh..
Priya : Bhabhi, she should be like Jeevika and Chavi.. The way these both have easily dwelled in our family.. She should also be the same.
Seher : Yes, I know one girl.. Who is perfect for Laksh and perfect for your family. Just like these two daughter-in-law’s of yours.
Jeevika, Chavi : Who?
Azam : Seher’s best friends daughter. Remember you met them on Shama’s wedding.
Seher : Yes, They are Kapoor.. Trust me Sakshi.. You won’t find a better girl than her for your son. I have known her and Laksh personally.. And last week when I met her the only thing I could come up with was Laksh ‘s wedding with her.
Karan : What if they don’t want to get her married so soon? And they won’t agree for Laksh?
Seher : Bhaisaab.. I will speak to Vandana, she is my best friend.. If you are fine with it, I can speak to her by today and tell you what their reply is.
Dadi : No Seher, first let us speak to Laksh.. He will not deny. Once let him agree to meet her and then you can tell.
Bhavik : But Dadi, who will speak to Laksh?

[Dadi looks towards Karan, Karan to Sakshi, Sakshi to Priya, Priya to Karthik, Karthik to Bhavik and Bhavik and Mayank together..]

Bhavik and Mayank : Laksh’s beautiful.. Adorable.. Bhabhiz.. Jeevika and Chavi..
Jeevika : How can I speak? I am not speaking.
Chavi : I am pregnant.. I can’t take stress.. Maa you speak.
Mayank : You both are speaking and that is final. No more arguments.
Priya : But when will they speak? And How?
Mayank : Listen.. Chavi has to go for her check up today.. And anyways she goes to Laksh’s hospital.. So why not Jeevika go with her and they speak.
Jeevika : Waah Mayank.. What a plan..? I must say.. You can give people ideas for free.
Chavi : Am not going to speak to Laksh.
Dadi (signalling everyone through her eyes) : Chavi.. He listens to everything you both say.. We aren’t asking you to force him.. But just ask him to see the girl once.. And after that whatever his decision we will accept. Jeevika.. It is only asking him for it.. You both can ask him.. He will refuse us.. But never you too. Please do this for us.. You will do right?
Chavi, Jeevika : Okay dad.. We will do.. But no will force him..
All : Okay..

[Jeevika and Chavi leave for Laksh’s hospital and all the other members are sitting in Karan Singhania’s cabin and are having a chit chat over their lunch on a random topic.]

***************** Scene shifts to Swanak *****************

[Sanskar wakes up and sees his lady love in his arms.. And then he slowly kisses her forehead.. And stares at her.. After a while, Swara wakes up due to the sun light falling on her face and Sanskar quickly closes his eyes and acts as he is sleeping.. Swara realizes what happened the previous night and she blushes seeing her in his arms and remembers their Consummation. She slowly gets up and sits and covers herself with the blanket and starts kissing Sanskar all over his face, chest, neck.. And gets up…]

Sanskar : Mrs. Swara Sanskar Kapoor.. It is bad manners to take advantage of your sleeping husband.
Swara : Mr. Sanskar Kapoor.. I can advantage of my husband anytime I want to. You see after all he is my officially wedded husband.
Sanskar : Correction Swara.. Officially and Legally Wedded.. And yes, taking advantage is allowed but when he is awake.
Swara : Romancing with husband isn’t taking advantage.
Sanskar : Anyways why did you stop? I wanted to see till what extent can you go.
Swara : You were busy sleeping. So how will you know?
Sanskar : Is sleeping meant breaking your sleep and staring at your beautiful wife cuddling and sleeping then, I was sleeping.
Swara : That means you were awake?
Sanskar : (realizing he blurted out) Swara.. You na..

[He takes her and rolls and makes her lie below him and starts kissing her lips in a passionate long kiss.]

************* Scene shifts to Laksh’s Hospital *************

[Chavi’s check up is done and they are waiting for Doctor Laksh in his cabin. Laksh unaware of their presence comes in and sulks down in his chair and as he turns his face he jumps up.]

Laksh : Bhabhi… You both here?
Chavi : Yes, why we can’t come here?
Laksh : No Bhabhi.. I meant..
Jeevika : What you meant Laksh? What?
Laksh : Bhabhi.. You both..
Jeevika : What did we both do? We came here.. But you? Chavi.. Let’s leave.. There’s no point staying here. Come..
Chavi : Yes Bhabhi.. Let’s leave.. I thought our dewar will be happy seeing us here but he..
Laksh : Am sorry.. Am really really sorry.. I will do sit ups.. (both don’t pay heed) Bhabhi.. I.. I.. I will do anything for you both.. Please forgive me..
Chavi : Really? You will do anything?
Laksh : Haan, but first you both sit.. Please.. I will order juice for all of us. (after juice is ordered)
Jeevika : Laksh.. You will do anything for us right? Are you sure?
Laksh : Yes bhabhi.. Has it ever happened that I disagree to either of you? Okay first drink this.. And then we will talk..
Chavi : (winks to Jeevika) Laksh we want you to meet a girl.
Laksh : Why Bhabhi, What happened?
Jeevika : She meant.. See her.. That girl.. Meet her.. Speak to her.. We want you to get married..
Laksh (spits out the juice) : Bhabhi.. What?
Chavi : What wrong did we say?
Laksh : Bhabhi.. How.. I mean Why..
Chavi : Laskh, I want my children to get a ChotiMa soon..
Laksh : Bhabhi, but am..
Jeevika : Leave it Laksh.. I thought you will atleast agree to meet her.. And then tell us your decision. We didn’t force you to get married.. But it’s fine..
Chavi : From here on we won’t ask you anything.
Laksh : Okay.. Okay okay.. I will meet her. Only Meet.. Just for you two.. But no one is..
Chavi, Jeevika : No will force you.. Pakka..
Jeevika : I will call BadePapa and tell..

[Jeevika calls and tells them that Laksh has agreed to meet her and that they can call her on Chavi’s godh bharai and they explain their plan to them as how they emotionally blackmailed Laskh and Laksh stands there making a fool of himself. Whereas.. Swanak are enjoying their honeymoon.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Swanak Romance… Sharma Uncle has a motive for his visit. Kapoor Family has a visitor.

{That’s it for today. Comments Welcomed. Take Care. Thank you}

{Thank you all for the comments, I didn’t expect this Fan-Fction to go so long. I guess either the story is going is offtrack or I am not putting it forward to you people as it was done before.. Do let me know the reason.}

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