We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 10

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode10

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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Episode9 link : Episode 9

{I have mentioned about the characters of Singhania’s again.. So that there’s no confusion. And Peace Hotels have 2 branches.. One on Lavelle Road.. The main office and Second on Casa Brigatta Brunton Road.. (near Ragini’s Shop). In SINGHANIA’S, the Eldest is Bhavik-Jeevika, then comes Mayank-Chavi, then Laksh and youngest is Saanvi.}

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************


{The leap in the episodes before.. Applies here to.. So now, Chavi is 8 months pregnant.}

Dadi (Akshara’s Dadi from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI – Vineeta Malik)
Karan (Dr. Shashank from DILL MILL GAYE – Mohnish Bhel)
Sakshi (Sister Padma from DILL MILL GAYE – Shilpa Tulaskar)
Mayank (Mayank of MILEY JAB HUM TUM – Arjun Bijlani) {Son of Karan and Sakshi}
Chavi(Nupur of MILEY JAB HUM TUM – Rati Pandey)
Laksh (Laksh of SWARAGINI – Namish Taneja) {Son of Karan and Sakshi}
Karthik (Ram from SWARAGINI – Amar Sharma)
Priya (Dr. Kirti Mehra from DILL MILL GAYE – Sonia Singh)
Bhavik (Viren from EK HAZAARON MEIN MERI BEHNA HAI – Karan Tacker) {Son of Karthik and Priya}
Jeevika (Jeevika from EK HAZAARON MEIN MERI BEHNA HAI – Krystle)
Saanvi (Khushi from ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON – Sanaya Irani) {Daughter of Karthik and Priya}

Yesterday’s episode : Swanak and Singhania’s entry and Moments.

? …. SINGHANIA FAMILY …. ? {Maheshwari’s House from YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI}

[The Singhania’s are discussing about the Function, Laksh has something really serious to tell the family. Our lovely couple are busy knowing the depth of each other’s love and have a lovely cute eye lock.]

Laksh : Saanvi, (the family understands its something serious else, Laksh has never called Saanvi by her name.. Its always Princess, or Saanoo) Stop it.. Papa, after you all are done tell.
Karan : What happened Laksh?
Laksh : Nothing Papa, You guys speak.
Karthik : Laksh, you seem serious.. What happened?
Sakshi : Priya, Jeevika.. What should we make Chavi wear on that day? Have you decided something?
Laksh : Maa, you can discuss about it later.. There are still 15 days.. We can get it for them.
Mayank : Chote Papa, you remember we had been to a hotel on Lavelle Road.. Where we had our meeting with Mr. Mehra?
Karthik : Yes, they have a good name. And I remember it..
Laksh : So, if you are fine with it.. I can go ahead and order.. Or do you want to taste once.
Bhavik : Let’s do one thing.. Let’s all fo for dinner there tonight.. And then we can finalise the place and menu too. So each of us can order different dishes and taste and then we can see. What say BadePa and Papa?
Karan : Yes, Bhavik is right.. We all can go and have food there.. And it will be an outing for us also.. Maa, Chavi can come right?
Dadi (Singhania’s) : Yes, sure.. Why not.. She will have to taste everything. (to Laksh) Are you free in the evening? You don’t have any case right?
Laksh : No Dadi, I have to go for general check ups.. Today, there are no cases unless an emergency.
Sakshi : So everything is decided. Lunch is already prepared. I will send the lunch through Ramdeen Kaka..
Bhavik : (on a call..) Okay, Sharma Uncle.. We will be there by 11..yes yes.. You can come to BadePa’s cabin.. We all can speak there.. No problem.
Karan : Bhavik, who is coming? And why 11? We are ready, let’s leave.
Bhavik : Woh BadePa.. Sharma Uncle wants to come and meet us.. He wants to discuss something regarding (Mayank signs him not to reveal)..
Karthik : Regarding?
Bhavik : Regarding… Regarding.. Haan.. Regarding some File..
Mayank : Haan.. Woh Sharma Uncle’s son has started a new business.. So he wanted some help.. He called me uo yesterday and had said that he has given the file to uncle.. Might be uncle wanted to meet to discuss this.. Right.
Karan : So lets leave.
Bhavik : BadePa.. Laksh had to speak something with us.. I guess that is why he still didn’t leave.. So Laksh you can start.
Karan : Haan, Laksh.. What happened?
Dadi : See now all of us are seated.. Now at least you tell.
Laksh : Dadi..Papa.. ChotePapa.. I will tell you everything.. But just listen carefully. Okay?
All : Okay?
Laksh : I.. I.. I have..
Saanvi : Fallen in love?
Laksh : Saanviiii (in a strict angry tone)..
Karthik : Saanvi.. Stop it.. Let him speak.. Its something serious.. Otherwise he wouldn’t have ever called you by your name.. And we all know this.. Laksh go on..
Laksh : Woh.. I have seen.. SWARA..
All : What? But Where?
Laksh : She is fine and happily married..
Sakshi : How is my child? What was her reaction when she saw you? What did you tell her? How is she? Is she happy? Where is she? When will she come to meet us?
Laksh : Maa, I will explain everything.. Maa, she hasn’t seen me.. She fell from the stairs and had got hurt on her head.. And being the only doctor free, and on that floor.. I was asked to Operate her.. Her condition was really critical.. But her husband and that family loves her soo much that even God couldn’t call her. No she is fine and happy.. She is happy Maa.. In Fact.. Veryy Happy..
Karan : It is good that she is happy.. But why did she leave us like this? Was this only her love for us?
Karthik : Bhaiya woh Priya.. It was because of Priya that she…
Sakshi : (interrupting) It is okay.. Leave that.. What happened is okay.. She is happy.. And that’s enough for us..
Mayank : Maa, since Sharma Uncle is coming.. We will have lunch there itself.. You pack for him also.. We won’t come home.. And all of you please be ready by 7..we will leave exact at 7.. Laksh.. Laksh..
Laksh (lost in his own world, comes out when Mayank Shakes him) : Haan Bhaiya.. Did you say anything?
Bhavik : Laksh we know.. Losing Swara is the biggest pain to you.. But we have to deal with it.. Now at least you are happy right.. That you have seen her? Treated her. Felt her? Anyways be ready at 7..we will leave.. Shall we leave BadePa, Papa?

[All leave to their work.. On mid way.. Laksh thinks of visiting Ragz Collection.. As he stops.. Ragini sees him and quickly hides the dresses. And to her luck, Laksh sees her hiding.. But nothing else]

Laksh : So, Hello.. Ms. Kapoor.. You seem to be enjoy romantic heart touching songs..
Ragini : Hello Doctor.. Yes.. That is my list. You see.. Peaceful.. Lovely.. Emotional.. Understandable lyrics.. Slow.. Anyways what gets you here?
Laksh : Was passing by so thought to drop by here.. So what else?
Ragini : Nothing Much.. Working on the Order of Singhania’s. And Your hospital is sure not on any side here.
Laksh : So, May i have a look.. I want to see how it is.. And your selection. Yes.. Yes.. Drop by here to see the dress.
Ragini : You may come a week later to collect it. It will be ready by then.. And you can see it too.
Laksh : Why don’t you take down my number, so that you can give me a call once done..
Ragini : Okay.. So here do write your number..

[Laksh leaves after chatting for sometime and then heads out smiling to only have a great day seeing his one side love smiling heartily. Ragini gets back to work.]

************** Scene shifts to Swanak Room **************

Swara : Why are you sitting, come lie down for sometime (she pulls him and he falls over her and both have an eye lock.)

[Sanskar slowly moves her hair strands from her face as they are disturbing him in staring at his beautiful officially wedded wife. They puts them behind her ears and pecks her cheeks, which make his Shona blush and she tries getting up but cannot as she is below him.]

Sanskar : I never knew, you were missing me so much.. That you pulled me.
Swara : Sanskar.. Get Up.. I need to go to washroom.. And call Maa and inform we reached here..
Sanskar : Am not going to do either of it.. So no use.. And lets stay like this for sometime..
Swara : Sanskar, lets go out and do some shopping.. The weather is so nice and romantic..
Sanskar : So, why go out.. Instead stay in and romance..
Swara : Sanskar.. Get up.. (she pushes him slowly) Come let’s go..

[Both head towards the market and when they come back.. Swara sees a box wrapped and top of it written.. My Love.. I wanna see you in this now.. Swara opens it to find a beautiful night gown.. And another chit.. Words are .. If you take it and go in.. I will understand that you are ready to take our relationship to the next level. And Swara blushes and takes it and goes.. And meanwhile Sanskar decorates the room with candles and flowers and as Swara comes he is awestruck by her beauty.. And slowly lifts her and takes her on the bed and engages in a lip lock and with that slowly they undresses themselves and drape a bedsheet over them and consummate their marriage.]

[The men of Singhania’s are in their office waiting for Sharma Uncle to come and Laksh is busy with his patients as he is the most loved doctor.. By all his patients and children.. Ragini is busy utilising her Talent for Singhania’s and Swanak are consummating their marriage.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Swanak Romance… Sharma Uncle has a motive for his visit. Kapoor Family has a visitor.

{That’s it for today. Comments Welcomed. Take Care. Thank you}

{Thank you all for the comments, I didn’t expect this Fan-Fction to go so long. I guess Episode9 wasn’t upto your expectation. Sorry for it.}

Credits : HisPrincess

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