the one who r enemies god made them a married couple (TS by Rabia) 3rd shot

Guyssssssssss I have a question (pout) but I will ask in the end 😛

And before I start the last shot let me tell u one thing… a small thing (hehehhehe) guys u know why I told u all about my CSS exams because nobody is here to feel jealous from me or hate me because we all came closer due to these stories not due to some competition going between us 😉 ond nobody wants my failure in life… here I luv u all and I know u also luvs me (sheepish smile).. soo I thought to take advantage of your luv :P… by demanding prayers from u all (hehehehe)…. Because u know na guys except your family nobody wants your success and u r my family naaa <3… soo this is the reason….

Look today I only speak this much 😉 but only in the beginning dont forget to read after the end of story….

Okay sooo nowwwww let’s starttttt (1….2…..3….goooo)

2nd shot

Shot 3:-

Flashback continues:-

After discussing with kakali swasan left from their… but now also they don’t share any friendly bond…. And after 6 months when their marriage got fixed…. They wants to run because they don’t like each other as a frnd or life partner… but God made them married couple…

In these months kakali tried her level best to dig out the reality of rehaan and shruthi… and swasan also helped her a lot….
On the basis of their plan they are spending time with rehaan and shruthi after their marriage also….in that time they start liking each other…. One day they go to meet kakali in her office and as usual foodie dear.. is eating and this time she is eating pani puri….

Swara: kakali how much u eat??

Kakali while having pani puri in her mouth said : what can I doo swara im a born foodie…

Sanky : but after seeing u nobody will say that u eat this much..

Kakali : im a born slim and smart and stick her tongue out…

Swara : hahahha okay tell did u find something else..

Kakali : yesss.. as u both told mee that they both are doing some illegal activities in your clg…. But this is not the only thing…

Sanky : what else??

Kakali : actually they also wants the clg building which is on the name of both of u…

(the clg in which swasan studied is the clg of dp and after marriage dp transfer that clg on swasan’s name)

Swasan : what??? But why??

Kakali : because the land on which clg building is there that land is having a very high value infact the highest value among the whole city… because that land is having the petrol in underground… and dp uncle denied to sell this land due to clg…

Swara : oooooo… how much greedy they are but what relation that both rehaan and shruthi with each other…

Kakali : they both are husband and wife..

Sanky : whatttttt????? How disgusting being and husband and wife they r pretending to be someone else’s gf,bf

Kakali : not this rehaan real name is shauriya Goeinka the son of rajnath goeinka… and shruthi’s real name is mihika shaurya goenka…

Sanky : the most culprit business man of Mumbai??

Kakali : yup…

Swara : but why they changed their names??

Kakali : because everybody knows them but by name not by face that’s why…

Sanky : have u find out the link of that web on which they are uploading videos??

Kakali : yess

Swara : now we just have to dig out the truth from their mouths… just like a self-confession…

Sanky : yess…

Swasan saw them in clg that they are fixing cameras in girl rest room… and on those areas where any bf gf meet secretly to spend some quality time…

But before they do something they removed the cameras soo that’s why swasan cant be able to do anything.. but they wants to know the real motive behind all this.. soo they contact with kakali…

Kakali told them that they are running a business of such website on which they upload that type of videos and later blackmail the students to give them money… this is business of shauriya and his wife… while they are in clg because rajnath wants clg’s land ppr…. They came to know that pprs will be one sanskar’s name before marriage…(dp transfer on swara’s name alos after their marriage).. soo they have to manipulate sanky for the signatures when parents gave them honeymoon ticket they decided to make them confess their crime at their honeymoon trip…

Flashback ends:-

Rehan and shruthi is looking like someone snatched the whole blood from their bodies….but later rehan start laughing on while swasanli gave him a confuse look..

Rehan while clapping : wowwwww man woo I must say u all r very intelligent… but how can u confess both of us for our crimes… now tou u told us about all your plan then how??

Sanky dramatically: ooo Gooddddddd…. Swaraaa kakalii what we have done guys…

Swara with sad face : yaa right sanky how can be we soo careless…

Kakali while munching choco said : huhhh…. Actually we r very dumboo naaaa….

Trio nodes sadly and with an angry pout while rehan and shruthi were smirking….

Swasanli… look towards each other and smirk…

Sanky : u both think us as a fool na??

Swara : but the fool is u both…

Shruthi : what do u mean??

Kakali : we mean to say that in India may be u will not be able to get caught soo that’s why u r running your rubbish business their but it is London…

Sanky : soo the business which u both tried to start here also by fixing camera in hotel’s girl washroom.. we took the video of that scene …

Rehaan : wwhhhaattt??

Swara : not even this we also fixed the camera in your this room and all your confession which u both are discussing while having talk with your father its also recorded…

Kakali : we also dig out all the info your father’s illegal business….

Shruthii : u cant do this to uss..

Swara : babyyy we can doo much moreee….

Later London police came and arrest both of them and rajnath is also got arrested…

Swasanli also came back….

And swasan gifted kakali a small restaurant with attached bakery soo that she can eat whatever and whenever she wants to eat 😉 and shee become happy and start jumping here and there…. And runs after giving tight kiss to both swasan on their cheeks after wishing them a bright and happy future…

Swasan smiles on seeing her antics… sanky is standing with the support of car and swara is standing infront of him with her back facing him… he back hug her… sanky while resting his chin on her head said..

Sanky : I never knew that we will fall for each other and will be living a happy married life.. we just together for rehan and shruthi’s truth…

Swara : for catching their truth we only come soo close to each other..

Sanky : but I cant forget your that painful screams today also…

Swara : sanky forget it naaa

Sanky : no swara that day I realized my love but the situation which makes me realized was soo horrible…

Swara : even u got injured naa that day….

Sanky : but my pain was nothing infront or your pain…


It’s the day when kakali told them about the clg matter… swasan were returning back home.. nobody is speaking anything… it is the time of afternoon…

Their car broke down… they both came out of the car….

Sanky saw garage nearby soo he goes to call the mechanic.. swara is on her cell phone she is standing outside…

After 10 mins sanky came back with mechanic… swasan is standing when they saw some boys disturbing one girl….

Sanky goes and scolds them…. Those boys starting talking rubbish with sanky…swara also came and slaps them hard…

On which boys fumes in anger and they starts misbehaving with swara on which sanky starts beating them….

One boyy take out the knife and is going to stab sanky butt swara pushed that boyy but swara stumbles and she fall down on the nearby spices stall…. She fall on spices on her face… due to which chilli powder goes into her eyes… swara starts screaming because that chili powder is of different kind its one particle can cause severe pain and infection in eye and swara fall down on the full bag by her face….

Swara is screaming painfully… sanky who saw that felt numbness in his heart.. by taking this an opportunity one boy stab sanky on his back… and all boys runs away…

Sanky screams in pain butt swara is screaming in pain very loudly…

Sanky forgot his pain and runs towards swara…

Swara is crying and pleading to put water on her eyes..

Sankyy : somebody please bring water….

Swara : aaahhh sankkyyyy pleaseeee help mee please its paining pleasseee she is crying bitterly..

Sanky also got teary eyes due to pain and seeing swara’s condition… swara got unconscious due to pain and sanky also…

Later ppl admit them in hospital… sanky injury is not much serious… but swara’s eyes got severe infection….

Swara is crying in unconscious state also.. it will take 3 weeks to recover….and in these weeks swasan came closer to each other… swara is having bandage on her eyes soo sanky helps her in all her works….

He took great care of her… now they become best frnds and start feeling for each other… but sanky decided to reveal his feeling when swara got fully recovered… and when swara’s bandage got open…

On that day itself both confess their feelings…(one more think guys they go on honey moon after 1 month of their marriage not after 2 weeks and accident took place in this one month only)

Flashback ends:-

Present :

Both are smiling but later swara remember something and breaks the hug and start beating him…

Sanky : ouucc…hhh swara why r u beating me??

Swara : uu king kong u gorilla is this the way to come someone’s room.. u know how much I got scared when that day u came into my room in London.. (yes guys the one u put hand on swara’s mouth in her room is sanky only)

Sanky with a pout : what can I doo that time u were angry with me because shruthi wants to stay with me and on this u go to other room.. soo for giving u surprise and came like a kidnapper…. (grins widely)

Swara : idiott…

Sanky : but u love this idiot

Swara smiles and hugs him tightly… I luv u sankyyy…

Sanky : I luv u too dear… (in London when rehan kissed someone its shruthi only and on seeing this sanky kissed swara because he said if he can kiss his wife then why cant he)…

Later after 2 yrs… swara gave a birth to a baby girl…. Chanchal sanskar meheswari… and on the birth of their daughter they also give the treat to their foodie detective…. And foodie aka kakali also camee with a bigggggg 5 story choco cake in which 3 stories in eaten by kakali only 😉

The end…..

Author's note:-

Guysss I have to tell u two things first is a question and 2nd one is just a little talk…
First I will ask your choice that iss the concept of new OS or may be TS it will depend on my time k whether it will an os or ts… but remember I wil post it when I will get time or may be after coming back… im just giving u ideas because so that nobody will think to write and if anybody write naa I will snd serial killers for them 😛 or sue them… hehehehe

U have to choose which one u want first….

1. Lawyers tashan…. In this OS swasan both will be lawyers but sanky is an evil lawyer while swara is truthful lawyer.. and enemies…. We will see how can both who are enemies in court and outside will come together…

2. This OS will on the research lab…. Butt which type of research lab I will not tell because its main ingredient will be revealed when I will write butt this os contains totally different thing… I know If I will reveal the main element u will surely select this one as first but I can’t take the risk because may bee my enemies will steal the idea ;)… I believe on my this family but not the one who don’t know about me or on those who may be always in this chance to steal some ones idea 😉

And the thing on which I want to talk is that guys….

I know the one who read my ffs are also the writers… and I have read many mature content stories.. im not denying that I never read but I never commented on it because I don’t like these type of stories because these stories not giving me any humor,suspense or basic concept those stories mostly cover the content which is only mature soo that’s why I didn’t paid any heed that what they are writing or not.. Because I just ignore them… but being an elder here because mostly of u ppl calls me di… I just want to say bashing and giving your opinion is totally a different thing… if your writer writing these type of things and u r not liking it then u have a righttt to raise your voice.. because our writing is a public property…

if I or anybody say that readers have no right to say anything to writers on their writing soo its totally wrong because maybe we are not getting money for writing but we are also writing for public.. so its means this is also reader’s property… but remember don’t bash anybody without any reason.. if u r not liking anything say or request them with a complete and powerful reason… If I said or give answer to such comment its because they are bashing not giving any opinion.. I like the way arsha raise her voice on my stories but she always have a valid reason that’s why I never felt bad whenever she said something or point out any mistake…

This is all guysss I cant doo anything on these long debates because I was the debater of my clg ;)(hehehehe) and I don’t know that when will I be able to update any story between my break soo don’t wait for mee whenever I got time I will otherwise after coming only 

Allah Hafiz


  1. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar 😍loved it..
    Coming to your question write both concepts hahahahaha you dont know my friend always say to me that I am toooooo much greedy for her ff I know being greedy I wana os on both of your concept that why I am Not gona choose one okey…

    Your Note 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂sorry rabia you said everything correcht yaar but After Reading that I cant control😂😂😂😂😂…
    Jokes apart

    Yaar you said correct we shouldnt bash anyone its totally wrong if you dont like then dont read or gave any coment and if you wana coment then Politly n with good reason…

    Allah hafiz rabia come soon n best of luck😘

    • Rabia



      hehehehehe rabiaaa bari bee wala lecture tha na ?? hehehehhe but after seeing ppl comments on such stories i thought to do something for writer and readers as well 😉
      and thankuuu soooo muchh and i will post both i just asked which one should be first 😛 uuuu lalchiii larki 😉 hehehehhe

  2. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di…u asked a question right so answer for that question is you write on both the concepts

    Second one what you told is crct di we should not bash anyone di.It is their wish to write what they want to write…

  3. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Woww di amazing
    Surprise dena to koi aapse sikhe
    Main toh kehti hu aap dono os likho i like both concepts
    Till then take care love u
    Allah hafiz

  4. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Loved it dear….!!!!!!! And coming to ur question then I like both of them…!!!!!!! Write both of them when you get time…!!!!!! And dear all the best for your future…!!!!!

  5. Aliya123

    Awesome apii….love the way u disclose the secret…… rehaan……loved thus foodie kakali…..

    Kakali…..hw much u eat…..share something with us yaar……u r eating alone……….😞

    Don’t eat this u will become football….😆😆…….

    Apii about ur question….. I want both…..or when u get time only…ok
    U r right……if we don’t like anyone’s writing…we shouldn’t bash ……yeh unki wish hai wo jo likhna chaye likhe……hum unhe bash nahi kar sakte bt we can tell them our view politely…… Jisse unhe hirt bhi na ho…..i think

  6. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow yar episode was great I really enjoyed it and shureya goenka wala jhataka kamal the especially both husband wife superbbbb
    And I want first os
    and yah I totally agree with you as every reader has a right to suggest their views to story writer it gives support to writers and also they got ideas so time to go Rabi bye bye

  7. PARUL

    Hi i dont know u r younger or elder 2 me but i like ur concept n if u wish 2 write then plz start wid ur 1st concept ie lawyer one n 1more thing ALL THE BEST DR

    • Rabia



      heheheh parul if u r studying also then u r younger if u have completed then may be u r my age fellow or elder 😉 and thankuu sooo much dear 🙂

    • Rabia



      thankuuuu vyshuu and i dont no whether u will like 2nd one or not because in my opinion its not horror but i dont know about u because mujhay tou lugta hay u cockroach say bhi dar jati hogi 😛 hehehehehe

  8. S

    2nd one..I’m sure it will be very interesting..
    Don’t stress yourself..write whenever u have time..and concentrate on ur study..
    all d best..take care..

  9. Vidhi

    I will pray for u…. God bless u dear… N the episode was awesome…. Loved it…. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  10. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di….. Loved it…. About ur question both os are nice…. First update the second one and then update ur first one di…..

  11. Tharu


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di..coming to your questions I like both of them..don’t stress yourself…whenever you are free write it..all the best 😊

  12. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    wowwwww superb yaaar!!!loved it!!prfect endnggg..hehehhe kaku eated 3 stories herself nly…very bad yaar no sharing 🙁 🙁 🙁 …hehhehe 😀 …
    n dr i loved both d os….write bth of demm!!!! gonna misss u n kaku 🙁 🙁 …chalo ab senti mt karo bs jaldi jaldi aajana apne new os ke sth .. 😉 😉 😉 …n jo v tmhara idea churaye ,mujhe batana sb ko theek kr dunge hehhehehehe 😛 lol!!!keeep rockng n stay blesssed dear …
    love u n meri pyari patar patar (kaku) dheer chala 😉 alllah hafiz..n all d veryyyyy vala bst for ur cahllenge 😉 m sure u r gonna succeed 😉 😉 inshaAlllah 🙂 ..

    • Rabia



      thankuu sooo muchh dear loads of kisses and hugs for u u alwaysss comment in such a way that it boosts others confidence 😉 luv u tooo dearr and InshaAllah i will win 😉 :*

  13. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Nyc update rabia…
    I wud love to see lawyers tashan bt i wont mind if u write oths stories 😜😜
    Bst of luck for ur exam 👍
    N coming to mature content stories i agree wid u… if u dun lyk dem than dun comment or bash or use bad words for d writer n d story… n if u wanna say or suggest something do in a polite way…
    I love mature content stories 🙈🙈 m big girl n can njy it totally 😜😎

    • Rabia



      thankuuu sooo muchh arshaa and dont worry i will give both i just ask which one u all want first 😉 hehehehe otherwise how i will leave my ideas 😉

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    First of all,chappy is mind blowing,marvelous..Their planning is awesome…Kaku,my bukkadd…Love you yaar…

    About concept..Hmm confused…di apko jo pasand hain vo liklo…Bcz apki haar story excellent hoti hain… So go for it…May Allah fulfill your every wish…And I am mature.. So I have no problem with mature content stories…
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

    • Rabia



      thankuu soooo much dear andd i didnt said to not read those stories i just said to give opinion with proper reason 😉 hehehhee

  15. xavia

    Di it wz just mindblowing…..outstanding…….
    Cmng to question my vote z fo 2 option…..n ALL d best once again….
    May Allah shower his countless blessings on uh…
    Keep smiling…
    Take care dear ….

  16. myna

    awesome di u always manage to leave me shocked after i read ur whole story
    sorry for this late comment but i always read ur ts at the end and then comment

    all the very best for ur CSS exams rock it

    i want os on both the concepts

    and i agree with u in the last part
    there are some writers whose name i wouldn’t like to take who write on mature content but at the same time they write normal awesome stories
    i would like them to just do something about it
    here many readers are there who don’t even understand it
    story books have age groups but ere it is not as such

    sorry very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry if i hurt anyone
    heartfelt apologies

    di come back soon all the best

  17. Kakali

    Waaaa Awesome one di.. love it… today i finally knew about something is going to happen like this only… n seee !!!
    Thnk u dii for ur love !!! it means a lot.. !!!
    n about ur works… i would love to read anything which will b written by u… i have no problem.. m okk with my Di’s work..
    Sorry for d very last time for being late !!!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  18. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    it’s awsome…. will miss u…. Btw. ur ff Kalki is the writer… kalki right… is she really foodie….. haha….. sorry… just joking…. u guys r awsome…. come soon…..all the best for ur exam… in advance… prepare well… dont stress urself….

    • Rabia



      thankuu soo much divyanshri and its kakali 😉 and yaa she is real a foodie cutie 😉 hehehehe and thankuu soo much once again :*

  19. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    it’s awsome…. will miss u…. Btw. ur ff is the writer… kakali right… is she really foodie….. haha….. sorry… just joking…. u guys r awsome…. come soon…..all the best for ur exam… in advance… prepare well… dont stress urself….

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