the one who r enemies god made them a married couple (TS by Rabia) 2nd shot

Guys read this because it is having the answer of your questions of that where Im going 😉

Guys I said that I will come back in feb but may be my comeback will be in march.. because im going for CSS (civil services) exams and the first exam will be on 16 feb and there are total 11 subjects.. with unlimited knowledge and books… and I don’t know how I will achieve my this challenge.. yes guys this is my challenge for which I said that I want a break.. because Its syllabus is unlimited.. the more knowledge u get the more chances will be there to pass out… its not that I want some high profile job after giving css exams in actual I with the core of my heart wants to pass out and got selected for my mom… seriously guys.. I want for her first…. Later any other thing will come soo guys plzz pray that I will be able to give exams with full confidence and with full preparations… and coming to TU is not very difficult but I can’t take stress of studies and TU together… because 1% stress leads me to severe migraine which I start getting in 2010 but the actual reason is that when I was around 5 yrs old.. I slipped from my chair in my school due to which my head’s backside strike with the table corner behind and a nail pierced in my head left side… that time my sister was in 8th class and I was in nursery.. her frnd immediately start putting wet cloth… I just remember these much flashes that my frock was full of blood and my twin cousins who were in my class also crying after seeing me… soo that part of my head starts paining again after few yrs… and with the passage of time my head is becoming weak and now I can’t even be able to even tie a high pony tail because it starts paining and which remains for 3 to 4 days…soo this is the main reason for not coming on TU because I don’t know how much time I needed for preparation…. Because I even prepared exams in clg or university just the night before and now I have to put the whole energy of 18 yrs of edu.. soo I will try to snd u msgs… butt plz forgive mee if im not be able to do soo.. plz just pray for mee that I will be able to give exams happily and confidently so that I can come on my last ppr.. with a new concept of FF.. and I will snd msg before starting of my exam for the prayers 😉 luv u all

Sooo now enough of this one page bak bak… let’s start the last part… and yaaaa in the end there is one more surprise for u all 😉

Shot 2:-

Kakali goes to the respective room… and talked to the room resident for sometimes and later goes out….

All four got fresh up and start roaming around the city… rehaan and shruthi were trying to stick with swasan… but swasan trying their level best to ignore them… butt to each other they are just giving death glares….

Swara in mind : huh king kongg look how his lizard gf is sticking to him…

Sanky in mind : you 1 foot I will surely see u one day.. huhh… 1 foot gf with her 2 feet bf

Rehaan grab his girl frnd from her waist and kissed her on her cheek on which girl blushes gave him a shy expression….she saw here and there but sanky was bzy with other girl
girl pulls herself from rehan’s clutch and said: rehaan what is that??

Rehan: why what happened baby?? U didn’t liked it?? I didn’t kissed u for the first time

girl: sanskar is here only…

Rehan : chill baby nothing will happens.. we will surely be together again 😉
girl gave him a smile and said : yaa… okay lets goo for a dinner…

while on the other hand sanky saw this scene and fumes in anger…. He grabs the girl and kissed her…

girl : sanskarr??

Sanky : nothing jaan

Girl : u r impossible…


Rehan and swara goes alone while sanky and shruthi goes alone…

After 2 hrs both couple came back…

Shruthi : sanky baby plz come na we will sleep together…

Sanky gave her a horrified expression and said : n..nnn..o.o… shruthii.. some other day baby im very tired…. Plzz naa

Shruthi with sad face okayyy…

Rehan and shruthii goes upward…

Swara : baby some other day huhhh (imitating sanky)

Sanky : uu shutup 1 foot…

Swara : u king kong I will surely make u chimpanzee…

Both stamp foot and goes towards their respective rooms…

Later at night swara is sleeping peacefully.. when her door got open… someone opens the door with master key… and come towards swara…

Swara who feels some movement in her room open her eyes. And saw someone’s shadow upon her…

Swara tries to shout butt that person closed her mouth with a hand…

Swara tries to free herself but later screen goes blank…

Scene changes to another room… its rehaan’s room butt why we are hearing 2 voices…

Let’s peep inside… OMG… rehan and one girl togetherrr ( hawwww hayeeeee) close your eyes guys because they both are in a very ahm ahm situation… soo I don’t want to disturb them 😉 buttttt….

Someone is going to disturb them…

Knock knock… someone knocks the door..

Rehan becomes irritated and goes to open but before he will open full the door itself opened with a bang….

Thuddd… rehan fall down.. due to sudden force…

Rehan what the hellll?? But when he saw in front he gulps in fear.. girl who is also laying got up with shocked expressions.. becauseee… infront of them sanky is standing with
anger filled eyes……

Girl wishper : sanskarrr

Sanky gave both u them death glare….

Rehan after composing what the hell is this?? How dare u disturb someone’s private moment??

Sanky : too hell with your private moment…. U r spending your soo calleddddd private moment with the one who is having some relation with me… he said while giving the girl
murderous look

Rehaan starts laughing while the girl who is now tensed she also start laughing…

Rehaann : hahahahhaha dude… who is having relation with u?? this girl?? Go and hugs the girl from side…

While sanky got teary eyes after seeing them close…

Girl : sankyy don’t cry baby… I always belongs to rehan…

Sanky while composing : then why u destroyed my life??

Girl : oooo thattt.. ummm what can I do dearrr I just doo it in a fun…

Sanky feels disgusted…. But later start laughing…. And before rehan and girl can do or think something rehaan got a tight slap and the girl also got a tight slap

Sanky look towards rehan and the girl who are holding their cheeks and shockingly seeing someone..

Sanky moves her gaze and found another girl is standing and fuming in anger…

2nd girl slaps them again and said : how dare u to play with my sanky’s feeling???

Rehaan and girl together shockingly : whatttttt??? My sanky???

2nd girl smrik and saw towards sanky who is also smirking….

Sanky while smirking come and take the 2nd girl in his arms and said : yeeesssss her sankyy…

Rehan and 1st girl with wide open eyes : butt….

2nd : no but.. vuttt… mr rehaannn

Sanky while laughing mockingly and hold the girl more tightly in his arms and said: sooo guysss meet my love my life… and my one and only beautiful wifeee… ms swara sanskar meheswari….(yes the 2nd girl is swara only)

Swara smiles and pecks sanky’s cheek and said to rehaan : soo mr rehaan and miss shruthiii (yes the 1st girl is shruthi) how was the shock???

Rehan : how come u both r together??

Sanky : we were always together u idiot…

Shruthi : but u both are our bf and gf then how…

Swara : yes but we came to know about your reality and the reason behind your relation with us…

Shruthi and rehaan : how??

I will tell…. A voice came from behind and here come foodie detective… while eating chicken role and drinking lemonade..
Swasan smiles seeing her….


It’s the time when swasan’s relation start with rehaan and shruthi… but after 6 months of their relation swasan came to know something about rehan and shruthi (it will reveal soon)… but they were not confirmed.. and they can’t go to police without having any proofs so they both decided to go to some detective…

They both goo (guys how come swasan together it will also revealed soon) to one detective agency….

Receptionist guides them to head detective room… when they entered… the smell of delicious food came…both go inside and saw the head detective is one girl and she is eating biryani… while sitting on the chair in Indian style..

Swasan starts laughing on which the girl saw towards them…

Girl is non-other than foodie detective aka Kakali…

Kakali : oohhhh hhiii…

Sanky : we will wiat outise u just finish your lunch..

Kakali : no no im done u both please have a seat…

Swasan sat down with a smile..

Kakali : okay guys now tell me what help u want..

Swasan : tell kakali something (reveal later)

Kakali : r u both sure??

Swasan : that’s why we came here because we want some proof because without proofs we can’t go to police..

Kakali : don’t worry I will help u both…

Swara ; what will be your fees??

Kakali : 50… but before she will complete sanky said

Sanky : 50 rs??


Swara : 50,000??

Kakali: no…

Sanky : 50 lacs??

Kakali : nooo…

Swasan eyes widen and said then : 50 crores???

Kakali : can u please both shut your mouth and let me complete my sentence.. now put your finger on your lips… swasan put their fingers..

Kakali : good now listen…. I want 50…. Chocolate bars,,, 2 kg almonds…. 10 chicken roll…. 5 egg rolls… 5 veg rolls…. 15 cans of lemonade…. 1 room in hospital…

Swara : why hospital??

Kakali : arrey dumboo what if i will fall ill after eating that much soo just for precautionsss…

Sanky : oooo… anything else left??

Kakali : uummmm now these thing only other things I will tell later….

To be continued…..

Precap : flashback continues…. Reasons behind how swasan together and revelation of truth…

Guys I have posted this part early because my mind is little bit fresh.. and 3rd part if im having the time I will post soon otherwise after few days… because piles of books and notes giving me death glare for ignoring them.. I just share this thing because may be in next epi due to tnsn i may forget many things.. and sorry now also due to lack of time I didn’t complete the whole story… I just need your support and prayers because I need them badly.. may be in next epi I will not be able to do any bak bak.. so im talking in this part only.. feel free if u didn’t liked it.. and kakali your role is not yet over and ya give me the list of other things which u want from them 😉 and plz pray that I will not become bald due to stress because abhi tou mairi shadi bhi nai hoi (hehehehehe) because I didn’t get married yet… if I become bald what will be your future jiju think?? (pout)


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    First the episode was amazing and it’s totally fab and I have already guessed that it should be shruti who is in relationship with rehaan
    Second about your appearance so I can understand sometimes people want to relax themselves and do many things to relax them and you do writing am I right Rabi?
    I know I’m right and all the best for assignments and yah take your time in coming back all the best for exams in advance…,!!!

    • Rabia



      Hehehehe yeesshh roseey u r writs u know naa writing stories make u fresh because its nit boring at all while studying course books are too much boringg and thankuuu soooo muchhh 😍😍😍

  2. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di and u will not leave ur habit of giving shocks…Fees is really funnydi even I want all those all r my favorite toooo…

    All the best for ur exams di and prepare well don’t take tension di…u r going to pass the exams for sure dii…I will surely pray for u di

  3. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Ha ha di dont worry nothing will happen…. Even if ur head gets blad to we will do hair treatment……

    About the episode i loved it di…. Its amazing…… Kakali is really a foodie….

  4. Aliya123

    My jiju will love ur that look….i m sure…… i can’t say about me……hahaha rabia apii….blad….i xan imagine nw. ….okk….okk….sry……jokes apart……swasan together……..yepiiiii……chimpanzee…… King jong.. . lizard… u get such funny scenes … .

    Let me call a director….. He have to make a movie…. Then rabia the comedy….. Shock writer …

    Hw many time i told u nt to take tension……. Everything will be fine…..u will top……….

    • Rabia



      Heheheheh aliyaa soo when u r going to call the director?? 😆😆 and hans lou hanss louu u have to come hair for oiling my bald head 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂

  5. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar loved it and yeah best of luck for your exsams concentrate on your exsams okey…
    Oh didnt reveald reason behind swasan toghterness let me ask dective she knows huh…
    Poor swasan thought she will take money but she give her food List woow

  6. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Hahaha rabi in this situation too u talj cool.. now technology has improved.. u wont becom bald if so we cn do hair implantation or we cn search bald jiju 😉
    All d bst for ur studies… keep working..

      • Scooby


        |Registered Member

        Hahaha lol i thought hw it wud b whole family bald.. omg..
        nothing wil happen like dat dr.. u wont bcm bald and jiju wud b handsome and he is blessed to gt my princess so u wud make our ladoo niece and nephew and i would play with thm…
        btwn i forgt to tell about chapie.. it ws awesome and fodieee kakali..

  7. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    You are giving me too much shocks dii..
    Love you..
    Prepare nicely..
    Tqke care of yours otherwise i will kill you..

  8. Tharu


    |Registered Member

    Hi di…I read both parts today …it’s awesome….really loved…I am so curious to know the reason behind swasan togetherness…no patience…and kaku dear is the detective…so many demands for swasan😜…btw all the best for your exams…I’ll pray you and I am sure you will be successful…tc..stay blessed..

  9. akhi vkapoor

    Ahh dii all the best for your exams and cmplete this story dii so that u can concentrate more on studies and nice part 😃

  10. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    omggg dats d reason for ur headache…!!oh god plz dr plz take care of urselffff… n allllll d veryyyy bst to u dr…INSHAALLAH for sure u”ll succeed…
    update ws mindblownnggg!!!its a super interestngggg storyy!!!loved to read it sooo muchhh!!!!n kaku’s charecter is fabulous 😉 …
    waitng for nxt part….keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr….
    once againnnnn allll d very very bst for ur challenge….jst have faith in urself n ALLAH dr….u”ll surely pass ur xam 😉 …love u dheeer sara…n take care of ur self..
    n hehehhe jiju ke abhi se itni fikar …wahh!!!kya baaat h 😉 😉 he”ll b really lucky to hve u 😉

    • Rabia



      Hahahahaha fairyy thankuu sooo muchh dearr andd kiya karuu fkr tou hoti he hay naa 😆😆😆😆 luv u tooo dearr 😙😙😙😍😍😍

  11. Ashnoor

    Amazing update di .
    Study well and make your parents proud on you di .
    My best wishes are with you di .
    And when you will comeback , surely tell us that you made us also pride .
    Got it 😊.

  12. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome rocking queen…..superb.I have guessed Shruti n rehaan r behind swasan’s money….but curious to know swasan’s love story.

    Aww Rabi…..don’t take stress. Just fulfill ur dreams.

    Kaku…sab kuch tu hi kaayegi? Mujhe bhi do yaar

  13. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Diiiiii ,,,, o goshhhhhhhh !!! u tempted me with foods…. puuuut puuuut !!!!
    hehhhh Love it … !!!
    God bless u diii n i know u’ll get success … huhhh !!! so come soon.. okkk !!!
    Byeeee… !!!!
    Thnk u.. :-&

  14. SRSL


    |Registered Member

    Dii..that time also you were very careless…very bad very bad*but evry 1 makes mistake so its OK and now your responsibility is to study properly and pass with flying colors….then do come back with a damakidar entry….***I giving speech like big child even though still 13***

  15. xavia

    WT a twist dear…uh shd b gvn d name- twisting queen😉😉😉😉…lolz…welll uh nailed it dear….N all d best di(cn i kol)fo ua exm it takes a lot of efforts to crack d civil services….n dun take tension if itz meant to b it vl b…so take a chill pilll….hv faith on Allah…..
    Take care…
    Keep smiling….

  16. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Di seriously its mind blowing
    Kaku how much u will eat share with me also
    All the best di
    Inshallah aap zaroor pass ho jaoge

  17. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Diiii, it’s so funny,I am laughing like mad😂😂😂😂😂😂… Amazing chappy…loved it to the core….swasanli rocks(one is with food and other is with plan😉😉)… Keep it up di.. Waiting for nxt…

    About you, don’t worry di app bald nehi honge after all 21st century hein.. So, yaha pe bal asani se ugaya ja sakti hein😉😉😉..otherwise hein na, jaha pe mann chaha pati mil sakti hein😉😉😜.. Inshaallah app zarur kamiyab honge challenge mein..Trust yourself..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

    • Rabia



      hehehehe thankuu sooo muchh and ya dear waisay bhi hair ghar ki khaiti hay aahe jaye gay dobara 😉 hehehehehe and once again thankuuu sooo muchhh 🙂

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  19. Mirna


    |Registered Member

    He he kaks now I got to know all ur favorite itemssssssssssss and rabs ya it was awesome and hillarious dear 🙂

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