one person thousand feelings (part 4)


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The next day the wedding preparations are on full swing
The venue
Shekhar talking to the tenders-everything should be perfect lavenders in combination wid white lilies. The lamps and rose petals on the path toward the stage and the orchestra band over that side
Shomi comes and takes a glass of juice from the waiter
Shekar-when will they reach?
Shomi-shekhar it takes 7 hrs to reach here and they have not even started and u take rest ever since we reached here u r literally busy like a bee.
Shekhar-its my shonas wedding mishty . why shoudnt i?
(people I will reveal the venue in the last) so just guess
Shekhar-it will be the most beautiful wedding u have seen in ur life
Shomi-I know
Swara-sanskar tell na whats the venue.
Sankar-shonu baby it’s a surprise
Swara pouts
Sanskar-acha pulls her cheeks –don’t make such cute faces . ok decide a destination fast.
Swara-for what
Sanskar pulls her-for our honeymoon dear
Swara-we haven’t finished wid wedding even and u have started planning for honeymoon
Sanskar-I have planned everything for our honeymoon winks afterall I am a doordarshi.
Swara blushes-u shameless now leave me .
Sanskar-hey don’t divert the topic listen I will say some names and if u like u will say yes.
Swara nods
Sanskar-manali , Shimla,goa, kerela, swiss, Hawaii, Australia he shuts his eyes bites his tongue
Swara notices and cups his face- she could get he is pained because there she was in pain-its okay sanskar now don’t get upset
Sanskar fake angry-u know wat u wont get it ever
Swara- u r still angry. I am sorry pls don’t be angry like this I will anything for u
Sanskar smiles-u will do anything for na
Swara-ya ya but don’t sta angry pls
Sanskar-ok then kiss me
Swara-ok…. What u were tricking me u rnot angry anymore

Sanskar fakely folds his arms in front of his chest.-main abhi bhi gusa hun swaraaa.
Swara-achha ji
Swara turns to him she tip toes. Sanskar hearts beat faster ,she then cups his face. They have an intense eyelock. Sanskar closes his eyes.
Swara leans towards him. They were inches close swara whispered –not now mr. maheshwari. Sabra ka fal meetha hota hai(the fruit of patience is always sweet) swara runs
Sanskra runs-cheater cock swara
Swara throws cushion on him
Sanskar tries to catch her but swara takes her dress from the bed goes into the washroom
Sanskar-just wait n watch swara I will take revenge this night with double interest
Inside washroom shona is blushing crimson red .
She sees her face in the mirror and touches. She never thought that she will ever become so happy again and thanks god with teary eyes
She comes out wearing a red and white gown but gets worried by not finding sanskar
Sanksar blind folds her and makes her sit in the car
Swara –baby where r u taking me
Sanskar- have patience dear
Sanskar takes her in his private jet
And removes the blind fould
Swara-where are we going
Sanskar-oho how many times I told it’s a surprise
She keeps her head on his chest

Swara-its been 6 hrs30 min and u haven’t told me yet wheres our wedding
Sank-its 60th time swara go take this and change.
Swara comes out wearing a beautiful white shoulderless gown with a bow at back. She was looking absolutely stunning. Meanwhile sanskar also changed into blue and white tux wid a blak collar bow.
Again sanskar blind folded her
Swrar-not again
They landed
They sat in the car and reached the venue
Sanskar removed her blind fold
Swara couldnot belive her eyes
Everything was white and purple,her favourite
Shomi came stood beside her and shekhar came and stood beside the groom.
Swara was standing on the red carpet in front of the Eiffel tower. The most romantic place.
Swara-oh my god my wedding in the Eiffel.
They all moved towards the stage .
The father reads the criepts of the wedding and ask them to exchange the rings
Swasan exchange the rings
Charols play in the baground
Father-ms swara do u accept him as ur husband
Swara-yes I do
Father-mr. sanskar do u accept her as ur wife
Sanskar-ye I do
Swasan smile and flowers fell on them
Father-now u both r married
Even the people of paris witnessed their fairy tale love.
Swasan came down the stage
Swara threw the bouqet backwards .
Both laugh
Shekhar side hugs shomi-stay blessed always my swasan
Sanskar lifts her in bridal style
Swara blushes they both sit in their car happy with the new beginning of their love life

Guys if u want I can make a second part of this chapter which would include their first night .
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Credit to: simmi_m

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