one person thousand feelings (part 3)


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Here it goes
At night
Sahil mansion
Sahil comes homes
Swara is just sitting on the couch wearing a night dress.
Sahil-gorgeous !!! saying this he removes his shirt
Swara-ji pls drink this u must be tired
Sahil –yeah
Sahil drinks it

Then he comes closer to her is about to kiss her but faints
Swara gets a sigh of relief. She takes him to the bed makes him lay as if something had happened between them.
Swara goes to another room and cries.-all these years I have tricked him like this. Coz I am only sankars no one else can dare come near me.
On the other hand sanskar is also crying
Swara talks to the moon- u r the only thing common between me and sanskar
Sanskar looking at the moon-. To save my life she ready to make her life hell. And I was so wrong,thougt that u betrayed me, not even once I called u.
swara-pls Chanda mama send my mssg to him. Sanskar pls rescue ur princess from this tower.
Sanskar-nothing has happen to her,I will find her
Sanskar calls someone

Next day
Swara gets ready and makes breakfast.
Sahil comes and back hugs her. She gets irked
Sahil-hey I know u r bushing because of last night . it was amazing
Swara-ji pls leave me na
Sahil-oho shonu baby but the best was the first time I entered u.. u were so tight.
Swara in her mind-god how can he feel, when we never got intimate. Oh god his fantasy just sucks-gives a fake smile
Sahil-hey that mr. maheshwari seemed very much similar. It felt like I have seen him somewhere. indeed he is a rich man but still he was after me to perform even though he could have got someone better.
Swara gets on thinking
Sahil gets angry as she didn’t respond.-swaaaaraaaa
Swara fumbly-woh is better than u sahil ji
Sahil-awww that’s like my baby btw lets plan. Now its really boring to use contraceptives
Swara-shuts her eyes in disgust- what
Sahil-don’t act as if u don’t know like I want to really feel u without any barrier. I mean lets plan some babies what say
Swara was shocked
Sahil-hey not many just 5-6 are enough. I know its painful but after that pain u will be free from here u could go anywhere u want.
Swara tries to divert him-sahil ji-ur breakfast is ready
Then suddenly they hear some noise outside.
Sahil goes out

He is shocked to see such a huge crowd
Crowd-sahil sahil sahil!!!!!!-we want to hear ur song if not song we just want u to answer some of our questions
1 person-rockstar sahil u rarely perform on stage
Sahil-guys I am really tired not today
But then a hot girl from the crowd says-sahil we love u,for ur fans atleast see I have even tattooed ur name on my back
Sahil agrees and comes down amidst the crowd.
In the crowd a person is watching him smiles and then escapes
The person goes inside the house
Suddenly the mob, the crowd started beating him ruthlessly
Then swara hears his shout and smiles but gets tensed
But suddenly someone back hugs her.
She turns and her eyes were filled wid tears not of fear, not of regret, not of sorrow but of happiness.
And she hugged him back as if she wanted to give away her soul to him before she could even complete his name
He shut her mouth
Both were in tears and they had an eyelock

The last night
Sanskar called his pa
Sanskar-listen u once told that ur friend is in the Australian embassy.
Pa-yes sir
Sanskar-pls pls do me favour?
Pa couldn’t believe his eyes. For the first time sir was saying pls to someone tat too wid tears in his eyes.
Pa-sir is everything okay
s-just do as I say
sanskar tells him to confirm about mr. and mrs sahil senguptas visa for Australia some years back.
He informed him that the visa was for 3 weeks and but he came back in the second week itselft.
He called the hospital where swara was admitted it Sanksar confronted the doctor.
The truth was revealed that swara had met with an accident but survived.
Sanskar was so happy that he hugged his pa and kissed him on his cheeks
Pa looked at him and was dumbfold with this behaviour of mr. maheshwari.
Sanskar told this to every fan of sahil and even his bashers on the social networking.
Fb ends

Swasan go to the balcony where sahil was being arrested and people were throwing stones on him
Swara smiled wid tears and hugged him
He too reciprocated
Their love was witnessed by the crowd and clapped. It was as if they were the opposite pole of a magnet who coudnot stay away from each other.
They go inside
Sanskar angry-what the hell swara u know wat u r impossible. U didn’t even say me anything. Just to save my life u destroyed ur own.
Swara-u r life sanskar. For u I can even di.. he shuts her mouth

San-don’t u utter this line dammit. After ur drama in my house I wanted to hate u but
Swara smiled-but u couldn’t. mein tu hun hi aisi no one can ever hate me. She winks
Sansk-matlab tevar toh dekho ab bhi wahi hai. Same attitude no change.
Swara hawww sankar ke bachhe u. she tried to hit him but held her wrist and twisted her hand and her back collided wid his chest.
Sankar whispered slowly-sanskar ke bachhe toh humari shadi ke baad honge haina. after our marriage
Swara blushed hard and shut her eyes.
Shomi and shekhar came
Swasan parted
Shekhar stood at door only
Shomi n swara hugged each other shomi cried
Swara wiped her tears and looked at shekhar
Shekar kneeled down and held his ears –shonu beta even sorry is such a small word infront of the sin I had done.
Swara fake anger-yes papa u r ryt . u have done really bad to me
Shomi sanskar could understand her prank
Shekhar didn’t even look at her –swara pls punish me
Swara hugged –papa I was jiking
Shomi-shona u wont change na
Swara-no never swara gadodia can never change..
All had a hearty laugh the gadodia family had a hug
Shomi calls sanskar to join
They all have a group hug
Shekhar-soo tomorrow is the date
Swara-for what
Shomi-for u and sanskars wedding
Swasan blushed

Next part-swasan, swasan and just swasan

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