one person thousand feelings (part 2)

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in delhi chanakyapuri
A big mansion is shown with a guy shouting at ayoumg lady
How dare u keep a servant. I had clearly told u that this house is mine and I am giving u space to live that does not mean that u will do as ur wish
The girl- in a scared voice but wo woh actually I thought that if I will keep servants then I will have less work to do and spend some time with u
Guy-don’t act smart if this was reason ten u should have kept a maid not a male servant. You wanted to cheat on me
The girl-no no sahil
He looks at her angrily
The girl-I mean ji
Sahil-shut up
He goes outside locks the main gate of the house
The girl cries bitterly-in these three years I felt like killing myself afterall no one knows that I am alive not even ma it is a jail. That day… that day I was half dead when I lied him cheated him. I could feel his pain. It felt as if I was buried under the debris and started to lose my breath and suffocated. I know for u I am a traitor but..
Swara gets sanskars letter
She reads it
“my dear swara
U r the best thing that happened to me. U r my life .this is just a small token of love. I know that I cant arrange a fairy tale date for us but for me our love story is a fairy tale itself.
You make me smile even when we aren’t talking
After I met u my life is only for u my heart is only beating for u and I feel I am alive only for u.
Look I guartee there will be some tough times. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask u to be mine I will regret it for the rest of my life. I just wanted to to say that ur name is very short if u will add my name wid urs it will become perfect like u. I love u with all my heart and soul.
It’s a love story baby just say yes!!!!
Yours nd only yours
A smile appears on her face with tears in her eyes. She feels as if everything in this world is is just so perfect at that moment the birds are chirping outside to congratulate her. The stars are twinking for them. Everything seems so perfect.
Shomi nocks the door
Swara opens it and hugs her
Somi-shona what happened ma today I will tell u everything but first read this letter
Homi reads it but sees swara in an expressionless manner
Shomi- I already knew it swara.
Swara-I want to marry him ma
Shomi-I now u love him but papa
Swara holds her hands-ma pls convice him I kow u can
Shekhar knocks the door
Shekhar comes-swara beta tomorrow be ready a guy is coming to see u
Swara shocked-but papa I don’t
Shekhar-no arguments
Shomi-but shekhar
Shekhar-no means no

All left swara inside alone-broken-I wont marry that guy I am just sanskars
The next day swara tried evry bit so that the sahils family does not like her but in vain.
Shekhar accepted the proposal.
Swara goes to her room and cries but then wipes her tears and goes to shekar
Swara-papa read this letter
Shekhar reads this and gets hell shocked and slaps swara
Shomi-shekar r u mad
Shekhar-u fell in love and that too with this poor guy. Look at sahil he is much more capable than ur sanskar. Chiiii
Swara-papa love never sees the status, money fame etc. it just happens at the most unexpected time
Wid the most unexpected person me and sanskar are perfect for each other
Shekhar-shut ur lecture u have to listen what I am saying. if u still want to marry him then u will marry his body not his soul
Swara and shomi shocked-
Swara-papa pls no
Shekar- u have to agree to marry sahil or else I will not spare that sanskar.
Sjomi-tum paagal ho kya shekhar.she is our daughter, our happiness lies in her happiness.
And sanskar is a very good guy.
Shekhar-because of ur pampering she has become like this.
Swara is teary eyed and goes to her room
Shomi-u know what because of u swara cried first time ever. She is very strong but u chiii shekhar how can a father be so ruthless.
Shekhar gives an indifferent attitude look.
In her room
Swara –I a cant take risk for sanskars life. His life is more important to me than my happiness. I know he will be broken. But I am selfish I wont let anything happen to him. Yes I will marry sahil .
Shomi comes-beta shona u love sanskar ryt . I give u permission go and marry him.
Swara hugs her –maa I cant take risk for jis life. I will marry sahil
Shomi shocked
After that I guess u know what happened.
Swara and sahil got married and moved to Delhi. From there swara got to know the real face of sahil.
Sahil never allowed her to talk to anyone. Sahil used her to fullfill his desire and get pleasure. He used to get intimate wid her forcibly.
On the hand sanskar worked really hard and opened his company karma pvt ltd.
Once sahil and swara went to Australia. There swara met wid a major accident. But sahil informed her family members that she drowned in the sea and couldn’t be saved.
Shomi and shekhar became shocked as if the ground just slipped below their feet.
Shomi-accused shekhar
Even shekhar blamed himself.
For the world swara was dead.
Back to india
Sahil tortured her like hell.
Fb over
Swara-where r u sanskar where r u. but I just hope u r fine.
The girl who never used to cry, shed tears of blood.
No one was there too hear her plea, her cry, her scream. everything got absorbed by the walls of the big house. And she became isolated.
sanskar calls his pa
pa-yes sir
sanskar-tomorrow there will be a party for my new office. Appoint one of the good singers and dancers
pa-ok fyn sir
sanskar -btw do u know someone like sahil
pa- oh ya the famous singer
sanskar-yeha yeah. If u can appoint him
pa- I will try my best.
Sanskar in his mind-u have to face me swara by hook or crook.

Next day
Sahil gets ready to perform
Swara-ji where r u going
Sahil eyes her angrily but then smiles and touches her face
Sahil-ooh my baby today I am performing in the karma ptv ltd. mr. maheshwari is the head .
Hearing it swara smiles heartedly for the first time in thse 3 years
Sahil-tonight I will be very tired after the performance. So I would need some pleasure and this time a hard and very passionate one. Be ready tonight to enjoy each others embrace and body.
Swara is just standing expressionless as she has no more tears to shed.
The performance time

Sanskar sees him and remembers swaras betrayal and clutches his fist in anger.
Sahil sees him but does not recognise him. After all his attire and attitude both have changed.
Sahil comes on the stage . all clap for him
Sahil-hey guys,its really a pleasure for me to perform for karma.
But this song I would dedicate for my lovely wife
Sanskar is even more angry
Sahili-for my wife who left to the heavenly abode 2 years back
Sanskar shocked out of his wits couldn’t believe that swara left this world.
Without wasting a time he asked his pa to book tickest for Kolkata
Pa- but sir
Sanskar yells at him-just do as I say damn it
3 hors later he reaches Kolkata
Sanskar is wearing shades and goes to gadodia niwas and rings the bell.
Shomi opens the door
Shomi shocked-mr. maheshwri in my house.
Sanskar-not mr. maheshwari…I am sanskar. He removes his shades.
Shomis eyes were filled wid tears as she remembers her shona
Shomi-com in beta
Sankar comes in and sees swaras photo with a garland
Sanskars eyes escape a tear
Shomi-beta tumne aane mein bahot der lagadi
Sanskar coudnt understand
Shomi-explains everything the betrayal, to swaras death (fir them) .
Shomi burst into tears
Sanskar hugs her.
Sankar-wheres the washroom
Sanskar goes to the washroom and cries a lot
I am so sorry I shouldn’t have believed ur words but believed ur feelings. Because of me u are…
No no swara is not dead it cant be. I have a feeling that u r alive
No body saw her body right I will find u and that sahil …
Next part –truth face to face

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