one person thousand feelings (part 1)

One person thousand feelings

Guys its me simmi_m the writer of swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi. This is gonna be my first os.
Pls comment how is it.
I guess it will hve at the max three parts

Here it goes

Next day
A man is inaugurating his new office christened karma pvt ltd. He takes off his shades looks at it.
Then goes inside with all his staff. Reporters follow him inside
One of the lady reporters
R1-mr sanskar maheshwari the youngest business tycoon from kolkata has just now inaugurated his new building in delhi . From our sources we got to now that it is ur 3rd office in just 3 yrs. Its indeed commendable.

Sir what ur success mantra behind this huge success. Your inspiration sir
Sanskar- pls as always I wont tell anything coz I cant tell the reality and don’t want to lie. Coz my story isn’t an inspiration. May be the success is but the story behind it should never be. For this u may call me mystry man or stuffs. I really don’t care. Now u may leave
R2-as u can see as always mr maheshwari brushed off the question.
Sankars looks at them through the window he is holding a pic in his hand
In these years evrything has changed
His pov
I don’t know what it is .it is a very unknown feeling. Never felt lyk this before. Being a man of 27 and the owner of karma industries , I cant even understand my own feelings. Who r u damn it??? Sometimes I hate u like hell and sometimes

3 years ago
A house big but not very and a pretty one. A villa accommodating a small family.
A girl in her room was standing in front of the mirror trying out dresses.
Girl-god what shall I wear its gonna be my first date with him.
Shona think fast but I know he will like whatever I wear. So done my fav colour blue. This dress
She wears it and comes down.
Shomi—shonu where r u going
Swara-ma wo I am going to my friends home for a party see ya.
Swara hugs her mum
Swara pov
Ma I am very sorry I am lying to u coz I know u will

tell it to papa.and he will never allow.
Shomis pov
Beta shona I know u. u cant hide stuffs from me but…
Swara reaches a house not a house it’s a flat
Tin tong the door bell rings
Guy –hey come inside
Swara-of course
Swara sees the house a small dining table was arranged in a simple yet elegant manner with a table in the middle and rose petals with crockery and of course food.
The guy-didn’t u like it
The guys gets sad
Swara-I love it damn it. Jk sanskar. U r so cute yaar. She pulls his cheeks
Sanskar-cute huh
Swara ya
Sanskar pulls her-ow see what this cute guy can do. He leans to kiss her
Swara closes her eyes. Suddenly they hear a sound grrrrh

Swara-oops actually I am really hungry
Sanskar-shit ok fyn lets eat
Swara-have u made the food
Swara-gives him a peck on his cheeks, aww
They both eat together.
Then sanskar gives a box. She opens it.
She smiles seeing it hugs him tightly.
Swara-its so pretty neacklace
Sanskar-u liked I thought u wont coz its just a thread with artificial flowers
Swara-shuts his mouth-no sanskar anything given by u is more precious to me than even my life
Sanskar-I love u soo much
Swara-I love u two three and infinity
Swara-now I guess I shoud go

Sanskar-ya see ya
Both smile slightly as both of them didn’t want to go away from each other
Days passed sankar proposed her to marry him thorough a love letter.
He didn’t get a reply
Then he called swara but heard his door bell ring. He sensed her presence. Was happy and opened it and was hell shocked
Swara-hey r u mad what do u mean by marrying u. I just spent some quality time with you just to tell my friends that I have a bf and u seriously became an emotional fool. God u are asking me to marry u .
Look at urself ur house do you think I stay here foever wid u
Listen I am going to marry and he is my fiancé mr. sahil sengupta the rockstar from the us recently shifted to delhi
Sankar was shocked out of wits
Sahil holds his collar-hey u cheapo don’t u ever dare to send her letters or stuffs swara smiles faintly
Sanskar just looks at her broken
They go out leaving a broken sanskar behind
Sanskars life had taken a 360 degree turn . he couldn’t believe . Started to question his very own existence .
He became hell angry threw away the things but couldn’t throw away her from his heart
He howls shouts couldn’t trust himself
Fb ends

Sanskra-I hate u swara why me why u were happy with me. And I know my observations for any person has never gone wrong. But u proved this wrong.
Saying this he crushes her pic and throws it but the very next moment he picks it up and straightens it.
Where are u swara. Hope u r fine Is it love or hate or care I don’t know. I have a thousand feelings for just one person. But I will surely find you out. Just to make sure that u see me

Guys what do you think did swara really betray him or is the reality far away from his eyes which he saw as the so called reality.
Stay tuned for the next part
guys coment pls and u can even guess if u liked it coz its my first os

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  1. No … I think that she was forced…… Becoz she sensed sanskar presence on the door which is only if we love the person truly and is close to our heart….

  2. swara doesnt betray him may b some issue

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  6. awesome…..i think she dint betray him…..

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  8. Swara can’t do this to sanky. Obviously, she z forced…but y?

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    Swara can’t betray sanskar

  11. Awesome yaar!! Loved it?? full of suspense but I love it? please post the next ASAP can’t wait?

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