One night

Hey guys meet me sophi.

One new year night will be seen. All people are celebrating & enjoying very happily. It was about to rain. Clouds are black in color. Suddenly one girl scream will be heard loudly. One room will be seen with glass door & by screaming she will raise her hand will touch that glass. Her hand is full of blood. Then they will an emergency 108 call center.

108 call: Hello 108. From where u r calling?

Girl: I need help ahh….. ahhhh…….

108 call: Hello mam r u alright?

Girl: Ahh…. ahh….. please leave me…..

108 call: Mam r u alright? Hello……hello…….

They will show girl handling her phone and she is not in position to speak. She is struggling. Here 108 call girl is continuously sating asking her if she is alright or not. But she cannot even lift her phone.

Then it will be seen someone is dragging her by holding her leg. Her phone is left there. someone is holding knife & killing her hardly.

Then after some days. Scene shows some place near sea. One boat will be seen going on sea. One person is suffering from vomiting. Looks like he has been tied there from so many days. Many people are surrounding him. Main gang leader will come to meet him.

Boy: I want to talk to my dad.

Then they will call & in some other place one person will lift the call.

Father: Hello

Boy: Dad please i will come to u dad. Please dad i can’t stay here in the middle of sea.

Father: If u came here then u will die for sure.

Boy: It is better to die there than dying daily here. Please dad….

But his father will end the call.

Boy: Hello dad listen to me please…. hello… helloooooo….

He will cry a lot.

Again scene shifts to another place.

One group of people will be seen coming in car by talking in phone. They are saying that they will take care of him & saying him not to worry. Then one boy will come out from one room & the person will give his phone to talk.

Boy: Hello dad they are again shifting me to another place. They are not saying me anything.

Father: Dnt get afraid. What they are doing is good for u.

Boy: Dad they even took my phone. I am not able to contact anyone.

Father: U no need to contact anyone. Enough for what u have done to me.

Then boy emotionally cut his call.

Then scene shifts to mumbai.

One person will be seen standing on the middle of the road holding his bag. He is waiting for taxi. Taxi arrives. He says to he want to go to a hotel.Only his eyes will be seen. Taxi was stopped due to traffic.

He will see beside his taxi 3 friends are sitting on bikes & gossiping & laughing.

Then by seeing them he thinks himself that in this world friendship relation is very strong. He will remember his friends & there enjoyment. My name is aryan.

I am a student of engineering. Being a middle class family member i never enjoyed happy life but my friends used to gave me all those happiness. My father always used to scold me that roaming with them will spoil my future. But i never listened to him.

Then if i heard his words may be i will not suffer like this today & coming here lonely to search for one person. It would not happen in my life.

Driver: Sir this is your hotel.

The person for whom i came here to meet is Raichand. Mumbai under world don. Here everyone will respect his words. People believe him blindly. Government is in his hands.

I am student in delhi. But what is the problem between me & underworld don raichand. For that u have to know me clearly. That means u have know my history.

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  1. Wow…Nyc startingg..?itz intrestingg..Am eagerly waiting for the next part dea..??

    1. Sophi

      so sweet of u rebba thanku

  2. Interesting start …

    1. Sophi

      thank u honey

  3. Nitha

    Hey it’s superb yaar, too interesting ??plzz post next epi ASAP sophi..

  4. Sophi

    Thank u nitha i will post soon

  5. Hi this is bru brunda nice starting yar actually can I ask u smthin where r u frm and interesting good update nxt epi asap??

    1. Sophi

      hi brunda i am from banglore &thank u from commenting

  6. ginni jidi aroa

    suspense n thriller story….

    1. Sophi

      yes it is

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