One night with her n a small interview (OS)

Guys here an os by baby
Yeah its an idea from internet but frnds n sissies its riten by me my sentences n all
Luv u all pls do cmnt if u all lyk I wont lyk to lie to my frnd cum sissies dats y telling u all
Luv u guys
Kunjs pov

Past few years I intentionally skipped the idea of returning to India. I am now working in Uk as a writer for a reputed magazine. Even though my life here is very good, I always thought about my past life in India. From my Childhood I was calm and very shy . I had very less friends and always tried to express my feelings in words. My childhood behavior continued and I became a writer with expressive thoughts.

In my early twenties, I started career as a writer for a serial. Working on that, I learned many things and gradually became popular. People say that, “Writers always write what they live in their actual life”. To some extent it is true. But few writers just write what they never had in their life. May be they imagine and just put in words.
In my case actually I never felt a need to feel something and then write about it. I just imagined the needed situations and wrote. Very soon i was good in writing love stories which never happened in my life. True that few times I was in infatuation but it was not true love anyways.

One day I was at work explaining something to the director. At first I listened a voice turned my head towards her to see her.
“I know her but never heard her voice”. I said in my mind. She was working as an assistant to the art director. She never grabbed my eyes even though we worked together for more than a year. Now when I heard her, for the first time I looked at her and to my surprise all these days I never saw in her eyes.

“Oh god they are so attractive”. While she was talking, her eyes expressed her words better than her lips. She finished her words, but i understood nothing what she was trying to tell. She left after that. That night I was trying to remember what she explained and thought tomorrow I am going to ask her again.

May be I was trying to find a chance to meet her. Once again I was in attraction. But this time it is more severe. I once again wanted to look at her attractive and twinkling eyes. Watch her speaking and explaining. Night was so dark and long. After every hour I stared at my wall clock. Was that going very slow? I cross checked with my wrist watch. It was same as the wall clock. Then why this night is so long. Why don’t it be morning at once.
Finally next day

I woke from my bed and did everything in a hurry. Finally I reached the work place and found that everyone was late. Actually I was a bit early. May be, 3 hours early. I was just waiting in my room. Slowly the crew started to enter the office. That day my eyes searched for her, but she was not present in the crowd .
In the lunch break I went to the director and asked him,” where is that women who was talking to us yesterday”.
He said, “She asked leave for 2 days for which I said ok yesterday. You were with us right.”

“Oh my god so I need to spend two more nights as yesterday”. The thought itself hit me hard in heart.
I thought I should go and check her. I immediately checked her address in the contact list of office emergency register and started searching that address. At last after 1 hour of my search I found her house.” It is not so cool place to live”, I thought. I started to enter the premise without any delay.
I knocked the door twice and then she opened the door. She asked nothing but her eyes questioned me, “ What have you come for?”
I began to talk. “Hello, I am kunj writer of the serial you are working for”.
She said, “I know, please get in.”
Twinkles pov
He came inside and found the house very tidy and clean. Everything was in order. Unlike his room, where everything is messy. But he is a writer and so from creative people we cannot expect everything.

Kunjs pov
She started “Yes sir, what do you want to have? “
He replied, “Nothing, but…”
She said “Sir I know you from the first day I joined. You are a kind of a person who really doesn’t do anything without any reason. So tell me if there is something wrong from my side?”
“God she was so innocent.” I thought.

“Sir please tell me, what is the matter? Is there any problem with my job?” She said.
I gained every bit of courage and tried to be as simple as that. “I have come to you not for any professional matter. It is my personal wish to see you. All these days I never observed your eyes. I just want to look in to your eyes and speak. I really loved them talking. I don’t know may be I am very straight forward. But my heart is asking me to tell you something.”
By this time she was a bit shocked with my words. She just stared at me for some time and started.
“Sir, I dint really deserve your words. I can understand your feeling. But before you start something, I want to tell you about myself.”
“I am married and mother of a 3 year old girl. I truly have so many responsibilities. My husband is in hospital from past 1 year. I need to look after him and my daughter a part from my job. In these conditions I cannot effort to lose my job at any cost. If you create any problem my job will be at risk.”
He raised and said,” I must be crazy but, I want to be with you for at least one night. A whole night. I promise that I will take all your responsibilities. ”
She said ”I cannot even think about like this. Not only me any one in my place will never accept your proposal. . Please sir, understand my situation and don’t try to disturb.”
My words got locked. I has got nothing to say. I stopped for a while. Now there was nothing to do. So I said in a calm voice,“ I assure you that there won’t be any problem from my side. Thank you and goodbye.”

I just turned and left the place. I returned to work. I thought of not thinking about her any more.i just wants to finish of my assignment so that I might not watch her at work. But whenever she appeared before me, I got just one thing in my mind. The same thing. “One night with her”.
All the days passed and at last I finished my work. That was my last day at work. I saw her for the final time. My eyes just asked her the same question and she relied in the same manner as she did before. Fed up with this life I started planning to leave the country and I successful got another job in UK.
That’s how I left India and did not want to return India as I probably know that her answer will be a big no. I thought that I will not try to meet her at any cost and directly finish my work and leave India as soon as possible.
But the first thing I did after getting out of airport was to go to her house.i remembered her address. I went there and found that the door was locked. I asked a neighbour about her.
“Where is she now? How is her husband?”

“Oh don’t you know. She is in hospital. Her husband died a year back.”
He asked “Which hospital?”
He explained the complete address of the hospital. Kunj was not happy but in his heart, his wish again got refreshed. “One night with her.”
By the time I reached hospital it was 8PM. I immediately rushed to the reception and asked about her. The receptionist checked and said that “she is in room no:9. “
I was able to hear my heartbeat. All these days I was madly in her thoughts. Now here is the time to see her again and put my wish before her again. I rushed to that room. I opened the room door.
I found her lying on the hospital bed. She was dressed in light blue patient dress. Her eyes were closed. All around her there were machines and at a corner I noticed that a 6 year old girl was sitting. I slowly moved towards her. All my excitement was gone. I came to her and held her hand. With my touch she slowly opened her eyes.
“Oh Sir, is that you. Nice to see you ,after so long time.” She whispered.

Unknowingly his tears rolled in and dropped on her. She said, “Why sir? Are you not happy to see me again?”
“Yes I am”, my heart was filled with pain.” But, I never expected to see you on bed. Any ways tell me are you happy to see me?”
“Yes sir, I am very happy that I saw you for the last time. But I am very sad that I may not able to see you tomorrow. Not only you, I cannot even see my daughter by tomorrow. It is so painful that I have not kept up my responsibility. Sir could you just do me favour. Please inform any orphanage about my daughter after me.”
Suddenly, I busted in tears. My voice was shivering. Even then, i did not stopped my words. “One night with you and I will take your responsibilities. Your daughter is my responsibility. One night, the whole night.”
She just smiled.” But her tears dint stopped.

The whole night I was with her holding her hand in mine. I just remembered all the days when I used to think about this night. At last this night was my night with her.
I kept my promise all my life and always remember , that one night with her.

Hello dear TU frnds n sisses
This is a interview special if u all feel cmfortable :>
Yr sry guys but I really need to know your age n in which class or college u all ppl r bcz I smtimes u no call u all by name n dey r in college n I wanna give respect to all my di s n all my luvly small sisters ka bhi iss laachaar ko interview mil jaye toh bhala ho jaye.
Iss choti si bchi ko bhagwan ke naam par apna interview dedo pls
Dekho now my turn I m BABY
Asli naam chaiye phele cmnt dedo phir bta ti hun sbko
Acha suno I live in DELHI NOIDA
I study in class ELEVENTH
Nnnnnn bas itna hi btado bhot baar ho chuka hai mein name lekar cmnt krti hun jaise jisha di ya phir saby di or ridhima di den badme muje pta chlta hai ki dey all r my di s pyaari pari sisters so all pls tell me.

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  1. SidMin

    Baby you know my name challo still I will tell you My name its Shruti and I am in 11th and my birthday is on 13th September I live in Mumbai
    Loved the story it was so emotional 🙂

    1. Baby

      ofcourse sidmin i know u tell me sm1 who dont no u yr itni mst ffs likhti ho vry cute name darlo thnks fr cmnting luv u

  2. Chiku

    Hey baby it awesome ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    My real name is chehak i am frm mumbai
    In 11th grade nd of 15yrs

    1. Baby

      thnks chehak luv u alot

  3. very nice os
    my intro
    name : zaina
    home : Pakistan
    age :14
    class: 9
    fan: twinj
    big fan : sidhant
    iknow u dont know me but still 🙂 i just wanted to say

    1. Baby

      hey zaina very sweet of u dear n yah i dont no u bt now toh i no so frnds dear thnks n luv u alot

  4. Aamu

    hey it was cute n short story…
    a really good piece
    n my name is……………..kyu bataoo u hadnot ask my name…
    fir bhi batadeti hu….nono nahi batati…ok final nahi batati
    i live in SURAT;GUJARAT: N ofcourse in india…
    i m full power hindustani indian jhalli girl
    i m in 10 std.
    n will b 15 on 3rd november………….
    u know u r my elder sis age she is also 16 n in 11…so can i tell u aapi as i call my sis also by dis name n u r also my sis
    do tell?
    n yaa ab naam b sun hi lo…my real name is AAMENA………….u can call me aamu or as my aapi calls me aami or ………….so u can call me dat too….yaya aami n someother name but i cantt tell as i dont like it
    bohot chapad chapad kardiya
    now by

    1. Baby

      hey ammu dear luv u so mch u r 14 n itna acha likhleti ho or mein pls claps fr ammu yr u r amazing n i luv ur ff thnks fr sharing ur sm prsnl info basically i cn no whos my di n whos nt haha thnks fr telling me muje iss layak smjne ke liye dhanyavad haha luv u yr thnks a lot n cntnue ryting always u r a star

    2. Baby

      n yah u r free to call me wtevr u lyk to u cn call me appi i luv it

      1. Aamu

        now i m free to call u aapi so u hav to tell ur name…
        as my aapi name is sawda so i tell her sawda aapi
        wat will i tell u baby aapi…
        no no no it doesnt suits
        pls tell ur name
        love u

    3. Baby

      ammu dear msgd it to u prsnally chck it

  5. Kruti

    Amazing …..loved it❤❤❤
    And regarding ur request to tell abr ourselfs twitter pe dm kiya hai dekh lena

    1. Baby

      thnks so mch di luv u abbhhh aaahh…. voh actually abhi muje twitter ache se chlana nhi aata so ll try hhehehe luv u di thnku soo mch haha

  6. Sameera

    Hey amazing story baby just loved it to d core
    My name is sameera
    I am 17 now going for UG first year
    Biggest fan of twinj n twiraj both

    1. Baby

      hey sameera di thnks soooo mch bt mein itni bhi kuch khaas nhi infct huin nhi jute chpl invited the wrst rtr hongi mein iss TU page pr hun hongi nhi hhaha luv u di thnks fr lyking it n cmnting i luv ur ffs n ur ryting twinj rab milya is toh osm n dat pyaar pyaar pyaar was also amazing

  7. Joonakanksha

    Hii baby
    My name is akanksha
    I m 23
    I m in clg in delhi
    Clg is maulana azad medical clg….as u in noida…may be u heard the name…
    Nd i m twinj fan and sidhant also ?

    1. Baby

      hey junnu dekh rhe ho ab merko aapko di blna hoga hmmm toh b ready how is junnu di haha pls tell hann bcz i luv junnu n ur ff too di wow di u r a medical student i m a commerce n haha still in eleventh og cnt belive 2 years den clg 2 nervous about it srsly luv u di n u ryt amazing….

      1. Joonakanksha

        Hahahha…no need to call di…i am ok with junnu…comm is cool yr…
        Dnt be nervous for clg…my sis is in 11 and also has comm….

    2. Baby

      thnks soooooooo mch junnu di luv u ehhehe

  8. Hi di Loved today’s episode ok so my
    Name isha
    Age fourteen fifteen
    Born in Canada
    Back ground Pakistan ,Muslim
    Love twinj sidmin
    My love who else could it be abviously bunny just crazy about sidhant Gupta

  9. Mahi

    Nice os
    Answers of ur questions
    I m Mahima Dave
    18 years
    Birthdate : 12 feb
    I m from vadodara gujrat
    I m going to study in phrmacy
    Just cleàd my 12
    Admition is remaining
    I am a big twinj & sidmi fan
    Is this info is inaf fr u
    And ya sorry for spelling mistakes
    Keep writing
    And ya tell ur real name tooo

    1. Baby

      hey mahi di i m itni jldi naam bta dun kuch logo ko hi pta hai yahan pr jo hain ridhima di or saby di haha bt ll tell u my names meaning is shine lyk twinkle only bt its smthing else di thnks so mch fr lyking d os n giving d info i ll definatelly tell my name bt sm odr tym luv u di

      1. Mahi

        Love u too dear ???

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    hii..os was awesome emotional….loved it…m a twinj fan….& I m in clg….in first year… no prblm you can cll as you wish…..& b’day was on 30th july

    1. Baby

      oh di happy bday belated n thnks fr cmnting di u shuld also try to ryt smthing bcz i no u r a gr8 rtr mein jyotish hun naa hahah islie bta rhi hun luv u di ryt if psbl

      1. Purnima.agrawal30

        Thank you dear for wishes….& iss baar yr tumhari bhavishyawaani glt ho hyi…..m not at all a good writer….bt will surely think about it in future…luv u dear….

  11. Saby

    Aww meli jaan wants an biodata….
    Uffff but I hav already told uh….
    NVR mind again for my cutesi baby….
    I m from Mumbai…
    In Second year…. Bachelor in. Financial markets….
    Gonna turn 19 this 20 Aug….
    I m a sidhantian…. ??? ovio a twinj fan… But I do love zain in negative role….?
    And the os was awesome… Was lil bit sad bt seriously appreciable…. Loved it….
    Try giving happy endings plzzzzz….. I CNT see twinj apart??? love uh baby?

    1. Baby

      hey sabyyyyyyyyyyyyy di u no i m soo happy tpo c ur cmnt u thnk i lyk sad ending bt mera ye chota sa dimaag toh ideasdeta nhi n as i said upr net ka idea iss befkuf se net ko kuch acha sa pyaari luv stry nhi aati n now i m thnking fr an idea jo hai mere khud ka i ll try to snd haan muje biodata toh chaiye tha luv u so mch di thnks doobbaara mere liye likhne ke liye or yeah di aap ka bday aaraha hai celebration is mst hmm acaha di ek question tha aapka i m devil of my angel ff end ho gya kya? bt di i luv u n ll try to ryt on my own wid my brain n my ideas pakka plomish

  12. Such an emotional os.. loved it.. I know you don’t know me but still will tell u.. am 18 soon to be 19 on 6th Oct.. am not from india.. and a big TwiNj ( SidMin ) fan.. love sidhant❤

    1. Baby

      hey sidvee di i no u i saw u cmnting on many ffss thnks fr cmnting

  13. Sho sho sho sho cute is baby di
    Ab di hi bolna? padega

    So my name is……VANSHIKA and I a m.from himachal Pradesh

    I am in class 10
    Age : 14
    Gonna be 15 on 23 April

    Love bye

    1. Baby

      hey vanshu i hp u dont mind me cling dis to u thnks fr cmnting dear r u cmnting here fr d 1st tym? luv u n pls tell

    2. Baby

      hey vanshu i hp u dont mind me cling dis to u thnks fr cmnting dear r u cmnting here fr d 1st tym? luv u

  14. Angita

    My name is Sai Angita but what’s your name…I’m 13
    Very emotional os

    1. Baby

      thanks angita n i no u hv a twin sis as well fr which i was very happy bcz i hv 2 horibble creatures at my home 2 small brothers bcz of whom always i get scolded hmm haha luv u yr thnks fr cmnting

    2. Baby

      will surely tell u my name give me ur mail id if u lyk 2 i ll luv to talk to u dere pls

  15. Twinjfan.tamanna

    baby it was so emotional…so about myself…i m of 9th std n I will complete 19th of may…twinj fan…big fan of sidmin n sid…from Mangalore.karnataka

    1. Baby

      thnks fr cmnting dear luv u

  16. Hey baby! It was awesome!!
    My name is Shreya and i am in 11th and my birthday is on the 20th of september.?

    1. Baby

      thnks fr cmnmting shreya luv u dear

  17. Rashiverma2199

    I’m Rashi… Live in Delhi … Class 12
    17 yr old

    1. Baby

      hello rashi di thnks fr cmnting

  18. Amazing!!!!!!

    1. Baby

      thnks zakiyah

  19. Jiya_Ani

    Hello babes..I am not gonna call u di yaar..coz v r friends …haina?
    Toh OS was amazing.. So emotional yaar..rula diya ..acha so sorry for late comment but kya karu I am sooooooo busy as pre-SA1 are about to start…

    Toh ab main interview derahi hoon..
    Name: Shreya
    Age: 13…hmm…will become 14 on 18th of December… Lot of time still..
    Place: ..Bulandshahr..(UP)..but I belong to Gorakhpur (near the foothills of Himalayas).. basically…
    Hobby (jaan lo..nahi jaanni?? bhi bata deti hoon):singing, reading, painting, writing.. Bas itni kaafi hain..
    Fan of: Sidhant Gupta and only Sidhant Gupta..

    Love you??

    1. Baby

      hey meri pyaari si luvly si shreyoo no need to call me di yar frnds or bhn ka rishta hai asie hi di blke kharab mt kriyo or yr thnks fr cmnting pr itni ghtiya os jute chpl toamto maarne ke jgah itne swwet wrds likh diye yr sch bta achi nhi thi naa acha i want ur mail id vahan chat krenge pls snd kriyo luv u take care n get well soon

  20. Hey Baby di…!
    Hope u remember me…u once commented on my OS. But, as far as it seems to me, u don’t remember me. Anyways, this was stupendous piece of work, and I loved it.
    As for me, I am 12, gonna turn 13 in September end. I study in the eighth grade, and I m from Kanpur, UP, and live closeby Sayu di’s place. Once again, before leaving, the story was perfect.

    1. And yupssss…
      Mera naam to batana hi bhool gayi…
      It’s Ishani

      1. Baby

        hey ishani yr i remember u laoddoo n i remeber i cmntd as well u r amazing d os i luvd it n jst chckd it bck it ws eternal bliss n i remembered d stry yr it was amazing osm n u r fab u shuld ryt more fr sure fr us hahhee luv u yr thnks fr cmnting

  21. I love ur intro… Thats y I m Commenting.. Btw i m ragini nd I m only sid fan bt I like twinj..

  22. Shatakshi

    Hey baby DI
    yaa u r elder??…I have turned 15 thus march
    N the os was so emotional
    N I live in Mumbai
    A 11th grader….same pinch
    N aapna naam bhi bata do…n next time no di becoz I m younger…hehe
    Love u di❤❤❤?

    1. Baby

      hey shatakshi luk dats y i needed a biodata haha soo u 2 dont call me di heye look we boh r in 11th sooo plsss

    2. Baby

      baki prnl par dekho

  23. Thanmy

    Hi diii after reading the interview I must say majority of the are my diiiis and I’m in 10 the standard from Hyderabad and bigggg fan of sidhant and the is was awesome and my name I will tell u all afterwards in my ff

    1. Baby

      hey thanmy thnks fr cmnting n yr u r amazing luv u a lods i luv ur ff

  24. hey ur birthday aftr a day of mine

    1. Baby

      hey dats gr8 xD

  25. Mantasha

    Hey babes.. intro baad me.. pehle ur os.. was outstanding.. superrb.. amazing…. ab intro deti hu.. u know my name mantasha… my age 16.. to b 17 on september 18.. hehe.. funny.. bt true.. n I live in bilimora gujarat.. anything else.. my detective..!!!??

    1. Mantasha

      N yea.. very very sorry to b late…??????

    2. Baby

      its ohk i dont need any more introdauction of u aap toh vry swweet ho oh god new name detective luv u di thnks bt os shayad itni bhi achi nhi thi haha luv u

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