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Hello everyone…upon ur wishes…I hve posted d next part really I expect all of u to read it…this might be a bit long for u..but d next one will be really short….like really short…m sorry in advance for that…but d last part is hell long..okay okay..before u start getting I bring to u…


” Suman?” He tries to bring me out of my trance.
” Oh yeah.” I come out of my thoughts.
” Now your turn.” He says.
” Okay.” I can never match him.
” Life.” He starts.
” A rollercoaster ride with its own turns and fun.” I say and he gives a wide smile and shakes his head as if he didn’t expect that coming from me.
” Trust. ” comes up next.
” Something which keeps love alive.” I reply. This is the truth. What’s the meaning of love when there is no trust between two people?
” Rose.” That’s different.
” Shows us that even the most delicate things have the power to hurt you with their thorns if you don’t handle them with care.” Now its my turn to stare out of the window.
” Heart.” That’s the final question and I know that by his expressions.
” Its something which can be both broken and mended by love.” I conclude and look at him.
He is staring at me with his contagious smile covering his face.
“What?” I ask with opening my mouth a bit more wide.
” No no, nothing.” He smiles and shakes his head.
” There is something. Tell me.” I insist.
” You are really straightforward you know. Your opinions are clear.” He concludes.
” Yeah. Is that a problem?” I don’t want to sound rude. Its just that I am curious to know about it from him.
” Not at all. In fact I like straightforward people. They are at least better than people who don’t know to take a stand.” Did he just say ‘like’. He was referring in general you stupid.
” Okay. Now you tell me, how is death a beginning of new life?” I suddenly remember my question.
” You believe in conservation of soul and all?” He questions back.
” Yeah, I mean that’s the only the only theory that sounds practical to me.” I say.
” So you believe that after death, the soul leaves the person’s body and find another body to live in?” He asks again.
” Yeah.” I say with one eyebrow raised.
” So in that sense the death of one person causes the life of another.” He says and I take a moment to register that. Well yeah, that can be true. Not bad.
Suddenly we hear the sound of the train whistle. Finally its moving.
” So they are done with fixing the problems I guess!” I say.
” Yeah, I think you should better sleep now. I will wake you up, don’t worry.” He assures me.
I have many reasons not to sleep right now.
First- I don’t want to miss out his company and talks.
Second- I don’t like someone seeing me while I am asleep.
But I have just one reason to sleep and that is, I am hell tired and my body is aching.
So I comply. I lie down to sleep with him sitting opposite to me and smiling. I take in that smiling face of his and close my eyes. I pull over my covers and get ready to be lost in my own world of dreams.

When I wake up, I find him sitting right near me, on my berth. He is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans I am surprised and immediately get up getting conscious about myself. His intense gaze was fixed on my face and when I opened my eyes they moved to them. We keep staring each other for quiet some time. He shifts a bit and comes closer to me. This breaks the eye lock. Suddenly his hand move towards my face. He removes the strands of my my straight brown hair from my face and his fingers brush past my cheek. He tucks my strands behind my ear and keeps his warm and big hand on my cheek. I move closer my face closer to his and he doesn’t bulge a bit. I keep moving towards him when finally there’s no distance left and our lips meet. He pulls me towards him by keeping a hand on my back. His upper half is technically over me now. His wraps his arms around me and it makes me feel that there is no safer place in the world. We are still kissing, I move my hands to his back and our bodies are pressed against each other. This feeling makes me feel as if I am in heaven. He smells of chocolate, in fact he tastes of chocolate and that makes me kiss him harder. He must have been eating chocolates while I was asleep. We break the moment to gaze into each others eyes for a while when he can’t resist anymore and he hugs me tightly. My head rests on his shoulder. He keeps kissing my neck as though if he stops, he might loose me. I have now climbed onto him. He is sitting with my legs around his waist and hands around his neck. He still has his face buried in my neck when I move my face from his shoulder and gives him a light peck on his cheek. He pushes my upper half down so that he leans on me. Now he moves his lips to whatever little portion of bare chest I have. He slowly moves up,kissing through my neck and finally landing on my lips. Again we go on for quiet a while after which we stop because our station has arrived.

Those were the most blissful fifteen minutes of my life and I will cherish them forever. How did all this happen? Like suddenly out of nowhere? We were just playing games last night and next morning this happened. What changed overnight? Perhaps it might be the same for him like it was for me, opinions changed. Like he said, out of the darkness, a beautiful sun rose.
By the moment I realise that I have to get down and turn to find him, I find that he is gone. How can he go? He didn’t even say bye to me. I mean he shouldn’t be going first of all, he should be taking me along with him.

I take my bags and get down the train and I see his tall figure far ahead in the crowd. He has put on a khaki coloured coat and he wears a backpack over his shoulders. Won’t he look back even once? As if reading my mind, he turns towards me and smiles but I don’t know why, even from here I see sadness being reflected in that smile. And then he turns and disappears into the crowd, into the ever maddening world. And I stand there, still and looking in his direction. He left.

P.S- I m sorry if anyone is uncomfortable wid intimate scenes…as a writer..I want that I should be able to write that also…so sorry….

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  1. Ufaaq

    Ammmmmm I really dnt know what to say
    Or should I say or not
    Ammmm the epi was damn gud suman answers were like real
    Yah as a writer u have to wrote it and I dnt think that anyone should have problem with it
    So very well done good job
    Ammm and ya plzzzzz post soon if u can
    Take care
    Love u

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much uffi…!!
      I will post soon..!
      Love u too..

  2. Superb epi yr post nxt part asap

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx sumo…
      Will post really soon..!

  3. Hey niyati
    I kno m super duper late….
    Bt have my own reasons….
    Bt m now here n just read all the parts of the noise n tge previous part of this
    N i think i dont have to say but yet u rock grl✌?️
    N there is nothing uncomfortable in intimate scenes n m even shocked tht u explained them so gracefully
    I loved the part
    Post the next part soon
    Will be waiting
    Lots of love n care
    N sorry once again for not commenting so long…
    I hope u will understand?

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey anamika…
      Sorry for not writing ur name up there….I swear I must hve missed it by mistake…!
      Nd I totally understand…no need to be sorry…
      U read them all..that’s more than enough…
      Love u loads…!

      1. Its alright sweety chill….

  4. It was amazing n post next part asap I m waitinh

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx sanjyoti…!
      I will post soon…???

  5. Malika

    Love it from core. Wow. ??

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx malika…!

  6. Diiiii….
    Durga puja is going on!!
    M soooo busyyyy!!!!
    Couldn’t comment on the prev part…
    But both wr fab!!!!
    U write so welllllll!!!!
    I love u???

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you laddoo…
      Its Ok sweety…!
      I know u would be busy..!
      Btw..happy durga puja…!
      Luv u too

  7. pretty preeti

    Niyooooo u na killed me today.
    Murdered me.
    It was soooooooooo gud I can’t explain.
    Ur shots r going toooo fabbbb.
    Agle chore honge chl koyi na I will be waiting.
    How was ur result.
    It was superb.
    Loved it.
    No objections write as u want no problem.
    Love u

    1. WeirdSister

      It means that I am talking to a ghost right now????
      Thank you so much sweety…!
      Result was okayish…..not so good…could hve been a lot better…!?
      Luv u too

  8. Y.balamirra

    very nice, loved it, keep writing

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx Y.B..!

  9. Niyati…
    U rocked it even in writing the intimate scenes…
    I can understand it may b more difficult for you to write..but u wrote it very well..
    No can swirl..swing..the words..whxh tangle human u said to the core…???

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much sona..!
      Love u loads..

  10. Very cute keep posting

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you smile…!
      Love ya..

  11. I loved it
    specially suman and shravan convo and their scenes
    pls post soon

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx sami..!
      I will post soon..

  12. Diya

    Well done and the plot is extremely interesting !!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much Sonai!!

  13. I loved chocolates and especially the wah u described it
    Loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it di
    Like pretty pritti u even killed me

    1. WeirdSister

      Awww..thank you so much smile…!
      So u hve also turned into a ghost????
      Anyway love u loads sweetheart..!
      Take care..

  14. Ariana

    Ok I’m late. No super duper late. Should punch myself now…sorry!!!!!
    this shot…the 1st part was actually making me go awwwwwwwweeee coz of Sumo’s nature. She was so open. Nd tht wasn’t much of “intimate” so u don’t have to apologize. I loved the epi. U always manage to create a suspense which makes me admire ur work sooooooooooooooooooooo much. I really wanna knw wht’s gonna happen nxt so pls post soon. Loads of love
    take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you Ariana…
      U know what…I always wait for ur comments…nd this time also I was waited
      So never be sorry for being late…
      I can wait for any amount of time for ur comment…!
      Love u loads sweety…!
      U too take care..
      I m posting d next part now..don’t know when they will post it…!

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