My one n only (Chapter 9)


Chapter 9
Shekhar,Janki n dadi accuse Sanky fr trying to kill their Lado..
Shekhar was about to slap Sanky but swara cms in between n jerks his hand..Everyone is shocked…
Swara:no one wl dare to touch Sanky…if he really wanted to kill Ragini aftr throwing her down he wuld hv buried her n nt hv brought her to the hospital n waited here tl she recovers
Shekhar looks angrily looks at swasan n asks thm to leave but thy both forcefully go to meet Ragini..
Swara looks at Ragini wid teary eyes…sanskar signs her nt to fall weak …Swara holds Ragini’s hand n Ragini opens her eyes..
Swara:Ragini…im so sorry…very sorry although im ur frnd i cant evn share ur pain …but dnt be weak ok u wl soon b fyn…we wl go back to university together….n u knw wat nw im starting to gt jelous of uu…u gt smone lyk sanskar by ur side…u r vry lucky
Ragini is just listening to her while tears r flowing frm her eyes….Swara wipes thm hurriedly n hugs her…
Swara:i love u Ragini….plz get well soon…Swara is just so incomplete without Ragini…especially now tht we r Swaragini…
She breaks the hug n moves..sanskar wipes his tears n goes to Ragini…he wipes her tears n kisses her hand…
Sanky:swara has gt too emotional she shuld b taken fr check-up….(tears fall frm his eyes)Ragini i love uu…i dnt knw hu dd this but hu ever it was i wont spare tht person….y is God doing this plz Ragu gt well talk to me….i miss ur voice ur arguments….i miss ur hugs ur kisses…i just miss uu Ragini
Ragini in heart
i miss all this too….i wsh i culd talk so tht i culd tl uu hu dd all this…I love uu sanskar
Bg plays
tere liye saanse le rahe
tere liye har din jee rahe
tu hai mera
mein hu tera
ab sada ke liye

khud pe koi haq raha na humara
tere liye hum he jiye
phir ab na hoga ye ishq dobara
tere liye hum he jiye

tu he mera mein hu tera sahara
tere liye hum he jiye
mar ke bhi de dunga ye kaffara
tere liye hum he jiye

Sanskar cries n tears r flowings frm Ragini’s eyes to she feels helpless..

Ik din ye umr dhal jayegi
zindagi puri ho jayegi
tab bhi tu rehna pas yu mere
jab dil ki dhadkan tham jaegi

(sanskar hugs Ragini)

teri bahon mein dam
nikle mera sanam
he bas yahi aakhri dua

khud pe koi haq raha na humara
tere liye hum he jiye
phir ab na hoga ye ishq dobara
tere liye hum he jiye

(he thn breaks the hug n kisses her forehead)

tu he mera me hu tera sahara
tere liye hum he jiye
mar ke bhi de dunga ye kaffara
tere liye hum he jiye…

Swara holds Sanky’s hand n both gt out of the ward

Swara hugs Sanskar n cries..
Swara:im so scared sanky… Im so scared i cnt take the chance of loosing her
Sanky:Swara she wl b fyn

just thn ACP arrives there
ACP:Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari i have an arrest warrant fr trying to kill Ragini Gadodia
Swasan r shocked
swara:but u knw tht sanskar is innocent then y this???
ACP:Ms. Swara this is law
sanskar hugs her n asks her to calm down
ACP takes sanky away…Swara cries
smone is watching this frm far..Swara senses it but wen she finds no one thr

Shekhar is gets a Lawyer to fight the against sanky
On the other side Swara is ready to fyt Sanskar’s case

Swara takes bail papers n removes sanky frm prison he hugs her n thanks her….

Thy leave fr Malhotra Mansion
Swasan r sitting on Swara’s bed…she asks him to calm down
Swara:what exactly happened tht day??
Sanskar:Ragini n i wer just talking wen it started rainin…she wanted to play in rain so i joined her….her clothes gt wet so i gv her sm of my clothes to change n i went to kitchen n all of a sudden i heard her scream i ran in the room but ddnt find her there thn i went to the balcony ddnt find her there either …wen i looked down i was schoked…she was thr lying in a blood river…
He cries n she hugs him
Swara:dont worry is gonna b well
just then laksh cms inside n gts shocked to see swasan hugging n so close..
He goes n separates thm….he angry looks at them
L:i nvr thought Tht u two wl turn out to b lyk this….Sanky Ragini is fighting fr her lyf n u r romancing here wid my gf….n u Swara u cheated on me wid my best frnd
Swara slaps him hard
Shona:hw dare uu say that???u r so cheap

Precap:Swalak’s cat fights….Sanskar’s lyf in danger

Credit to: Albina

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