My one n only (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8

@Malhotra mansion
Aradhya n Aryan r sitting playing Ps….
Aradhya: Do u knw tdy miss attitude was finding uu
Aryan:who is miss Attitude??
Aradhya:teri girlfriend??
Aryan:konsi wali
Aradhya:kyun kitne gfs he tere??
Aryan:14 tujhe add karu to 15
Aradhya:mein teri gf nahi hu okay??
Aryan:u r
Aradhya:am nt
Aryan:yes u r
Aryan:see u agreed tht u r
Aradhya:i dnt love uu so im nt u gf..Mr.Arrogant Malhotra
Aryan:but u lyk me ryt???n u r my frnd….so u r my girl friend….ur my friend who is a girl
Aradhya:ohhh…thts ryt thn am ur girlfriend n ur my boyfriend….but honestly ……r u n chaya dating ???
Aryan:tu pagal ho gai hai….we r nt dating ….she loves me but i dont coz she nt my type
Aradhya: Aise tujhe koi nahi milne wali….u say every girl isn’t ur typ….
Aryan:koi nahi mili to tujhe hi pata lunga
Aradhya;No mujhe tujh jaisa ladka nahi chahiye….
Thy pillow fyt… thy both fall on bed…..aradhya is on top of Aryan ….thy r share an intense eyelock…..but thy gt disturbed by a knock at the door …..its Swara
Swara:if ur romance is,over shall we go for lunch everyone is waiting
Aara feel embarrassed n stand properly Swara leaves….Aara gave each other a sigh of relief n started laughing

At Singhania Mansion
everyone is happy to see Saurav back thy do his aarti n take him inside…..Laksh is happy to find his family happy aftr so long…
Saurav is still thinking abt Ragini….He remembers Sanky n Ragini holding hands….he gts angry n breaks the mirror infront of him…Everyone is shocked….Laksh holds him tyt
L:bhaiyya control urself plz
Saurav hugs him
Saurav thinks:i won’t him….he snatched my Girl…n ill just watch no way thts gonna happen….Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari im coming
Laksh hugs him back n makes him sit..

Ragini gts wet in water …so sanskar gvs her his clothes to wear…shes a wearing a blue tshirt black jeans n a coat with cap… one wuld recognise her frm behind……she’s standing at the balcony in Sanky’s room n smone pushes her…..she shouts n falls on the ground…..sanky hears her sound n runs to the room n dsnt find Ragini…..he runs to the balcony but shes nt thr too…..he luks down n is shocked to see Ragini lying on the ground…..he runs downstairs
Sanskar takes her to the hospital

@the hospital
Sanky:plz save her doc…..plz
Doc:we r trying our level best Mr. Maheshwari but ths is a police case u need to call thm as soon as possible
The police arrive there….thy interrogate Sanky….sm one listening all this but he’s hiding
police:Mr.Maheshwari evrythng proves tht u pushed her frm the balcony …we gotta arrest uu Mr.Maheshwari

Swara cms thr….no u wont arrest sanskar Tl ragini gvs the statement….
The police Looks at Swasan doubtfully
ACP:now only Ms.Ragini’s statement cn save uu
Swara:u dnt hv any ryts to blame my client without any proofs
Sanskar:swara plz ….just let it be…
Aftr an hour
Doctor cms out
Doc:Mr Maheshwari….im sorry to tl u this but due to the deep wound on her head n wasting of lot of blood..she
Swasan:she wat??
Doctor:she is in englocrynia… this stage….i person can see u n hear but cnt talk or move any part of his body
Swasan r shocked
Swara sits down in shock…..she’s continuously crying….sanskar is crying too….but he this moment wasnt fr falling weak…he made swara sit on the chair..
San:we cant fall weak swara….Ragu needs us plz dnt cry(he is in tears too)
The police understood tht this trio had a very deep bond n tht Sanskar culdnt do….the killer is smone else
Swara:sanky….Ragu is main part of our lives….i wont b able to see her in this state
she hugs him n he hugs her back….Laksh cms thr n watches this he gts angry…n leaves…
Soon Janki, Shekhar n dadi cm thr swasan take blessings frm thm….Swasan tl thm everything..including hw all this happened
thy r shocked n doubt Sanky

precap:police to arrest sanky….Swara to fight fr sanky….Laksh to gt jealous n confront Swasan

Credit to: Albina


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