My one n only (Chapter 7)


Chapter 7
Swaragini,sanky n Aara r sitting on Swara’s bed….n Aryan starts telling thm abt Saurav singhania
Aryan:Saurav is the eldest son of Raj n Damini Singhania….Saurav was addicted to drugs so he’s parents decided to send him Mumbai….in Mumbai Saurav met a girl he started changing because he started loving her deeply but due to sm misunderstanding she left him….n he started using drugs n soon he ran frm his house n settled in Mauritius….there his treatment is gng n due to alot of drugs he had a memory loss but
ragini:but wat
Aryan:he ddnt fgt the girl…..he has her sketches everywhere…..he loves her alot n always wish to see her atleast once
Ragini is shocked tears are flowing frm her eyes….she was misunderstanding him fr 2 years…Swasan just luk at her thy understand wat she was gng thru at the moment…..but Sanky was scared
Sanky’s pov
Now she knws the it was all a misunderstanding wat if she leaves me…i love her n i can’t loose her at any cost…..he had lost everyone his mom his dad he only has his sister n his love n wuldnt b able to loose any of thm…
Swara looked at him as if she was trying to share his pain thru her eyes….thr was an awkward silence among all of thm..
Ragini was just shocked by all tht she heard…..she nw knew wat all Saurav told her was the truth….he doubted him n his love but she knew nw things wer lyk meaningless nw she had only one person n tht was Sanskar her life
it was all lyk a,mystery she just culdnt ignore all tht happened as a coincidence……she wuldnt ever b happy knowing tht she has hurted smone so badly…..
She was the reason of Swalak’s argument ….she ddnt knw wat to do….
Swara hugs ragini n consoles her….
Swara;please ragini its enough already plz dnt cry…plz
Aara wer nw emotional too ….Aaradhya culdnt see her brother crying….she cried too n hugged Aryan n he hugged her back

the bell rings n Swara goes to open the door….she’s shocked to see Lucky n Saurav….She was trying hard to hide her tears aftr wat happened upstairs….she welcomed thm n askes thm to sit just thn Sanky n Ragini cm thr n gt shocked to see Saurav n Laksh….Ragini’s eyes were swollen already due to lot of tears….She held Sanky’s hand n fully tried to ignore Saurav
Laksh came to Ragsan…..n apologised fr wat he dd at the airport…
Laksh:Ragini i came hea to make things clear btn u n Saurav..bhaiyya tl ha sorry
Saurav:sorry i wont hurt uu again….please fgv me if possible..
Saurav leaves….ragini is in tears she hugs Sanky…Laksh excuses himself n goes to Swara…she’s in the kitchen she’s crying…he cms n hugs her frm behind n cries..she thn turns n hugs him tyt n cries
Swara:i love u lucky….plz dnt do tht evr to me again cz am gonna die
he keeps his finger on her lips
laksh:dnt speak abt dying okay…..i love u Swara.. I love uu…

Screen freezes on Ragsan n swalak separate faces

Precap:Aara’s nhokjhok
Ragini’s accident…

Credit to: Albina

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