My one n only (Chapter 6)


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Chapter 6
Swara’s Pov
i can’t tl this to Laksh as he won’t listen anythng against his stupid selfish brother…..but wat can i do???
I thnk i btr call Aryan….

She excuses herself saying she has to go the washroom…she runs to the washroom n calls Aryan
S:hello Aryan ….mere bhai hw r uu????
A:hi Swara…. Im fyn wat abt uu??Dd u reach Mauritius already??
S:no im still at the airport
A:ok tlm
S:i need smone’s details
…his name is Saurav Singhania…..wat he does??where he lives??with whom???every detail
A:ok meri bhen
S:i need by it by night

Ragini is tensed she thinks abt her meeting wid Saurav sanskar goes to her….
S:r u okay Ragu???
R:sanky i saw him
S:saw who??
S:where n y ddnt u tlm abt it??
R:remember at the airport i bumped into smone….tht guy is Saurav
S:The guy hu cheated on uu is Saurav Singhania
R:u knw him??
S:he’s lucky’s brother
Swara cms frm behind….
Shona:he’s ryt Saurav is Laksh’s brother
R:Laksh won’t blv us…will he??i mean hu wl b able to hear wrong against his own brother
Shona:we won’t tl Laksh anythng
Sanky:ya u r ryt….he won’t blv us anyways
Laksh cms thr
Laksh:what won’t i blv???
Swaragsan r shocked
swara:Laksh ac-
Laksh:u guys r hiding smthn frm me….wat dd Saurav bhaiyya do??…(all r silent) telme plz…
Sanskar:Saurav is the same guy who cheated on Ragini
(sanky tls evrythn abt saurav n ragu)Laksh is shocked …
L:bhaiyya cnt do this
Shona:see i told u hes nt gonna blv anyways…. N ya i hv decided tht im nt gng Mauritius …u guys can go
She leaves Ragu n sanky leave wid ha….Laksh is alone…he thnks to ask Saurav but thnks its a bad idea….bcz evn if he is wrng he wl nvr admit it….

Aryan n Aradhya r sitting together
aryan:Ms Egoistic Maheshwari
Aradhya:yes,Mr Arrogant Malhotra
Aryan:lets go for coffee aftr college
Aradhya:no i dnt want
Aryan:plz yaar….too much ego is injurious to health
Aradhya:its nt ego yaar…Sanky bhai is coming back tdy….i missed him alot so i wanna spend tym wid him
Aryan:okay(he gets sad)
she holds his hand n rests her hand on his shoulder …
Aradhya:lets bunk
Aryan in shocked tone:r u mad???
Aradhya:r u comin o not???if nt thn ill go wid karan
Aryan:no im coming no need of taking tht idiot wid uu
thy bunk
on the road
Aryan n Aradhya r holding hands n walking talking n laughing…
Swaragsan see thm…..thy go to thm…Aara r shocked
swasan:wat r u dng here???
Aara:actually –
swaragsan start laughing
Swaragsan:look at their faces
Aara start laughing
Aradhya:bhaiyya he’s my best frnd Aryan aka Mr Arrogant Malhotra
Aryan:Swara she’s my best frnd Aradhya aka Ms egoistic Maheshwari
thy all laugh n go at Malhotra Mansion
Swara’s mom opens the door Swara gts happy to see her she takes blessings frm her thn hugs her tyt….Ragsan takes her blessings too..thn Aaradhya
Swara introduces everyone
swara:Maa shes Aradhya ur future DIL
thy all laugh….Swara is internally sad as she nvr thought tht laksh wuldnt trust her

Credit to: Albina

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