My one n only (Chapter 5)


Chapter 5
R:i hate u Saurav…..blo*dy bastard
she left frm thr in tears…..her heart was totally broken but she ddnt show it to anyone n neither dd she share ths wid anyone
FB ends
Sanskar hugs her
sanky: its ok Ragu…evryone does mistake n plz dnt blame urself fr it…
R:sanky he used me….so its fyn if u leave atleast ill knw tht i was honest wid uu
S:hw cn u thnk lyk tht Ragu???I love uu n i always do no matter wat happens my feelings fr uu wl nvr change…
R:i love u too sanskar plz fgv me fr hiding such a big thing frm u …im sry
S:Ragini plz stop saying sorry okay please….i understand wat u r gng thru…but Ragini plz just trust me ill nvr do wat tht he dd…if u tlm ill nvr evn touch u Ragu
She kisses his,lips
R:i trust u alot sanky….i just need smtym to adjust
@Swalak room
Laksh is laying on the bed while Swara is resting her head on his chest…Laksh’s one hand is on her back n other caressing her hair….swara is smiling at him…
Swara:ek baat puchu??
S:hu is Alliya??
L:my frnd
S:u r too close to her aren’t uu??
L:plz swara dnt ask such questions??i love uu thn y wuld i b close to her
S:it was just a normal question coz i remember in our previous university i once saw u guys kissing
L:Swara we r in a relationship n myb its tym fr me nt to hide anything frm uu
S:wat u talking about!???
She sat properly having a bit distance frm lucky
L:i used to date Aliya…..we used to hv great tym …our relationship gt deeper each day…..but one day i came to knw tht she was cheating me wid my best frnd….so i left her
S:do u mean that deep relationship ???
L:wat do u mean?
S:dd u ever sleep wid her??
L:swara dd u smoke or r u drunk???
S:am srs…dd uu??
L:i ddnt mean tht deep idiot
S:idiot teri saas
S:kya hua
L:dd u just call ur mom idiot??
S:no i ddnt call mom an idiot
L:u just said idiot meri saas ryt??n ur mom is my saas
Swara hits him with the pillow …thy pillow fyt..
Laksh falls down n swara falls on him….thy r lost in each other’s eyes…swara cups his face n kisses his lips…he was first shocked as swara nvr let him kiss her…but thn without wasting the moment he hold her waist n kissed her passionetly……

The next day
swara is wearing a blue crop top wid black jeans her hair r open just a hairband puff at the front…with long high heeled boots
laksh is wearing a blue tshirt n black jeans
Ragini is wearing a short yellow dress her hair tied ponytail…with long yellow high heeled sandles
Sanky is wearing a yellow tshirt with black jeans
all r looking hot
thy all hv their breakfast n leave fr airport

at the airport
Ragini is walking wid sanskar…thy r holding hands busy talking but Ragini by mistakely bumps into a guy…
R:im sorry
the guy turns n Ragini is shocked to find its Saurav…sanskar dsnt see him he pulls Ragini n she leaves wid him….she recalls her meeting with Saurav n is tensed….
Swalak r behind Ragsan
Laksh sees Saurav n goes to him
thy hug
laksh introduces swara n Saurav….Saurav just smiles
L:bhaiyya we r gtng late i thnk we shuld leave
Swara is in thoughts….she tries to recall where he saw him before…thy she remembers he was the same guy hu was in Ragini’s photo album does it mean he is the same guy hu cheated on Ragu

screen freezes on Swara’s worried face
Precap:Laksh n Swara to confront Saurav

Credit to: Albina

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