My one n only (Chapter 4)


Chapter 4
principal angrily looks at ragsan n swalak
ragsanswalak:sir wats wrng???y r u luking at us this way???
P:bcoz u four are
thy four look on tensed
P:are choosed as the best students in the whole university n i dnt knw wat to reward uu…
All four:really sir??
Thy gt happy n hug each other
P:but thts nt the reason y i wanna reward uu
swarag:thn what’s is the reason???
P:bcoz of u four Our university is on the first rank out of 30 universities
thy all gt excited n hug each other thn hug the principal….he smiles asks thm to take their price
he gvs thm 4 tickets n visas fr Mauritius
principal:have fun
thy all gt happy n leave
all r at Swara’s apartment packing their stuffs as tmrw its their trip fr Mauritius
swalak n Ragsan r in two different rooms
@Ragsan’s room
Ragini is packing Sanskar’s bag…while sanskar is laying on the bed busy wid his phone…she gts angry n throwaway pillow on him
sanky in angry tone:kya hai ragu???
Ragu:im gtng tired of packing ur clothes…n u r busy wid ur phone instead of helping me….by the way wat r u dng???
Sanky:im chatting wid my girlfriends
Ragini is angry:fine thn call thm to pack for uu…im leavin
Sanky runs n close the door he blocks her….she ignores him….she took this srsly n tears wer continuously flowing frm her eyes….he gts closer n wipes her tears….he cups her face caresses her lips she closes her eyes n kisses her lips…she was passionately responds to his kisses he carries her to the bed he kisses her neck….he touchs …she feels uncomfortable she pushes him n was about to leave but he holds her hands n starts kissing her but she stops him
R:i can’t
S:wat happened Ragini !?
R:i can’t
S:wat cnt uu??
R:i can’t gv u wat u want
S:i dnt want anythng frm uu….Ur gtn me wrng
R:sorry sanskar….(she hugs him n cries)i had hide smthng frm uu
S:ragini plz dnt say sry n dnt cry please
she cries more but he hugs her tyt n consoles her
there is quite a long silence btn thm….Sanskar is sitting while ragini is hugging him tyt burying her face into his chest
S:Ragu wuld u lyk to share wid me abt wat happened
Ragini nods…she wipes her tears ,she turns on the otherside as she knew aftr saying myb she wl nvr b able to face him…
R:it’s abt two years ago wen i went mumbai fr vaccations in our farm house….i used to live there alone….
Ragini is walking on the road she bumps into a guy…n was abt to fall but he holds her
R:im so sorry…really am vry sorry
guy:no it’s ok….by the way r u okay???
R:ya(she tries to stand properly but she falls in his arms again)im sry
Guy:its ok lemme help uu…
He carries her in his arms n takes her to his bike..she feels abit uncomfortable but she dsnt say a word….
Guy:wer do u live?
Ragini gvs him the adress
Guy:really so we r neighbours house is just opposite to urs…bdw my name is Saurav
R:im Ragini
She feels so awkward….but he asks her to feel comfortable

N these way thy bcm best frnds n smdays later started dating….Ragini was blindly in love wid him….tht she culdnt hear anyone speaking wrong abt him
one day thy were at Ragini’s house…
R:im leaving tmrw Saurav
S:dw ill soon b in Kolkata thn ill cm to tok to ur mom n dad….
Ragu gts happy n hugs Him…he hugs her back
he kisses her neck..thn he lips he carries her to the bedroom n lays her on the bed
he kisses her passionately n thy finally consummate their love….the nxt day ragini thnks to postpone her ticket n gv a surprise to Saurav …..she goes at his house…she dsnt find anyone so she cms to his bedroom n shocked to see Saurav with another girl…
She slaps him n leaves

Credit to: Albina

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