My one n only (Chapter 3)


Chapter 3
2 days later
Trp University
the principal announces :the final exams….which r in 2 days….. Students the one hu fail this exams will b disqualified n won’t b in this university anymore……..
Evryone is shocked at this announcement…including Ragsan n swalak as thy all new tht final exams r always the tough ones…..
Thy decide to study all together at Swara’s apartment….thy decide to meet thr

@Swara’s apartment
swara is sitting touching her head… was spinning…she left the door unlocked n went in her room to take rest …ragini sanky n laksh came n found the door unlocked thy went inside…Lucky asked thm to sit n he’s gng to check on shona….he goes in her room n finds her fast asleep on her bed…..he sits beside her he finds a hair disturbing her ….he tucks it behind her ear..he caresses her face thn her lips….he kisses her lips n was about to leave but she holds his hand n he turns….she hugs him tyt n he hugs her back…she’s crying. He wipes her tears
L:Shona what’s wrong???y r u crying????(she dsnt answer instead she cries more) Shona plz stop crying plz….u r making me tensed now…plz shona tlm wat happened…..
Laksh’s pov
i was scared …..i had nvr seen shona in this state….i wonder wat hpnd to her…she was okay till morning….what happened to her all of a sudden
Swara:Laksh i miss mom n dad alot Laksh….
L:dont worry swara…the first semester is almost over..ull soon meet them…now stop crying n lets go down Ragsan r waiting
S:shit i almost evn fgt abt it
thy both go down….Ragsan hug Swara n ask her hw she’s feeling..
She smiles,n says she’s fyn
Thy start studing….swara tries hard to study but she could hardly concentrate.. everyone notices her tensed…..thy try to cheer her up but she just culdnt ignore wat she was feeling
Shona:guys i hv a feeling lyk smthn bad is gng to happen
Rag:swaru chill….nthng bad is gonna happen n we all hea na wid uu…so plz yaar chillax
Swara:ya myb it’s just tht im thinking alot
just thn her phone rings.she gts the call
Guy:is this Swara Malhotra
S:yes…whose this???
G:im doctor Rajveer
Raj:ur mom n dad got an accident today morning
S:what??how r thy??
Raj:don’t worry thy r both out of danger….we just needed to inform uu
S:can i tok to dad n mom??
Raj:ya sure…just a min
aftr smtym
S:hello papa
Dad:hw r u princess??
S:hw r u papa??papa im cmn back i dnt want to stay far frm u…
Raglaksan r shocked
Dad:im fyn princess n ur mom is fyn ….just sm normal bruises….n my princess is nt weak…u study hard shona n pass…..u hv to make us feel proud beta… hard…ur almost cmpltng ur first semester ryt thn u come back home n stay here wid us
S:papa….. I love uu n mama alot n missing u alot papa
Dad:i love uu too shona n take care..bye
the call disconnects Swara hugs Ragini n cries…Ragini hugs her back n consoles her

1 week later
The exams r done evryone is waiting fr results
swalak n Ragsan r called in the principal’s office all r tensed

Precap:holidays start
ragsan n swalak romance

Credit to: Albina

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