My one n only (Chapter 29)

Chapter 29
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Okay nw back to the story
Laksh gts a call frm Rags
Ragini:Laksh dd uu reach wer i instructed uu
Laksh:ya almost…
Ragini:okay…keep the call on speaker(he does so)now listen to me carefully….once uu reach thr thr ull find a white jeep the key is ryt in the car….ull all shift to tht car…n most important thng as uu step out off ur before entering the jeep make sure u remove the sim cards frm ur phone n throw thm away….remember one thng uu all shuld throw ur sim cards n as far as uu cn….do not do any mistake plz

thy all respond in okay…
Laksh drives n reach at the instructed place…thy gt off the car n remove the sim card n throw in different n leave in the other car ths tym Swaradhya sit behind while Laksh n Aryan sit infront…..ths tym Aara wer abit comfortable…thy soon Reach at a big godown wer Ragini had called thm…thy gt down n enter the godown….
Ragini cms frm behind n closes the door…
Laksh:wl u pls tl us wats gng on Ragini??
Ragini:listen guys ths is the biggest task Since i hv joined police force…the reason y i called uu here n nt in the police station is tht thr are lots of spies thr n tht includes Adarsh…..Adarsh is the most close person to the international underworld don, Asaf……..
All r shocked…..
Aryan:but hw cn we help???
Ragini:okay listen to me…Asaf khan is cmng india tdy officially landing in kolkata…his hea fr a vry big mission n we gotta stop him……now im gonna gv uu all a job…so wl uu all support me..
Swara:wat about Sanskar??
Ragini:i thnk it wuld b btr if he reveals himself thn me revealing it….
Ragini:plz guys…
Laksharyan:okay wat do we need to do…
Ragini:first work wl b off Aradhya….Aradhya dd uu bring the tracking device….
Aradhya:yes i dd…
Ragini:gud now….Swalak u two wl go to the premt(asaf Khan’s landing place)and anyhow throw the tracking device on their car n immediately aftr uu do tht we wl gt their location but remember uu need to b vry careful….no any mistake
Ragini:Aryan ur work is to create a jam…..ull hack all the traffic lights n make a terrible jam so tht Asaf khan wl have no other choice but to pass ths way….
Aryan:okay i gt uu…

Precap:last chapter

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Credit to: Albina


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