My one n only (Chapter 28)


Chapter 28
Sanskar breaks the hug
S:sry Ragini but i cnt gt back wid uu
R:but y Sanskar??i love uu n i know u too love me….thn wat is the problem??
S:Ragini if u truly love me thn plz dnt ask me these questions…am sry
S:Ragini u hv my oath plz dnt ask me any question….
Just thn his phone rings..
S:hello bhai
caller:whr r uu??
S:am at the tea stall
caller:cm fast we gotta meeting…
S:ill b ryt thr..
The call gts disconnected …he calls Laksh
S:Laksh im here at ths pace main road cn u plz cm pick me up
L:am gng smwer thru the same road ill pick uu up thr..
He cuts the call…
Sanskar turns to Ragini….hu was crying continuously… He hugs her…
S:i love uu Ragini….n tht is y i care fr uu….im protecting uu frm uu by staying far frm uu… I always dd n ill always do…now listen to me Laksh is gonna reach here ryt away…u go wid thm okay i gotta leave
Ragini nods

Sanskar:now thats lyk my gal….now gv me ur pretty smile so tht i cn leave…
She smiles…he kisses her forehead n leaves…
Just thn Swalak reach thr….Swara notices Ragini’s leg…she gts down n helps Ragini to sit in the car…she sits back wid Ragini.
Laksh:Ragini wer is Sanky??
She dsnt answer

Swara:Ragini wer is he?
R:he left..she starts crying n hugs Swara
Swara:Ragini wat happened??
Laksh:Ragini dd smthng happen to Sanskar??
Just thn Laksh gts a call frm an unknown no.
sanky:hey lucky…its me Sanskar
Laksh:OMG uu btr called…wl uu tl me wer the heck u r??
Sanskar:first lemme talk to Ragini..
Laksh passes the phone to Ragini….
Sanskar:Ragini listen to me carefully do not react
he tls her smthng in mute…
Sanskar:i said do not react now listen tl Sanskar n Laksh not to call me my phone is tracked thy cn hear evrythng uu tok to me…
Ragini:Sanskar plz take care of urself
Swalak gt happy to see her concern fr Sanky….
Sanskar:Ragini ill call uu back vry soon….tl thn do everything according to wat i told uu…
The call gts disconnected

Ragini:drop me at the police station…fast
Swara:but wat about ur wound??
Ragini:u both r cmng wid me
Laksh takes a u turn n goes to the police station…
Ragini:listen none of uu is gonna call or text Sanskar….his phone is tracked okay….n Swara remember one thng neither yuvi nor Adarsh should knw abt ths…
Drop me thn go brng Aryan n Aradhya ….we need both of thm….

Swara:okay Ragini….
Thy drop Ragini at the police station…
Swara gts Yuvi’s call she’s tensed she decides nt to pick his call…
Laksh:y r u so tensed??whose call is it
Swara:Yuvi’s ….wat wl i tl him??i btr nt pick his call…
Laksh:if u dnt he wl gt suspicious….just pick it up n tl him u r wid me…
She hesitantly picks up the call.
Yuvi:where r u Swara??i cm home almost 10 tyms u r not around im texting uu n urnt replying….n nw im calling uu u took so much tym to pick…wat r uu upto??
Swara:woh wid Laksh we had to sort out sm stuffs so yah….once im back home ill inform uu okay…
Yuvi:ufff!!okay…plz do inform me…

Immediately aftr she cuts the call she gts Adarsh’s call…she gts it…
Adarsh:wer is Ragini???im trying to reach her since last nyt but she isn’t Picking…..n ur phone was busy too…wer r the f**k r uu guys…
Now Swara was fed up she couldn’t take it anymore
Swara:we r in the hell….u wanna join….n by the way am Ragini’s sister not her watchman so uu btr mind ur toungue…stop f**king up ma mind ..
She cuts the call
laksh was shocked to see her angry he passed her the water bottle
Laksh:come down Swara….chillax okay…
Swara:i wonder wats gng on wat Ragsan r upto y thy told us nt to inform Yuvi n Adarsh…
Laksh:im sure thy hv a strong reason
thy reach Malhotra Mansion….
Swara goes inside…she finds Aryan having bf…
Swara:Let’s leave Aryan….i hope Ragini has called uu..
Aryan:ya she dd…im ready lets leave..
thy leave …

At Maheshwari Mansion
Aradhya gts a call frm Ragini
Ragini:Aradhya i knw urnt a hacker anymore….but we rly need uu now …..its about saving a thousands of lives…..plz help us plz
Ragini:plz if nt fr us thn atleast fr all the innocent lives
Ragini:gud be ready Swalak must b on their way thr…
She wears a green long sleeved short crop top….with black jeans simply plated hair…she bids bye to kaka n goes out n just thn Swalak reach….Aradhya gts pissed finding Aryan thr but she recalls Ragini’s words n realises tht she has no any other choice…
She climbs up the car but dsnt gv evn a single glance to Aryan…
Aryan gts irritated by the way she acts….

Precap:Sanskar’s real Identity…

Credit to: Albina

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