My one n only (Chapter 27)


Chapter 27
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Laksh drops Swara at home yuvi watches ths frm far ……
Yuvi:i wonder wat kind of heart does Swara have…..Laksh hurts her so much but she loves him….n i love her so much but she nvr evn turns at me…
Laksh kisses on her cheek…
L:g9t babes
S:g9t hun
she goes inside….N by mistakely bumps into Aryan who was holding holi colours all of it falls on him
Swara:im sorry
Aryan:No shona im sorry fr all the tym tht i hurted uu
he hugs her n shes totally in shock
Swara:Aryan plz dnt b sorry u ddnt do anythng wrong….
aryan:plz Swara dnt stop me frm asking forgiveness or else ill die of guilt….Laksh told me everything tht he’s the one hu left uu it wasnt ur fault…
Swara is shocked….
Swara hugs him back…
Swara:u should b guilty Aryan….but the reason should b Aradhya…u hurted her alot Aryan since uu left her she ddnt step out of her room…she dsnt talk to anyone …..she dsnt eat unless she’s fed forcefully…she has become so pale n dull just bcz u left her Aryan…if u r really guilty thn go ask frgvness frm Her Aryan….she loves uu.
Swara goes away…Aryan gts thinking
in forest
Ragini n Sanskar have fallen asleep in Ragini is resting her head on his chest n her hands r around him…Sanskar’s hand around her waist n other below his head ….its dark but their love n passion has lighten all across…
At Malhotra Mansion
Swara calls Laksh…he gts it
S:dd u reach home already??
L:ya babes…
L:wat fr??
S:fr bringing my old brother back….but u srsly ddnt hv to lie..
L:no swara i ddnt lie to him….i simply told him the truth..the truth which thy should hv known before..n i love uu okay i cn do anythng to protect uu..
S:thanks fr being thr fr me…
L:babes wl u stop saying thnx n sorry aftr evry sentence
S:ok sorry i won’t repeat….oh god sorry i fgt again….
L:Shona u r crazy…
S:lol i knw tht
L:so let meet up tmrw…
S:its nt possible….i hv to find out about some case…
L:Oh okay!!
He sounded abit low…swara could sense it…
S:but i hv an idea…
S:we cn go tgthr to find out about this case…my work wl be done n we wl also spend smtym tgthr
L:mmhh!!great seems lyk in ths four years u gt a great sense of humour…
S:i hate uu laksh..
L:i love uu too..
She was now blushing….
S:okay gudnyt…sweet drmz
L:same to uu babes.. Mwaaaaaaah..
S:wat r u dng??
L:kissing my phone screen….
S:u r crazy…
L:just lyk uu..
S:okay now bye…
Its almost 2am
Maheshwari mansion
Aryan knocks the door…kaka opens fr him.
Aryan:kaka is Aradhya around.. Kaka:she hasnt stepped out of her room fr almost 2 years now….hw do u expect her nt to b around??
Aryan:Kaka cn i meet her once??
Kaka nods…
Aryan walks inside he recalls all his moments wid Aradhya….hw he broke up wid her fr his carrier..he slowly opens the door of Aradhya’s room…he slowly enters inside…the room is fully dark just opposite to wat it used to be…he slowly walked n switched on the light..the room was clean n neat looked lyk thr was no one living in thr.. Thn he saw Aradhya sitting in one corner of the bed…she had her eyes closed vry tyt seems lyk she couldnt stay in light…
Aradhya:Kaka plz switch of the light
she sounded really low…
Aryan walked to her n removed the coat tht he was wearing n kept on their heads(Aashique type)
Aryan:now is it okay…
Aradhya slowly opened her eyes n gts shocked seeing Aryan…she throws the coat
Aradhya:wat r u dng in my room??gt out….
Aryan:i cm to ask frgvness….Aradhya plz fgv me..
Aradhya:if u r done u may leave
Aradhya:get out Mr.Aryan Malhotra n nvr dare show me ur face evr again…get tht…now gt out…
He leaves…
Aradhya shuts the door n switches off the light…
She calls Swara
Swara:hello Aaro
Aradhya:he was here..
Swara:i knw Aradhya ….dd uu tok to him??
Aradhya:he’s not guilty fr wat he dd….its all a drama
Swara:No Aradhya….he’s really sorry

Next morning…
In the forest
Ragini wakes up n finds herself in Sanky’s arms….she feels comfortable but awkward too…she slowly removes him hand frm her waist…n tries to stand but falls on him…he wakes up..
Sanskar:wats up wid uu??
Ragini: Am sry…i by mistakely fell
Sanskar:if u lyk to be so close to me evrtym then just say it plz dnt fall on me evrytym…
Ragini:oh plz!!am nt intrested in falling on uu evrytym…
Sanskar:wl u be able to walk
Ragini:ya ill
Sanskar:okay lets see…go on
Ragini angrily looks at him n stands…her leg was hurting but her ego stopped her frm crying…Sanskar could feel her pain so without a word he stood n took her in his arms in a bride style…he starts walking
she looks at his hand tht was full of wounds
Ragini:Sanskar thrs no need of ths …..i cn walk
Sanskar:oh meri jangli billi i cnt tk the risk of uu falling on me again cz im sure u gonna brake me..
Ragini angrily looks at him..
Ragini:i hate uu…u r such a dog
Sanskar:n u r such a wild cat…jangli billi
Ragini:Sanskar plz stop calling me tht…
Ragini:cz i hate it
Sanskar:i knw truth is always bitter..
Ragini:waise cn i ask u smthng???
Sanskar:ya ya….i was born to answer uu..
Ragini:OMG!!u r just too much..
Sanskar:okay okay sorry…u cn ask me
Ragini:urnt a goon ryt??who do uu work for??wats ur motive??
Sanskar:u r ryt am nt a goon…but am sry i cnt tl uu anythng else….u cn ask me anythng
Sanskar:ya anythng
Ragini:do uu still love me??
He gts shocked…thy share an intense eyelock…
Ragini:answer me Sanskar…do u still hv the same feelings tht u uses to hv fr me before..
Sanskar looks away..
Sanskar:i don’t..
Ragini:thn look into my eyes n say it…
Sanskar:we hv reached the main road we cn take a cab now…
he sees a bench…he walks to it n makes her sit thr..
He avoids eye-contact wid her…
S:Ragini u sit here ill go find a cab okay…
R:Sanskar dnt call me Ragini….it dsnt suit uu…call me wat uu always do..
S:Ragini plz..
Ragini goes on her knees n holds Sanky’s hand…
Ragini:Sanskar we know each othr fr more than 10 years….u hv always been thr as my best frnd n smtys as a soulmate…Sanskar i swear evn aftr we broke up i nvr stopped loving uu….i loved uu thn ,i love uu now n ill always do…
He makes her stand n she hugs him

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Credit to: Albina

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