My one n only (Chapter 26)

Chapter 26
Ragini:Sanskar lt me clear thng to uu…..i dnt hv any other relationship wid Adarsh more thn frndshp….
Adarsh:Ragini he killed alot of ppl n nw he’s planning to kill me too…
Ragini:No Adarsh…..i knw Sanky vry well he cn nvr evn think of killing anyone…
Adarsh:u dnt blv me ryt thn watch ths…
He shows a video to Ragini wer Sanskar is fighting wid goons n killing thm vigorously..
Ragini hugs Adarsh n cries
FB ends
Ragini:u r a murderer
Sanskar:wat u thnk abt me will neither change me nor my feelings…but lemme tl uu wat exactly happened tht i knew ur reality..
Sanskar gts a video wer Adarsh n Ragini r hugging….he thought myb it was a lie n went to check on his own….he went Malhotra Mansion n wat he saw was unbelievable Adarsh was laying on the couch while Ragini was on top of him…
FB Ends
Ragini:R u mad???i by mistakely fell on him
Sanskar:n wat about tht video??
Ragini:i thnk smone was trying to trap me
Sanskar:or myb smone was trying to break us apart….

At the restaurant
Laksh goes on his knees…Swara is shocked but happy too
Laksh:Swara i hv always hurted uu n hv always realised my mistake vry late… very sorry fr all tht i hv done in past fr all the wounds that i hv caused uu…
Swara wl uu gv me a chance to rectify all tht i dd….a chance to heal all the wounds tht i hv caused….Will uu marry me Shona??Will uu marry me n bcm Mrs.Swara Laksh Singhania??
Swara happily nods n laksh makes her wear a diamond ring…
She hugs him n he hugs him back….

In the forest
Ragini is in thoughts….
Sanskar:Ragini tht video u wer shown was real but uu nvr evn tried to knw reason behind uu just randomly judged me
Ragini:n so dd uu
sanky:there’s no point in fighting or arguing……this is all clear smone was just trying to separate us
Ragini:n he/she obviously succeeded in it …. But hu cn it b??
Ragini:look sanky i knw u hate him but tht dsnt mean u cn accuse him for anythng
Sanskar:Ragini dnt thnk as a frnd thnk as an ACP
Ragini thinks fr a while
Ragini:but y wuld he do tht??
Sanskar:bcoz he loves uu
Ragini:wat nonsense Sanskar??
Sanskar:Ragini if he ddnt love uu thn y dd he always tl uu to stay away frm??y he always used go away wen we r togethr??simple its due jelousy n jelousy is either caused by love or hatred
Ragini:so u trying to say that-
sanky:am saying he either loves uu or hates me
Ragini:Or myb both
Sanskar:ths is wat i was trying to explain…..but u r a tube light u take alot of tym to understand..
Ragini:kutha im nt a tube light okay…
Sanskar:i knw u cnt b tube light n jangli billi at the same tym
thy both end up laughing
for how long thy had waited fr laughing ths way….fr hearing their name frm the ppl thy love the most…..though thy ddnt speak it up but their heart their face their smile n their eyes all expressed their love,affection n passion fr each other….
Their eyes spoke Wat their lips couldn’t….it was just thm thy had a chance but thy both felt weird….

On the other side
Swalak n sitting on a bench…
Swara was resting her head on his chest while he entwined their hands….
Laksh:it must’ve been hard fr uu isnt it??
Swara:it is Laksh……Since u left Aryan ddnt evn look at me he ddnt say evn a word…mom ddnt either..
Laksh:but it wasnt ur fault..
Swara:it was my fault ….thts y u wer pissed too n ddnt tok to me fr all those years..
Laksh:No baby it wasnt ur fault…..n ya ill make sure no one blames u anymore …..

Laksh had always promised Swara nvr to hurt her or lt her cry….he promised to trust her n nvr leave her side but he could nvr fulfil it…
Hope ths tym their relationship works out….i just hope Laksh wont break his promise or Swara’s heart ever again…..

Precap:Yuvi’s reaction on Swalak’s engagement…..
Adarsh plan a conspiracy against Sanskar…..

Hi guys…
Vry sorry fr posting it late…
N guys thnk u so much fr ur comments ….
Love uu all<3<3 Credit to: Albina

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