My one n only (Chapter 25)


Chapter 25
In a restaurant…
Laksh leads Swara to a small table in a quiet restaurant a late hour fr dinner mist of the tables r empty….he pulls out her chair….she sits n he sits across her
the only light was frm a well placed candles….a waiter approaches thm n without saying a word he pours thm red wine n leaves the bottle…no menus….
Laksh had ordered frm thm in advance….there wl b no interruption by the wait staff aside frm the bringing n cleaning the courses
he watchesas she sips the wine…she notices ths n blushes..a shy smile slips out….he loves watching her.A voyeur looking into a secret world…
He smiles warmly back as if it was to comfort her. It does she starts enjoying his gaze soaking in it…feeling hia eyes over her….from his eyes move over her…Frm her eyes to her nose,cheeks,lips,the curve of her neck, slope of her shoulders….her chest the tiny bit of cleavage just picking out of her dress….again she blushes ths tym so does he….back to sipping the wine..
Thy share an eyelock across the table…evrythng around thm fades away…thy r lost in the depth of each other’s eyes…she could feel his desire n so culd he…it wasn’t was calm gentle n controlled
they culd barely notice the waiter as he places the first course btn thm it was a simple plate full of cheese n fruits….he watched her as she smiled heartedly…
Their dinner Plate arrives…thy share each other’s meal…his rich n heavy….hers is lighter n bold…thy eat slowly sipping the wine throughout. Thy eat in silence,their meals devoured
a single desert to share.A single spoon…he feeds her a small bite creamy n rich..she cnt help it but smile wid pleasure..her innocent pleasure made its way across the tiny table straight to his heart…how cn help it but to love her?
He himself takes a large bite with an enthusiasm of a child….she laughs quietly at his playfulness
another bite fr her was larger than before….some is left on her lips. He reaches towards her b4 she cn raise the napkin
he softly touches her lips n leans down….he kisses her softly tasting the sweetness of desert mixed wid the sweetness of her…
Evrythng around them fades away….thy r in their universe. Locked in a kiss…time standing still…

In the forest
Ragini is walking alone thinking about Sanskar’s words….hw he left her 4 years ago saying she was cheating on him…she gts angry n walks thru the deeper jungle the deeper she went the darker it became…but she ddnt care she thought it was atleast better thn staying Sanskar….she by mistakely steps on a throne web…her leg gts stucked in thr…she screams….
Sanskar cms thr n slowly removes the throne web while removing he gets hurt too but dsnt care he finally removes it…He starts leaving n Ragini also starts walking behind him but due to the wounds caused by the thrones she could she falls each tym…
Sanskar cms n takes her in arms….his arm is full of wounds but he dsnt care….he walks n Ragini looks at him lovingly …he notices ths
He walks in silence n she keeps on staring at him….thy walk to a cave…he makes her sit on a log in the cave….he switches on the flashlight he sits down opposite to Rags…he touches her feet n winces in pain due to the thrones….but suddenly her sight shifts to his hand…alot of blood is flowing from his hand she hurriedly takes his hand on her laps she removes her scarf n ties his wound….thy r lost in each other’s eyes….evrythng fades away nw it was just the two of thm alone….Sanskar mind again flashes to wen Ragini choosed Adarsh over him…he gts angry n looks away
he dsnt reply….Ragini feels bad as he ignores her…he stands to leave
Ragini:Sanky???…..u hand was hurt but u ddnt care n carried me till here…y???
Sanskar:i dd this fr the sake of humanity….dnt gt mistaken
Ragini:thn fr the sake of humanity atleast dnt turn ur back on me.
Sanskar turns around n gvs her an intense look…her eyes r nw full of tears she luks Down so tht he won’t notice
Sanskar:Ragini u shuld knw one thng …..ths crocodile tears of urs won’t work on me….n by the way im nt lyk uu to turn my back on ppl especially wen thy need me..
Ragini:i nvr turned my back on anyone sanky….so plz stop taunting me fr smthng tht i nvr dd
sanky:Seriously Ragini??ur dramaz nvr end do thy??
Ragini:Sanskar im talking to uu politely dsnt mean ull tok any nonsense n ill just silently listen okay…
Sanskar:ohhh really??
Ragini:Sanskar plz
nw thy both stay silently fr smtym…
Sanskar:y Ragini???y dd u do ths to me???y dd u choose him over me??
Ragini:bcoz u r a goon Sanskar…..u kill ppl u r a murderer.
Sanskar:but tht was aftr u chose Adarsh over me…
Ragini is shocked….

Precap:laksh to propose Swara….Ragsan sweet moments……Adarsh n yuvi to plan against Sanlak

Credit to: Albina

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