My one n only (Chapter 23)

Chapter 23
Swara goes to Ragini
swara:Aryan is nvr gng to fgv he???
Ragini:wen his misunderstanding wl b over he wl b vry sry ……
Swara:i hurted evryone alot….no one talks to me here except u n dad…..n yuvi.
She breaks down …..Ragini consoles her…
Ragini:plz Swara dsnt matter hw many ppl r by ur side….as long as u knw tht u r ryt…
Swara:i hurted him Ragu…..n see he left me…

in a big mansion
a guy btn 23-24 is seen sleeping on a big round bed…the room is full of awards….a guy btn 22-24 walks in the room….n goes to the guy sleeping
guy:laksh yaar……ur show is gonna start aftr half an hour n u r stl sleeping here plz wake up….n i hv stl lot of work to do…i cnt stick around ur works only so plz wake up..
Laksh:sanky yaar mere bhai….mere jigar ka tukda tu har bat pe lecture kyun deta hai….
Sanskar:me teri gf nahi hu jo tujhe kiss karke uthaunga…just wake up i hv to leave…
Laksh:ok bhai tu jeet gaya
saying ths he goes to the washroom…
Sanskar to himself:i hv to talk to Swara….
He calls Swara….
Swara:hello sanky..
Sanskar:swara hu is fighting fr Tina’s case….
Swara:actually there’s no any lawyer hu wants to fight fr her case…so Ragini n Yuvi hv advised me to fight fr it…
Sanskar:perfect i hv sm info abt the case n sm proofs tht ths was a murder….ill mail it to uu
Swara:hws he??
Sanskar:he’s fyn.. But couldn’t move on yet…
Swara:okay bye…

Laksh:hu culdnt move on yet??
Sanskar gts shocked to see Laksh
sanskar:smone…okay now gt ready n lts hv sm breakfast
he was about to leave but Laksh stops him
Laksh:it was her ryt??
Sanskar nods…
Laksh:i hv moved on okay??? I dnt love her anymore….she cheated on me…i hate her
Sanskar:u love her thts y wat uu thnk she dd to uu stl hurts uu…Laksh u love her n she also loves uu n ths feeling won’t be changed by ur words or by ignoring her….
Laksh:i gv her a chance to prove if she truly loved me…
Sanskar:true love dsnt need any proof…true love cn only be sensed…..Laksh u nvr understood her n ull nvr do….her love is pure lyk the rain…Laksh one day u wl regret fr all the tyms uu hurted her….
He leaves….

Swara is working on her laptop just thn ahe gts a txt msg frm Laksh
she gts happy
laksh:hw r uu??
Swara:okayish wat abt uu??
Laksh:same here…
Swara:okay telme…
Laksh:cn we meet fr a coffee??
Laksh:ill pick uu at 5
Swara:well thn okay..
Swara:ya bye…
She jumps in excitement….but she decides nt to tl anyone about it…

On the road
Ragini’s car tyre gts punctured..
Ragini:Shit man!!…
She calls Adarsh
Ragini:yaar Adarsh meri car ka tyre puncture hogaya….tu kaha hai cm pick me up … opposite to the ap road…
Adarsh:okay ill b ryt thr….
Ragini gts off the car….she’s wearing a red crop top wid blue jeans….her hair r open…
Sm guys pass comments on her…she gts angry n starts arguing wid thm….thy call other guys n wer about to touch her but smone cms thr n beats the guys….n tht person is non other thn Sanskar…
Thy beat him n ths tym he overpowers thm n beats thm worse thn bfr…thy all run away…
Ragini turns to Sanskar
sanky:tum apna chapar chapar band nahi Kar sakti….aaj me nahi hota to yeh log na jane tera kya karte..
Ragini:mene tumhe koi invitation card nahi bheja tha mujhe bachane ke liye…i cn protect myself…myb ur forgetting tht im ACP Ragini Malhotra….n u r a goon hu just knws hw to kill ppl without any reason…..u knw am scared of uu even more thn the goons…
Sanskar:OMG!!!great news jangli billi is scared of me…
He gts closer to her n holds her by her waist..
Just thn Adarsh cms thr n gts angry seeing thm so close…
Sanskar:keep one thng in ur mind….i hate uu more thn anythng or anyone in ths world….
He pushes her..
Ragini:thn y dd uu cm to save me??
Sanskar:i would hv done ths evn if it was any other girl besides uu…

Thy share an angry eye lock…

Precap:swalak date n Ragsan’s nxt argument

wl ths date n arguments brng thm close??
Wl the ppl behind their break up be the reason fr their patch up???

Fr knowing more plz continue reading My one n only

guys thnk uu so much fr loving ths traxk too….love uu so much ill try my best to ryt a better thn bfr…n nvr ever disappoint uu….
Love uu all so much
take care
<3<3 Credit to: Albina


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