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My one n only (Chapter 21)


Chapter 21
hi guys thnk u so much fr reading n commenting……dont know abt others but fr me my reader’s n commenters r my boosters…thnk u so much
love u all <3<3 ok now lts gt back to the story.. Ragini recalls Sanky's words....she gts angry n tears roll down her cheeks .... Laksh sees her standing at the balcony....he goes n stands beside her... Laksh:Ragu dnt tk Sanky's words srsly...he said evrythng out of anger Ragu:ppl usually say the truth wen thy r angry.. Laksh:yaar chor na usko....he ddnt say it intentionally waise bhi its mistake of ur stupid joke...i was angry too Ragu:but u ddnt act tht way... Laksh:Ragini....Sanskar loves uu alot... Ragini:u too love Swara.....but uu ddnt tl ha so... Laksh:my story is different.... Ragini:so u wanna tlm if u wer wid Swara u wuld hv done tge same.... Swara cms frm behind Swara:he would hv done worse... Raglak turn to her.. Sanskar cms thr too... Swara:Ragini...laksh is ryt our story is different......n ur story is different... Ragini:no its nt... Laksh:sanskar has been wid uu in ur toughest tyms....while i left Swara alone in her toughest tyms... Sanskar:but u r regretting fr dng tht... Swara:our love has no future... Ragini:but it has a present.....n remember Swara a worse past makes a better future... Sanskar:u hv gone thru lots of hurdles in ur relationship....n ths hs make ur relationship more stronger.... Swalak share a deep eyelock while Ragsan smirk at each other.. Ragini:atleast he's nt lyk Sanskar....anyways smone special told me if u b scared of ur future u'll always loose whatever u hv in present... Swara recalls tlng Ragini ths... She leaves....laksh leaves too.. Sanky:i was ryt u r a jangli billi..... Ragini:aur tu jangli kutha thy both go either directions Sanskar :Me kutha hu tu meri kuthiya he Ragini:shut up Sanskar in naughty tone:chhori chumma to Deti jaa.. She punches him n goes away.. Sanskar smiles n thnks their plan is gng well planned... Swara in her room recalls Ragsan's words n thnks to gv her relationship wid Laksh a chance ..... The next morning Swara's apartment evryone is silently having the breakfast.....swara breaks the silence Swara:Laksh i...actually i was- Laksh:bolo swara.... Swara:u wer to gt engaged ryt?? Laksh:im sry Swara....but ot was all a lie...i thought i wuld gt uu by making u jelous.....the plane sits n living In plan was Ragsan's plan to make us gts sry sry but im fed up i cnt force uu to b wid me..i knw i was wrng n tht u cn nvr fgv me n ill nvr b able to gt uu back so i hv decided to take another apartment fr rent ...... Ragsan n Swara r shocked Swara starts crying.... Laksh goes away... At the university Swara is in the library...she sits in one corner silently....she's reading a law book...just thn yuvi sits infront of her....thy dnt look at each other .... Half an hour Later... Ragini goes to sit beside Swara..she dsnt bother to look at Yuvi... Ragini:Swara yaar....aur kitna ignore karegi Swara:im nt ignoring okay???im just busy now go lemme study... Yuvi recognised this voice n lift up his head....n he was shocked to see Swaragini... Yuvi:hey Swara looks at him absentmindedly... Swara:hey...(She turns to Ragini)Ragini plz leave me alone i dont wanna talk to anyone of uu... Swara leaves Ragini gts sad yuvi:hey....wat happened to her?? Ragini recalls their meeting at the cafe Ragini:u r the cafe guy ryt?? yuvraj frnds call me Yuvi... Ragini:my name is Ragini....frnds call me Ragu or sry but i really need to leave she leaves Adarsh cms to yuvi... Adi:kya yaar bol nahi sakta kaha ja raha he??pata he mene tujhe sab jage dhoonda or tu yaha library mein beta hai.. Yuvi:she studies in ths college yaar Adarsh:kon?? Yuvi:Swara Adarsh:kon Swara??? Yuvi:woh cafe wali girl yaar....she's different yaar smthng attaches me too her...i dnt knw why but i cnt just avoid ths feelings Adarsh:haha bhai tu pagal ho gaya hai.... Swara cms out of the library n bumps,into Laksh....laksh tries to talk but she ignores him.....he gts angry n pulls her... Swara:Laksh leave me.. Laksh:stop ignoring me.. Swara:i wasnt ignoring uu.... Laksh:thn wat wer u dng?? Swara:im busy...lemme go. Laksh:acha busy dng wat.....wat makes uu so busy tht u ddnt attend any classes since morning?? Swara:dsnt matter Laksh:myb it dsnt matter to uh....but lemme tlm uu smthng i love u swara n evrythng related to uu means alot to me.. Swara:i love uu too Laksh ... She hugs him...Ragsan smile n hug too.. Precap:nt yt decided

Credit to: Albina

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