My one n only (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2
Laksh n swara r sitting on the corridor a girl cms n hugs laksh…..Swara gts angry…..she leaves frm thr..laksh notices this n goes to Swara…..he keeps hands on her shoulder but she jerks it away….she goes away…..she continously notices Laksh wid other girl…..shes hurt…she herself couldnt understand what this feeling was but whatever it was it hurted her alot she couldnt take it anymore….she went in the class….n sat on her chair she layed her on her table n cried…..she ddnt really understand y ths frndshp was costing her so much …..dd her frndshp turn into love???….was she in love wid lucky???she was confused
She went to the secretary n took a sick sheet n went home…..
Lucky on the other hand was so tensed as he couldn’t find Swara anywhere….Ragsan go to him saying tht thy culdnt find her either…just thn Ragini gts a message
R:swara said she’s at home…..n said tht shes gng mumbai as her mom isn’t feeling well…
Laksh is shocked…..he bunks frm school n goes at Swara’s appartment he knocks first but he finds no responce so he opens n is shocked to see it open….he knws swara so well …..he knws she can nvr leave her apartment door open …….he gts inside n locks the door he looks fr her everywhere but she’s no where to b seen…..he finally remembers he ddnt check he bedroom …he hurriedly goes in her room….shes not there too…dd she leave really???….but thn he turns n finds Swara thr laying on the floor….he hurriedly runs to her….he finds her very hot…..
Laksh’s pov
She has fever ……obviously she cant sleep down it just simply means she has fainted ….
He finds water on the stool beside her bed he sprinkles on her face….she slowly opens her eyes n luks at Laksh
L:swara r u ok???(she nods)swara plz don’t evr leave me tht way ill die….i love u Shona…..i love uu….
She smiles n he hugs her n she hugs him back
The way she smiled n hugged me back it simply meant she also loves i was just waiting fr her to reply……but her hand slipped she was lying there unconscious i ddnt knw wat to do …..i called sanky n Ragu n told thm to bring a doc asap
Aftr 15 mins thy came
the doctor checked her n said……she’s fyn she just needs rest n plz do not let her take lots of stress……i gave a sigh of relief…she was fyn my Swara was fyn…..but she was in tht state coz of me……
Laksh pov ends

Ragsan excuse themselves thy both go out……thy sit on the stairs…ragini is holding Sanskar’s hand n resting her head on his shoulder
he feels,lyk current passing thru his veins he smiles..n luks at her…he thnks to pull her leg n to make sure if she loved him o not
S:i wanna tl u smthn vry important
S:i love smone Ragu
Ragini is shocked
Ragini’s pov
….i dnt knw why but ths words hurted me alot…..i dnt knw y he told me….i ddnt knw tht he cn also b interested in smone else…..i culd feel lyk this words have stopped my heart beat……i ddnt realise but tears wer flowin out of my eyes …..i love him… heart told me this n made me cry more…..bcz if it is the truth thn my heart wl break
Ragini’s pov ends
sanky noticed her tears
S:y u crying?
S;i knw u very well…n ik u r lying
R:y ddnt u tl me tht u love smone???
S:u shuld b happy fr me…..y r u crying Ragu tlm
R:bcoz i….i
S:do u love me Ragu?
R:it dsnt matter
S:it does
S:bcoz i love uu
Ragini gts happy n hugs him tyt
R:i love u too sanky…n i hate uu fr makin me cry
he hugs her back
on the other hand
Swara:y ddnt u tl me bfr
L:bcoz i was scared ull say no
S:i love u idiot
Laksh hugs her n she hugs him back
L:i love u too

precap:wl the results separate Ragsan n Swalak???

Credit to: Albina

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