My one n only (Chapter 15)


Hi guys hw r uu??
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Guys i wanna clear sm misunderstanding..

Swara is the daughter of Shomi n Raj Malhotra

Laksh is the son of Damini n Rahul Singhania

Ragini is the daughter of Janki n shekhar Gadodia…

Sanskar is the son of Ap n Dp Maheshwari(but thy died in a car accident )

Nw here r link fr the previous chapters

Ragini n Sanky go Gadodia Mansion….Shekhar opens the door n welcomes thm….Janki does their aarti …Shekhar looks at Sanskar wid guilt n apologises to him….
Sanskar:plz uncle dnt apologise u r elder to me …..i shuld be sorry uncle plz fgv me….
Shekhar:No dnt …..u r lyk a son to us frm nw onwards
Ragsan smile…
Ragini n Sanskar r sitting in Ragini’s room…Sanky closes the door n gts closes…she luks down shyly…he hugs her
Sanky:i missed u Ragini….i missed u so much…
Ragini:me too sanky
she breaks the hug n gts closer to him…..he keeps his hand around her waist ….n she keeps her both hands on his shoulder…..thy kiss passionately till both gt out of breath…..

Malhotra Mansion
Swara is crying she recalls her moments wid Laksh…..she looks at her phone…..n wishes to call him but she recalls his accusation n stops…..She decides to go at his house n talk to him face-to-face

Singhania Mansion
Laksh enters angrily n sits on the couch….
Laksh’s pov…
Hw cn he do tht???he provoked me against Swara….now i won’t evn b able to face to her…..hw cn i doubt her…she always supported me but i hurted her….

Just thn his Mom cms thr…..n he gts distracted by her words
Damini:that girl is the source of everything my son is gng thru….wat is her name again
Laksh:dnt point finger at Swara…..remember ur son n my brother is the one hu tried to kill Ragini okay??
Damini:y r u supporting her???
Laksh:bcz she’s nvr wrong…..n i trust her alot….u cannot clean ur own dirt by throwing mud on others
Rahul:Laksh…..she’s ur mother talk to her respectfully….n ur talking to ur mom this way fr tht girl….hu hs sent ur brother to jail
Laksh:Dad im supporting Swara bcz she’s ryt n bcz i love her alot….n tdy im proud tht my heart has choose to love her n no one else….she’s my one n only

Swara is listening to all this frm outside…..she feels happy to find Laksh so supportive tht he argued with his family fr her….but she also knew tht this wuld cost her alot as Laksh’s family wuld nvr lt Swalak be one….

The nxt day…
It was their day back to delhi fr the university…..
Swaragsan boarded on the same plane….Laksh was on the same plane too but he boarded differently…..
Ragsan gt the frnt sit while Swara gt a bit behind one….Laksh gt the sit beside Swara but both Swalak wer unaware of it….
Swara had earphones in her ears while reading magazine Laksh ddnt try to see hu she was he was also busy wid smthng in his phone…
Suddenly Laksh turns n his sight falls on Swara’s hand….she’s a silver bracelet wid Laksh’s name on it…
Laksh:excuse me…
Swara was shocked it was Laksh’s voice….she moved her magazine abit down tht only her eyes could b seen ….she was looking at him wid widened eyes…Laksh knew those eyes…

Ragini was holding Sanskar’s hand n resting her head on his shoulder….
Ragini:Sanky we shuld unite Swalak
Sanskar:ya…but wat if Laksh is stl in the misunderstanding tht thr smthng btn me n Swara thn??
Ragini:thn ill explain to him..
She kisses his lips n again rests her head on his shoulder

Swara moves the magazine….
Swara:Laksh???wat an unpleasant surprise???
She smiled..
Swara:ya unpleasant…..i knw u dnt lyk me n unfortunately we wl b travelling together sitting next to each other….wen ull stand ull see my face n wen sit ull hv to see my face
Laksh:No swara….i really wanted us to have a talk…..lyk a face-to-face talk..
Swara:mmhhhh….lol ok tlm
Laksh:actually i wanted to tl u tht im sry… sry fr hurting u so much….fr doubting uu n accusing uu fr cheating on me wid Sanskar….
Swara:No laksh….its fyn such things happen … ok..
Laksh:so it means lyk we r lyk before…
Swara:yeah we r just lyk bfr….best frnds frvr…

Precap:Laksh unite Ragsan to gt back S

Credit to: Albina

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