My one n only (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14
Ragini:my lord….he’s very bad very very bad….he’s sacrificing himself fr me n his sis…..Sanskar plz just say the truth tl thm tht Saurav was the one hu pushed me nt uu…tl thm tht u took the blame on uu bcoz Saurav had kidnapped me n Aradhya…..plz say it
She hugs him…..Saurav gts tensed police r sitting around him in home clothes so he dsnt recognise thm….Laksh angrily looks at Saurav…
A video plays wer evryone in the court sees Saurav taking Ragini frm the hospital n he takes her to a godown n lies her……Aradhya is tied on a tree…
Saurav gts shocked
thn a voice recorder plays with Sanky n Saurav’s conversation where Saurav Blackmails Sanky to take the blame on him….
Saurav tries to run away but laksh catches him n punches him..the police take him to the jeep court sentences him a life imprisonment fr lying to the court, blackmailing,kidnapping n attempting to kill…the charges against Sanky were cleared….
Ragini n Aradhya hug Sanky while Aryan hugs Swara….
Laksh leaves frm thr…
Aradhya thn hugs Aryan
Aradhya:thnx Aryan…..u saved me….u fulfilled ur promise of saving me frm any problem…
Aryan:u r such a drama queen…..bas kar tera drama bcz u knw i cnt see u cry idiot…
Aradhya beats him n thn hugs him again…

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand…
Sanky:thnk uu shona….im really in a big debt of urs…
Swara:sanskar frndshp ka ek rule hai no sorry no thnx
Ragini hugs her…Swara hugs her back…
Swaragini title track plays in bg

Swara:guys i wanna tl u smthng
Swara:im dropping my further studies
Ragsan n Aryan is shocked
Swara:papa needs me more….n anyways am glad tht atleast im gng be a btr Lawyer aftr staying wid dad….i studied Law but nvr knew its importance in my lyf but now i can see n feel tht thr nthng btr than being a lawyer
Ragsan nod in yes…
But thn thy both hug her n cry….
Ragini:one more term is left yaar plz dnt drop it…
Sanskar:ik wat u r thinking???but u can avoid him completely Swara……if u want we wl stay far frm him….plz dnt drop…
Swara gts emotional
Swara:ok ill thnk abt it n lets go home…..ill cook smthng special fr us.. .
Ragini:i want gol gape…..
Aradhya n Aryan say thy shuld go home now n freshen up…
N will eat gol gappe later..
Thy all agree n leave fr home

At Malhotra Mansion
Shomi(Swara’s mom)welcomes Swara n her group wid arti….just thn Raj(Swara’s dad)cms n hugs Swara
Raj:im proud of uu Shona…..very proud of uu..
(He turns to Ragini)hw r uu Ragini???
Ragini:am well n y won’t i be i gt a loving person lyk sanky n caring person lyk Swara n a beautiful family lyk urs…
She takes blessings of Shomi n Raj….thy bless her
Sanskar too thanx thm n takes blessings frm thm…
Aradhya n Aryan r in one room….
Aradhya:thnx Aryan
Aryan:shhhhhh!!!! Enough of ur thanks already
she hugs him
Aradhya:I love uu Aryan
Aryan was shocked but he hugs her back as he ddnt wanna loose this moment
Aryan:i love u too

Precap:back at the university…..Ragsan plan to unite swalak

Credit to: Albina

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