My one n only (Chapter 13)


Chapter 13
Sanskar calls Aradhya…. No one picks it ….he calls again n this tym too no respond…he calls fr the third tym…n smone picks it…Aryan is tracking Aradhya’s phone…
Sanskar:Aradhya??u r okay ryt???
Aradhya:bhaiyya save me…this ppl wl kill me bhaiyya thy r vry bad …..thy hit me so badly…..
Sanskar:Aradhya dnt wry….im gng to save uu

smone snatches phone frm Aradhya n slaps her hard
she screams in pain
Aradhya:bhaiyya….. Save me
Sanskar:please leave my sister…im ready to gv uu whatever u want…
Kidnapper:good boy now u came on the ryt track..
Saurav:we hv a great bond dnt we….u recognised me so easily…
Sanskar:Wat do u want???
Saurav:i want u to take the blame on urself at the court….n dnt try to act oversmart bcz besides Aradhya i hv ur more precious thing…evn if u save Aradhya ull nvr b able to find the othr thing
Sanskar:fine ill take the blame on my self plz dnt harm any of thm
The call gts disconnected
Swara cms running inside….she’s crying
Sanskar:wat happened Swara….
sanky:wat happened to Ragini???
Swara:she’s not in her room
Sanskar in shocked tone:so she’s the second precious thing…

Aryan cms….
Aryan:i knw wer Ragini is…..we traced thm….i hv hacked the security camera of the place wer thy kept Aradhya n this is wat i gt….u need to check this out…
He brings the laptop….
The video plays
Saurav is carrying Ragini in his arms n took her inside…..Aradhya is tied on a tree….she screamun fr help….Saurav lays Ragini on a bed..he gts closer to her ..
Sanskar gts angry…Swara signs smthng to Aryan…
Sanskar:ill kill him hw dare he evn dares to touch Ragini???
Swara:use ur anger on the right tym….tmrw its the case ok….one advice fr uu thnk twice bfr dng anythng n dnt u dare go thr….u just hv to do as i say

Thy talk smthng in silent….Sanskar nods

Next day at court
Judge:you may proceed wid the case
Swara:My lord….my client has smthng to confess
Judge:u may proceed
Swara signs to Sanskar
Sanskar:Im sry to everyone but im tired of lying n im ready to confess… the one hu pushed Ragini….i dnt actually knw the reason y i dd so n im ready fr the punishment tht u wl gv me

Everyone is talking at the court….Laksh can’t blv ths he feels lyk smthng is fishy….while Saurav smirks

Swara:My lord i just hope u check n listen to this….before taking any decision…

The judge reads,watches n listens to smthng n is cmpltly shocked…..n was abt to say smthng but is stopped as smone enters inside…..and evryone else turns too…including swara n sanskar…
Thy smile
Ragini,Aryan n Aradhya cm in the court….Ragini walks to the witness box wer sanskar is…She slaps him…

All gt shocked
Precap:Swara decides to drop university

Credit to: Albina

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