My one n only (Chapter 12)


Chapter 12
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**To all Ragsan fans**
Ragini is soon gonna b fyn….n she is the one hu wl remove sanky frm this mess….n this all is bcz,i dnt wanna drag this alot

**To swalak fans**
we hv a long way to go….but dnt worry i wl soon make Laksh realise his mistake…..n we gonna gt to see wat he does to gt Swara back…

Okay….here r the links fr the previous chapters

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now lets gt back to the ff

Chapter 12
Sanky:No i dnt….
Anuj:no more questions My lord

Judge calls upon Swara n she cms thr
Swara:thank you my lord….(she turns to Sanky)So Mr. Sanskar…u said tht u left Ms.Ragini in the Ragini so tht she wuld change…..How can she change thr if she dsnt evn live thr???i mean where dd Ms Ragini’s clothes cm frm??

Sanskar:i gv her my clothes…

Swara:wat clothes dd u exactly gv her??

Sanskar:A blue T-shirt black jeans n black coat wid cap on it

Swara:So wen u heard her scream u went down was the coat cap on her head..??.

Swara:okay so….do u thnk anyone besides uu culd recognise if it was a girl or a boy….??

Sanky:no i dnt thnk anyone wuld recognise her…
Swara turns to the judge…..

Swara:My lord…..There’s a big possibility tht the one hu pushed Ragini ddnt actually cm thr wid tht intention

Judge:plz be clear wid wat u wanna say Ms.Swara

Swara:wat i wanna say is that myb the murderer was actually thr fr killing Sanskar…
But he by mistakenly pushed Ragini bcoz he thought Ragini is Sanskar

Anuj:Law wants proof..

Swara:but i need tym my lord
Judge:fyn the case wl continue on 23rd March wich is aftr two days

thy all leave
at Malhotra Mansion Swara
Swara is worried….
Swara’s pov
where wl i gt proof dammit???
Wat if i dnt find any??shit man…..Swara soch kuch soch……she gts an idea….

Just thn Sanskar cms in her room….
Sanskar:Swara u need to listen to this…..(he hands a voice recorder)
Swara:now wat is this??
Sanskar:i cleaned this by voice cleaner…..its the call frm tht unknown person remember…
Swara:the one hu said he wanted to kill uu
Sanskar:but plz just listen to this u r gonna gt shocked to knw hu tht unknown person was
Swara:ok play it…..
Thy listen to it n Swara is hell shocked…

on the otherside
Aara r together……..smone hits on Aryan’s head with a rod
n kidnaps Aaradhya…

In Swara’s room
Swara:we wl show ths at the court
Swara:but this isn’t enough we need smthng else but dnt wry i knw wat to do i need to leave now…
Sanskar:okay take care
swara:u too..
Thy side hug…
She forgets her phone on the bed

She goes at the hospital n keeps a camera in Ragini’s ward….while without anyone noticing it….not evn Ragini …she leaves…

Aryan gts conscious….he holds his head…he looks everywhere he tries to find Aaradhya….he screams her name….he calls swara….she’s not picking….he calls sanky…
Sanky:ya say Aryan
Sanky:wat happened to Aradhya???
Aryan:she gt kidnapped
Sanky is shocked

Precap:Sanskar to take blame on his own

Credit to: Albina

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