My one n only (Chapter 11)


Chapter 11
1 day later
Swara is in her room nervous….she thnks to tok to her dad….she goes n knocks her dad’s room door…
Dad:come in Swara….Swara i told u So many tyms this is ur house u dnt need to knock
Swara enters inside n takes his blessings
swara:n i also always tl u tht its nt a gud habit to enter in smone’s room without knocking…..anyways papa..leave all this aside i have cm to discuss wid uu smthng important…
dad:ya say
Swara:u knw tmrw am gonna fyt my first case….im nervous papa…i dnt thnk ill b able to do it…
Dad:Swara remember one thng nervousness leads to failure…..nvr b scared of any work all works shuld b scared of uu…..n u knw Sanskar’s hope r wid uu….if u loose this case then remember ull cause injustice to Sanskar n make a black spot on Aradhya
Swara is in thoughts
Swara:thank u so much fr boosting the faith in me….
She hugs her dad n leaves fr Sanskar’s room…He finds him standing at the window frame…she goes n stands beside him….
Sanskar:Swara in a blink of an eye our world turned upside-down….we thought we would spend our holidays peacefully
hu thought this was gng to happen…Ragini is in this state coz of me n here ur trying to fyt fr my justice…..bcoz of me Aradhya’s life is at risk too…..its all bcoz of me Swara its all coz of me….
Swara holds his hand:no sanskar u r nt at fault at all….n plz dnt fall weak please….we hv to find justice fr Ragini n nw u r my only hope so plz support me n dnt fall weak fr Ragini’s sake plz….

Next day at the court…..
Evryone is in there…Laksh is there too with Saurav…Swara cms thr wearing her uniform……..Laksh keeps on staring at her while swara totally ignores him…Sanskar is brought in the witness box…Swara asks him to not lie answer evrythng honestly…..
The hearing starts….
The advocate frm Shekhar’s side stands n goes to Sanskar
Advocate:So Mr.Sanskar…..lets start with the main part….please tl the court wer u where wen Ragini was pushed….
Sanky:we both wer at my house….she wanted to change so i went to the kitchen n left her in the room….i was making coffee but all of a sudden i heard her scream….i dropped the tray of coffee n ran to the room….i ddnt find her there i kept calling her name…but ddnt find her thn i went to the balcony she wasnt there too….but suddenly my sight went downwards n i saw her there lying….in blood river..
Advocate:nice story….Mr Sanskar….but u wer alone in the house thn hw cn smone else push her…..n anyways the police ddnt evn find any foot prints except urs n Ragini’s…..n as we knw this isnt a suicide case
Swara gts angry
Sanky signs her to calm down…..laksh notices this….
Sanskar:i love her….i can’t evn think of harming her…
Advocate:but u dd it
Swara stands
Swara:u r accusing my client Mr.Anuj
Laksh is angry to see hw she is defending him
Anuj:am nt yet done Ms.Swara
Judge:discussion over ruled
Swara sits back
Anuj:So Sanskar dd u hv any argument wid Ms.Ragini that day???
Anuj:okay thn tlm anyone hu u doubt cn do this??
Sanskar looks at Saurav angrily

Precap:Swara to keep smthng in Ragini’s room…..Swasan to find the one hu pushed Ragini

Credit to: Albina

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