My one n only (Chapter 10)


Chapter 10
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Chapter 10
Swara:u r so cheap….hw cn u evn think that im cheating on uu wid Sanskar….n if u dnt trust atleast think abt Ragini…

Laksh:Ohhh….so i hurted uu wid my words but remember that truth is always bitter

Sanky:hw cn u evn thnk lyk tht laksh???if u dnt respect her then atleast respect ur love

Swara:Sanky no need of explaining anything to him……..he thnks evryone is cheap lyk his brother

Laksh:u r crossing ur limits Swara….dont u dare talk lyk tht abt my brother or else i wl-

Swara:or else wat???ull kill me???or u wl end this relationship???u know wat before u say anythng ill tell u something…..i can nvr be in a relationship wid a cheap minded person lyk uh….its over….n u knw wat just gt out of my house n don’t u dare to show me ur face evr again….
Now get out

Laksh angrily leaves …..Swara too is angry…she recalls his word n angrily breaks the photo frame which had her pic wid Laksh…Sanskar tries to calm her down but she dsnt….he forcefully makes her sit on the bed….n gvs her water

Sanky:swara calm down please….

Swara:how dare he thinks that way???Does he thnk tht am cheap??

Sanky:Swara listen to me-

Swara:sanskar dont u dare defend him

Sanky:no Swara i wont defend him…i just want to tl u tht…try to thnk by standing in his shoes….wat if u wer on his place wat wuld u do??honestly if i was in his place i wuld hv done the same…

Swara:i can understand Sanskar….but he was wrong he shuld blame fr smthng tht i nvr evn thought of doing….

Sanky:okay fyn……u calm down

Swara cries n Sanskar consoles just then his phone rings its a private number

The voice:hello Sanskar
Sanky:who’s this??
The voice:your death
sanky:wat nonsense??

Swara signs him to keep in loudspeaker and switch on the voice recorder

now Swara can hear everything

The voice:bcoz of uu Ragini is in tht state…u r the one hu pushed her

Sanky:i ddnt do anythng…n anyways u r no one to judge me

The voice:i came to kill uu….but Ragini came in btn…so u r the one to be blamed fr Ragini’s death

Sanky:the day i gt to knw hu u r u son of a b*t*h am gonna kill uu

The voice:but before u knw me u wl b dad already….bcoz of uu my Ragini is in this state

Sanky:hw dare uu evn mention her name???she’s my Ragini n she wl always b myn..
He disconnects the call…he recalls wat the person said …..he punches the wall angrily..

Swara:sanky calm down….please

Sanky:hw cn i calm down??he is in this state cause of me… I cn nvr fgv myself fr this…she dsnt dsrv me…i leave this place n nvr ever cm back

swara:that is what he wants….he wanted uu to leave so tht police wl hv a guarantee tht u r responsible fr Ragini’s state….Sanskar we need to calm down n think wat to do…we shouldn’t do anythng in a hurry..

Aradhya runs inside the room n hugs Sanky..she cries
Aradhya:bhaiyya r u fyn???

Aryan cms thr too..he stands with Swara he luks at Aradhya worryingly

Sanky:im fyn Aradhya…see im fyn

Aradhya:bhaiyya smone called me n told me tht u gt an accident n tht i shuld hurriedly inform Swara…

Sanskar gts a call frm a private number
Sanskar:u knw wat just stop this bullshit of urs….

The voice:Lower ur voice Sanskar….this is just a promo fr whats gonna happen next later…stay alert….im ur death n so im wid u always…

The call gts disconnected..he is shocked

Credit to: Albina

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