My one n only (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1
hi guys
im back wid a new ff ….i really hope tht u guys wuld love ths n ill make sure i wont disappoint uu…..

TRp university
A girl enters in the university……she’s wearing a long pink dress..with a blue shawl around her neck…..she has made a ponytail….she’s Ragini….Ragini gadodia..the most polite humble n intelligent student in the college….she just joined the university ths year but she has 32 certificate n 8 medals……she enters n runs thru the corridor n bumps into smone n thy both fall down…..the person is non othr than sanskar Maheshwari……the most handsome guy in the university
Ragini angrily luks at sanskar and beats him wid ha books
S:kya yaar Ragu???y r u beating me it was by mistakely
R:cnt u see yaar?? Aaj bhi giradiya
S:ok leave this aside …i hv smthng important to show uu??
Sanky holds her hand n takes her to the notice board…..he points at a paper
R:wat is this Sanky??
S:Ragu this guy scored 100% in the board exam
S:ya…n this gal scored 99.6% which is approximately 100% too
R:wat???ths is nt sure smthng is fishy
S:what happened beta???teri phati ryt ???i knw Lado….but aise bare bare desho mein aisi choti choti bate hote rehte he
R:sanky yaar aab kya karu it tuk me a lot of tym to reach on top….now surely ths ppl wl push me down
S:Hahaha….Ragu look at ur face….u gv up so easily….ths paper is fake im the one hu kept on the notice board
Ragini chases him n he runs …..the bell rings n thy both go in their room
Sanskar is sitting behind Ragu
The principle cms in n everyone in the class stands…
P:students…..tdy i hv brought two frnds fr uu…..Welcome Laksh Singhania n Swara Malhotra
swara n laksh cm in tgthr……thy both wer feelings awkward as evryone was staring at thm
P:Ragini n Sanskar??
Ragsan:yes sir
P:this two r the tough competitors fr uu…Mr.Laksh has score 98.6 in his board exam n ths lady here Swara has scored 99 percent wich is the highest percent as no one has ever scored before….
Everyone claps fr thm
Ragsan r shocked thy look at each othr tensed
P:so frm today Swara…ull wl sit wid Sanskar….n Laksh u wl sit wid Ragini
Swalak:okay sir ….
Sanlak look at each other n smile thy go to sit with their partners
Ragini is angry to see sanskar so close wid swara…
N so is Laksh
but laksh just smiles
He smiles n forwards his hand to Ragu…she smiles n shakes hands with him
L:Laksh Singhania
R:Ragini gadodia….(shr turns to sanky)hes my best frnd sanskar…n sanskar hes laksh(thy both shake hands)
L:(he points at swara)n she’s my one n only best frnd Swara
…swara shes Ragini…Ragini gadodia…..
Thy all shake hands

soon ths four bcm best frnds….n Laksh tls Ragsan abt wat he feels fr Swara n thy both ask him to propose her…he says okay …..he says he wl propose her on valentines day….
On the other hand Sanky also has started loving Ragu….n Laksh n Swara advice him to propose hr on valentine’s day…
He agrees

Precap:sanlak confession to Swaragini

Credit to: Albina

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  1. Is it swasan or ragsan

    1. Its ragsan but it myt change in future

  2. Vry plzz don’t change the pairs

    1. Thnx….n ya dw i wont change the pairs

  3. woh swlak soo happie

    1. Swalak rocks….thnk u so much fr reading

    2. Swalak rocks….thank u so much fr reading plz do continue

  4. Plz dnt chnge d pairing luv ragsan :-* :-* :-*

    1. Thnk u so much….n ya i won’t change the pairs dw

  5. Wow awesome!!!!!!!

    1. Thnx u so much fr reading….plz do continue

  6. Please don’t change the pairs I love Swalak and Ragsan

    1. Dont worry i wont change the pairs it wl remain ragsan n swalak

  7. Pls make it swasan n raglak

    1. Im nt sure abt now but ill keep some swasan scenes too

  8. Hey albina u r back …
    Thanks for coming back with an bang ….I hope it’s swalak ….love u loads dear ….
    U have fulfilled my humble request …
    Keep smiling ..because u r an amazing writer

  9. Yapiee, swalak, thank you so much yaar.I love them . Swalak rocks.Plz continue.

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