One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 16


One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 16
Twinkle- kunj??? ill kill you tell me why I am naked
Kunj- because I am naked automatically you too become naked ahhaa my head get me a lemonade baby
Twinkle- get me lemonade baby mimicking him ill not get any lemonade for you huh . What all happened yesterday huh I’m not remembering anything
Kunj- i know what happened see ill explain you….
Twinkle- ok tell me listening to it very interestingly
Kunj- you were fully drunk remembering past moments
Twinkle – haa its your fault then
Kunj- why did i forced you to drink haa badi aayi its your fault i came there and was taking you but you teased me a lot and made me drink forcefully
Twinkle- awww
Kunj- its the fact then we were searching for our car in Mumbai roads and then bebe saw us then we came home
Twinkle- then
Kunj- then what you showed your true colors as soon as i entered in our room you locked door and pinned me to wall and i was scared i said you in trembling voice “t..twinkle ji please dont do any thing to me ” you said” shhh hottie ee bath karne ka waqth nahi hey ee tho ek hone ka waqth hey”
I said ” but you hate me right ”
You said ” no my chikna how can i hate you my hottie I’m just pretending to hate you but i love you kunj and i missed our romance so much I’m dying to do it please lo na mujhe apna baho mey dhikavo na muje tera pyar”
I said “twinkle but” interrupted by you
Shh kunj you will not listen to me like this and you lifted me in bridal style and placed me on bed and came upon me gave me love bite i moaned your name you said whu should boys have all the fun then we covered in blanket you did everything i was very innocent in this ”
Twinkle- shut up just shut up you blo*dy liar you innocent and i did everything huh jhooy bholne ko bhi ek limit hothi hey sadu kahi ke i lifted you in bridal style huh
Kunj- sachi ok listen give me another chance i can explain
Twinkle- no??? Iam not interested im going from here forgetting her state twinkle stood like that only on bed she did pout
Kunj looked at her from top to bottem blinking his eyes he touched her bare legs
Twinkle- huh leave
Kunj stepped down from bed wearing his pant and looked at her again from top to bottem
Kunj- what nice view
Twinkle- what haan oh you are saying im looking beautiful huh yes off course I am pretty i know this
Kunj- yes today you looking very s*xy he looked at her again
Twinkle-why you looking at me like that and why iam feeling cold she looked down
Twinkle- oh she was above to take blanket but kunj took it and throwed somewhere
Kunj- be like this only for sometime I’m feeling good
Twinkle- sadu kahike close your eyes
Kunj- no don’t know when ill get another chance to look at you like this and today i got it ill not let this chance go meri cutie pie come to me baby ????
Twinkle- no
Kunj- ok ill come to you then
Twinkle- no kunj start to touch her everywhere and pulled her close to him
Twinkle- leave me
Kunj- baby how can you think that ill leave you when i wasn’t in my senses i did that all and now I am in my senses and you are like this infront of me no question of leaving you my barbie doll he rolled on bed wirh her he came above twinkle looked into her eyes Twinkle looks down being shy kunj rubbs her lips from his thumbs
Knock knock
Twinj lost in each other
Viren- twinkle
Jeevika- twinkle……kunj
Twinj heard it now both look at each other face in shock
Twinkle- bhayya bhabhi
Outside door
Viren- still they are sleeping?
Jeevika- yes may be
Tanu- mumm mumma??? mama chahiye
Kush – kuku?
Jeevika- aww missing papa and mumma babies wait thwy will come ok they knock door again
Twinkle siyappa now how ill open door
Kunj- in few minutes they will start crying
Twinkle- haa sadu get up ill go and take bath and come you manage them
Kunj – no first ill get freshen up
Twinkle- kunj she pushed him and ran to washroom taking towel and clothes
Kunj wear shirt quickly then opened door and ruffled his hair
Viren jeevika entered and shocked looking at room state virika looks at each other face Kunj looks at them then at room and slaps his forehead
Tanu kush start to jump in happiness looking at kunj and both show him hands gesturing him to take them kunj takes them happily.
Kush – ku ku mama
Viren-where is twinkle?
Kunj- she is taking bath you guys sit here kicking there clothes under bed so they can’t see them but they already saw it Twinkle comes outside
Jeevika- good morning
Twinkle- good morning bhayya bhabhi kush tanu ??? my babies i missed you both did you enjoyed there has she goes to them both jump on her in happiness twinkle cuddles them
Viren gets call he excuses himself and goes out jeevika and twinkle standing in balcony while kunj handling babies
Jeevika- hmm hmm so its good we took babies and couples got time to spend time with each other in teasing tone
Twinkle- haa no what you telling haan im not understanding
Jeevika- today you are looking very beautiful is kunj is reason behind it
Twinkle- bhabhi aap bhi na kuch bhi shying
Jeevika- twinkle did kunj said you anything i took babies sorry haa its just i missed them and you know how much i love babies and there in home rupali wont allow me to touch her baby and tell me that ill harm her baby so ill stay far away from her do you also think i can
Twinkle- bhabhi please dont say like that no you will never harm them and dont listen to rupali she started this all now huh she will never improve please you don’t feel bad and whenever you want to play with my babies you are free to take them i know they will be safe and happy with you
They talk for sometime and they left from there
Kunj talking with kush and tanu and playing with them happily
Twinkle throws pillow on him
Twinkle- because of you today bhabhi teased me
Kunj- ??? what did she say?
Twinkle- haa she said that kunj is mad send him to mental hospital
Kunj- yeah for your lovely bhayya’s baby ceremony we are going there only right hena bacho udhar ek se bad ek pagal hey
Twinkle- ?????????? you sadu you mean to say that my family is mad and my home is mental hospital huh sadu she throwed other pillow
Tanu- mama?? chhuuu she gestures in hand dont hit kunj
Kush – haa mum kuku baaby
Twinkle- what haan you both saving him haa and kush your kuku is not baby .
Because of you my bhabhi teased me you did everything huhu ill not talk with you she sat on bed with angry pout kush goes to her crawling and sat on her lap
Kush – mum mumma kaaa huva (kya huva)
Tanu – chocky chocky
Twinkle- babies go and hit this kuku he teased mumma lot she points finger at kunj and acted like crying
Kunj- drama queen
Both babies looks at kunj and attacked him they started to hit him from there small hands then looked at twinkle she said them to hit more and acted like crying
Kunj- ahha no please tanu kush leave my hair don’t pull it siyappa queen stop them hahaha dont tickle me tanu ahha
Twinkle- hahahah???
Kush tanu left kunj and looks at twinkle laughing they got happy and they to laughed and clapped ???
Kunj- this is so bad
Twinkle show him tongue
Kunj- iski bhadla lene ke liye ye ek kam thi aur ee dono bhi aa gaye maa ke bhadla lene huh tanu stood up holding kunj and kissed on his cheek kunj got happy
Kunj- twinkle she kissed me see my baby he cuddles with her and he pulled kush too
Twinkle admires them
Twinkle- kunj now stop playing with them let them sleep for some time and you go and take bath
Kunj- no i wont take bath your smell fragrance is here how can i wash it off haa ????
Twinkle- kunj chi no go and take bath twinkle gives him towel and push him inside washroom
Babies not ready to sleep both making her run behind them kunj came there and started laughing Twinkle gives him angry look kunj gulps in fear
Tanu – tiii twi ….
Kush- tinkie (twinkie)
Tanu – sappa qqqee n(siyappa queen)
Kunj- she said siyappa queen hahaha ???
Twinkle- shut up shut up everyone and you mr kunj sarna its all happening because of you and you both became so naughty being with him huh kunj said babies to show tongue to twinkle and they did showed tongue to twinkle….
Twinkle- loudly saduuuuu ill not leave you today wait there only where you running now haa she started to throw everything on him
After some time
Rupali called twinkle
Twinkle was shocked like why she is calling me she picked up the call and for her surprise she talked with her sweetly somewhat but there is taunt also and she invited her to baby naming ceremony
Twinkle packing her luggage
Kunj- twinkle why you packing bag twinkle looks at him and ignored continued packing…batha na did someone said you anything haa tell me ill scold them but please dont leave me i cant leave without you twinkie please dont leave me I’m doing everything as you saying right then why you leaving me
Twinkle pov (oh my god kunj… forgotten that we are going for TM somedays and looking at luggage he thought I am leaving him again and he is too scared thinking ill leave him….i can see fear in his eyes ….iam i that important part of his life. Is he is really changed ….)
Kunj- why are you not speaking anything twinkle and only your clothes you are packing……
Twinkle- haa oh you keep babies with you and I’m leaving you
he remembered that day Twinkle said him only for his babies he searched for her and babies are with her so he want her only for babies….he cupped her face and looked into her eyes and automatically tears made there ways to come out from his eyes thinking his love leaving him again…
Kunj- see its big lie twinkle its big lie if say that only for my babies i want you no its not like that i love you so i want you , you are my first love and my first priority and then kids…..they are our love symbols yes they are very important for me and i know this also they are here only because of you . You have gon though so much that time only because of me im sorry for that. And please never ever leave me again twinkle only i know how i spent my life without you daily i cried for you and you were not with me because of my mistakes only that guilt feeling was killing me daily. I searched you everywhere like mad not because you were pregnant and you will give hire to our family i searched you because i love you and i can’t imagine my life without you i wanted to spend my whole life with you .my life was hell without you everyone said me its over you will never come back to me but i never loosed hope i searched for you everywhere because i was knowing one day ill get you.???
Twinkle- (he took it seriously oh my god he is crying and making me also cry i have to tell him I’m not leaving him) – kunj listen ??
Kunj- no twinkle you listen me today…do you think i didnt got punishment for my mistakes …do you think that i was enjoying when you left me no twinkle i was also sad i cried everyday for you…tere yadhey satha rahe they muje har pal saans lene mey mushkil hothi thi ….yaha dardh hotha tha pointing to his heart ye sochke ki thu mujse door chali gayi hey aur mujse nafrath karthi hey.. those moment are very painful yar i was missing you badly …. jab thum sath thi tab bhi call message karthi thi care karthi thi i was use to it so daily i was waiting for it but it didnt came then it made me remind you left me when my phone vibrated i opened message thinking you would have replied to my thousands of messages but no your reply didnt came and my calls weren’t answered you blocked me to contact you. So i thought its fine i deserve it for what i did then i planned to meet you i know you don’t wanted to look at my face and as soon as you look at me you dont allow me to enter in your home and shut door at my face knowing this will happen i decided to meet you and i went to your home
Bebe- puttar sab katham huva hey abh vo vapas nahi aayegi tera phone bhi nahi utayi aur thu udar usse milne vasthe gar javege tho bhi vo tujse bath nahi kare shayadh
Yuvi- yes Kunj now she is mad on you and said that she will hate you give her some time
Kunj- no im going please dont stop me yar from so many days i haven’t looked at her face and didn’t heard her voice im missing everything yuvi. I know i did very big mistake for that i deserve her hate and im ready to take it but i want to look at her once.
Yuvi- and do you think she and her family welcome you there happily dont you remember what happened sonedays ago when you spotted her in hospital then you went to meet her but she refused to look at you and her body guards and brothers hit you badly and she ran away from there not caring about you ….
Kunj- please yuvi dont say like that and yes they hit me badly but i didn’t stopped them and i didn’t fight back to because i know i deserve that treatment after all what i did to her . And i wanted to get punishment for my mistakes and when they hit me that didn’t hurt me much…what hurt me most is twinkles ignorance and hate in her eyes for me and those tears in her eyes which said me so many things and one more thing she ran away from there because she can’t see me in that condition.
And now also i dont want to get royal treatment there its ok they hit me or kill me but ill get chance to look at my angel face once . She will not let me come inside and she will scream hate you i know that it hurts to listen hate you from her but its ok ill get chance listen her voice thats enough for me …..
They left for taneja mansion
Door was closed kunj knocked door and then pressed the bell no response then he saw door is locked
Yuvi- its locked
Kunj- yeah we will wait here …oh she must have gone to hospital for checkup our baby coming na she is taking care of it and ill take care of them and last time i heard she is not well ??? all because of me i tortured her and baby and she suffering it. I gave pain to my love and unknowingly i gave pain to our love symbol to you know what yuvi we realise value of something after we loose same in my case ??? and please i dont want to loose her ill do Everything as she says tell her to be with me???
Yuvi- calm down dont cry
Kunj- he wipes tears and smiles painfully. you know what yuvi when i and twinkle dating one day we meet cute sa small sa baby she was too cute i loved her and i took her in my arms and played with her and twinkle looking at me and smiling i told her to take baby because i know she to love them like i do but she was scared to hold it thinking she will hurt it then i made her to hold it and took her many photos later we planned about our future babies twinkle was keeping there names at that time only and she was saying i want cute babies and said hamare bache chandh jaishe hogey aur kushiya laengey and when she will be pregnant we both will take care of them and she warned me to take care of her like baby and i have to pamper her like baby and about mood swings and all she was excited for it. And when our most awaiting moment came what i did ??? …i wasn’t knowing there is small baby in her and i couldn’t identify her mood swings and change in behaviour i lost everything now i dont want to ill take there good care now and i want to touch my baby which is in her tummy by touching her tummy i want to feel it i want to listen it …i have to say baby that not trouble its mom now its enough its dad given her much pain so you be good there but didnt got chance to talk with it.
Its night they didn’t came
A servent came there and told they left for foreign for twinkle checkup as her health not in good state and also they planned to settle there and they never comes back to India
Listening to it kunj broke down completely.
Kunj- twinkle……come and say that you hate me atleast but please dont become silent leaving me like this and he cries lot
End of fb
From that day i became mad there wasn’t any clue about your where abouts . I wasn’t knowing anything about you??
I was counting days and guessing how many months pregnant were you and was worried about your heath because i dont wanted to loose you. Imagining how you will look with big tummy and wanted to ask whether they kick you wanted to keep my ears in your tummy to listen there talks i missed everything and most funny thing yar Twinkle ill tell you how unlucky father I am who don’t know when his babies came on earth and I’m unlucky i didnt listened there first cry and didn’t hold that little ones in my hand??? yes im so bad so i didn’t got chance to look at my new born
And twinkle they were in your womb for 9 months you took there care and you brought them on this earth you gave them life and they were the one who brought smile back on your face they made you happy they played with you and there built strong relationship between you both they are only your world they are your source of happiness they gave you reasons to live life happily they are your strength and do you think ill just come in middle and snatch them from mother no twinkle ill never do it yes they are my babies to i have right on them but not more than you yes im the reason of there birth but you gave them life you fighted between life and death and brought them here you introduced them to new world you gave them everything and how can i even think that ill take them from you no ill never do it i know your happiness is in them . I wanted to talk with you wanted to ask forgivness from you wanted to ask one more chance to hold you but you were not ready to give chance so i filed some case so you come to india and that time only i got to know we blessed with twins i was eager to meet you all but you never allowed me and i was knowing you will not stay away with babies if court gives this statement then you will come to me because you don’t want to give one baby to me so i did it because i know you will never leave them and you will come to me ill get chance to take care of you and them so i did it nor for that i want my babies my waris so i never thinked like that and you please dont think cheap about me and please don’t leave me
Both having tears in eyes
Twinkle- kunj ill not leave you that easily gpt it and i was joking you took it seriously i m packing bag because me and babies going to TM for naming ceremony you forgotten
Kunj- means you will never leave me right promise me
Twinkle- kunj
Kunj- please Twinkle
Twinkle- no i cant? now will see it later…
Kunj- twinkle i promise that…
Twinkle- please kunj no more promises i stopped believing in it because promise are meant to be never break but you broke it many times then you broke me may be you are guilty and sad but i need time to take decision about our future huh you wasted my time now you pack everything i have some work she went out quickly to hide her tears
Precap – nahi bathaungi
To be continued …….
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When im free ill post others cant promise when
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Love you all

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