One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 15

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 15

(Sorry guys really sorry for late update but  what to do I am hell busy now days and i had informed you guys about this in my previous update …. )

Lets begin story now….

Days were passing like this with some improvements in there relationship twinkle started to melt bit but couldn’t forgive him completely she is confused to take any decision she doesn’t want to be broken again if he repeat same mistakes.

Kunj- say papa…say papa

Twinkle- again you started let them sleep

Kunj- they are 11 months now they try to say every word but not papa i feel so bad they even say mamu correctly

Twinkle- oh so here also you are jealous because they say mamu to bhayya and they don’t say papa to you hahaha funny

Kunj-you are laughing on that haan? so mean what so  funny in that Twinkle understand my emotions too its not joke I am eagerly waiting to listen papa from them but they stopped to ku only. Do you know how it feels when

Twinkle- when you except something from your loved ones its just small thing you ask from them and when you dont get it it feels so bad right?  Do you wanted to say this kunj

Kunj- yes and i know this also that you are taunting me saying you excepted many things from me and i couldn’t give you that

Twinkle- genius

Kunj- twinkle i dont when you will forgive and i dont force you to do so also take your own time and I am sure one day you will forgive me ill wait for that day

Twinkle- acha if that day doesn’t come only then?

Kunj- smiles sadly you are with me now thats enough for me ill be waiting for that day until my last breath if it comes soon then it will be good otherwise may be one day ill take my last breath and close my eyes forever before i close my eyes permanently ill look at your eyes if it has some tears for me  then thats enough for me. Tera aansu dekhe mey ye samjunga ki ye ansu mera diya huva dardh sey nahi aaya hey balki mujhe khone ke dardh sey aaya hey. Aur e samjunga ki thune muje maaf kiya

He wiped twinkle tears

Kunj- abh kyu roh rahi hey yar abhi mara nahi hun

Twinkle- kunj…shut up dont talk about death yes i hate you but never wished for your death got it

Kunj- say again that you hate me still looking into my eyes

Twinkle looks at his eyes

Twinkle- ill not believe in this all ok and don’t want to waste my time with you now and ill not listen to you go it now dont disturb us let us sleep and you also sleep do your office stuff at morning not now kaam kahi bhag jayega kya kal karo abh nindh karab karke karne ki kya jarurath hey

Kunj- oh you care for my health?good darling

Twinkle- hhhaa ha oh oh mey kyu karu haan I am not caring for you got it if you switch on light whole night how me and my babies will get sleep haan so said like that

Kunj- ok ill go to study room

Twinkle- no no current bill bahuh aatha hey

Kunj- kya??? pagal bhol dey na ki thu care karthi hey meri

Twinkle- dekho mera kehne ka mathlab ye hey ki ki vo vo haan muje tera plan samaj mey aa gaya sadu sarna thum rath bhar nindh nahi karke bhimar padne ka iradha hey agar thu bhimar hoga obviously muje tera seva karna hoga aur thu ghar ka aur office ka kaam nahi karenga ha for this only you doing this all right i got it she took lap top and offed it and closed his all files and closed room door offed light kunj looking at her opening mouth in O

Kush tanu- ku ku mama

Twinkle- you both shut your mouth and sleep now dont go near o that sadu kush he will make you like little sadu she pulled them in blanket and made them to sleep..thum kya muje ghur rahe ho so javo chup chap

Kunj- yes maam kunj slept quickly and was smiling thinking twinkle caring for his heath twinkle too laughing silently looking at kunj who is following her every order like baby does

At morning

Jeevika and viren comes to sarna mansion to meet  twinkle

Twinkle- i think he changed lot

Viren- hmm felt same good if its true I am happy for you but dont take any decisions quickly

Jeevika- twinkle me and viren ji going to my mother’s  home can i take kush and tanu with me ill take good care of them and only for one day

Viren- but jeevika

Twinkle- why not bhabhi why you asking my permission hasn they are like your babies too take them

Tanu – maa….mi

Jeevika- they came ?? she goes to them

Kunj- good morning bhabhi

Jeevika- hmm good morning ☺ how are you?

Kunj- fine jeevika took baby from his arms and started to play with them even they are happy

Viren- she loves babies so much but god didn’t gave them to us and I am sorry Twinkle for this she loves kush and tanu lot so every weekend she comes here to meet with them

Twinkle- why you saying like that bhayya i dont have any problem if she want to spend time with them and you dont stop her from doing so and I am sure one day baba ji  give you both what you wanted

Kunj- good morning viren bhayya

Viren- hmm…kunj actual we came here to invite you all for naming ceremony of rocky’s baby girl

Kunj- what? Twinkle you didnt told me about this and you never went there to look at baby too

Viren- oh his wife was in her mother before somedays only she came here

Twinkle- when i want ill go why you asking me that

Kunj- ok calm down i didn’t asked anything wrong and ill also come ok i want to see small baby

Twinkle- no we are not going

Viren- twinkle rocky feel bad dont do this

Twinkle- but bhayya roopali bhabhi

Viren – dont worry no one tells you anything ok

Twinkle node in yes kunj confused

Twinkle packs baby clothes and there things and gives it to jeevika.

Jeevika and viren above to go usha stop jeevika

Usha- stop why you taking them haan

They ignored her and went to twinj room to complain kunj

Usha- kunj kunj…

Twinkle- shh dont shout

Usha- you just shut up today see what ill do ill make kunj to scold you again see

Usha- kunj

Kunj came out of washroom

Kunj- what?

Usha-see what you wife did she gave your kuds to her brother and bhabhi

Kunj- what you are saying haan

Usha- ask your wife only

Twinkle- yes kunj for today one day our babies will stay with there mama and mami any problem

Kunj- what ? Mom i know this for this why you overreacting  and i dont have any problem twinkle

Usha- huh and you didn’t got ready till now we have to go our sister home function and kunj there everyone ask you where is your son then what you say i wanted them to meey my potha today

Twinkle- excuse me why you take only kush name everytime as if kunj have only one son dont forget tanu isalso his daughter I am observing this from many days my you dont consider my daughter in many cases

See kunj i dont like it she always does this with my babies she differentiate betweem them and i dont like it for me both are equal . And I am not going for any function got it you all may go

Usha- who said you to come haan kunj you get ready soon ok

Kunj- you dont want my wife to come haan and now people there dont ask you about her and you worry about what if they ask you about grand child what a logic haan you dont want bahu to come but you want her kids . Sorry mrs.sarna I am not interested to come there you can go and enjoy and like twinkle told if you continue differentiating between my babies then ill send you back to amritsar remember this I am telling you be away from my family its good for you

Usha- kunj i love you so saying you this and

Kunj- shhh please i know how much you love me in this years when i was searching for my love and crying daily for her and was dying in guilt everyday that day you didnt came to look at me you didnt wiped my tears but still continued to fill my ears against twinkle and tried to convince me for marrying alisha and when i denied and made my self busy in work and got success you came here and started to live luxurious life didn’t asked even one time that I’m ok or no or i had my food or no you cared only about you and your other son sometime i feel I am your own son or not and now again you started this time i dont trust you you broke me completely you spoiled my life its enough now go from here dont dare to come near my family

Usha went out Twinkle smirked at her

Twinkle getting ready kunj came and back hugged her

Twinkle- sadu how dare you to touch me haan leave me kunj nodes in no

Kunj- looking hot

Twinkle- i know that

Kunj- ill eat you ??

Twinkle- ill slap you?

Kunj- ok no problem he turned her around pulled her by waist started to kiss on her cheeks Twinkle tried to come out of his grip but didnt got succeed

Twinkle- leave me otherwise ill

Kunj- what you will do hmm will you kiss me back haha see give me kiss then ill leave you he did pout Twinkle went near his face kunj closed eyes Twinkle bites his cheek kunj grip loosen she pushed kunj on bed

Kunj- i think we both end up becoming one today i feel like we make love today babies will also be not in middle

Twinkle- shameless if you do that ill kill you stay away from me you sadu

Twinkle went downstairs

Twinkle- oye bathroom cleaners why you both got ready

Maya- we going to function

Twinkle- oh then for whom you waiting

Alisha- car

Twinkle- hahaha car we will not give car for bath room cleaners and all got it go by bus ill give you correct bus charge ok…car car bathroom cleaners ko car dekhe hum kaha chale

Alisha- oh no by bus ewww i dont go what about my dress and make up what people talk about me haan we will go in big car only it matches our status hena di

Twinkle- oh hello what status haan alisha the bathroom cleaner

Maya- dont say her like that

Twinkle- shh if you talk more bus bhi naseeb mey nahi hoga ye lo bus charge take usha sarna too say her no car comes for her specially.   She goes from there

Alisha- she is doing too much huh wait and see what ill do

Everyone goes from there twinj alone at home

Twinkle- what Kunj?

Kunj- call them i am missing them badly i want to talk with them

Twinkle- huh wait she dialed jeevika number she kept phone near babies kunj got happy listening there voice they made some noises and listening to kunj voice they giggled happily twinkle was happy looking at kunj

They both went for shopping kunj wanted to take new dress for rocky’s new born baby

Twinkle- kunj thats too big.

Kunj- arey what haan for everything you saying big

Twinkle- new born will be small kunj they will be tiny in size you dont know anything huh ill shop for them she showed some dress

Kunj- thats too small

Twinkle- no this one is right for her kunj what you thought haan you think baby’s height will be like you haan didnt you saw once also small babies

They come outside to have something

Kunj- no i am not that much lucky you didn’t gave me chance to look at my new born babies i dreamt so many dreams like ill hold them first like this showing his hand but you didn’t let me know when they born too

Twinkle- dont blame me ok you think only you dreamt about it haan i also had many dreams but all got destroyed you ruined it

Kunj- i didn’t blamed you

Twinkle- you know always i also dreamt this when i become pregnent you should be with me and take good care of me but what you did on that time you know right i dont want to repeat same

Kunj- i wasn’t knowing you were pregnant and when i came to know i was very happy and after that i got to see real faces of some people i was very guilty for hurting you but that was too late you left me . Daily i cried for you i craved for your love i cursed myself and i was scared about your health twinkle daily i was praying baba ji to keep you and baby safe….i missed you so much i searched you everywhere but didnt find you.

Twinkle- haan yeah I was right kunj you wanted your baby which was with me so you searched for me and if i wasn’t pregnant or you were not aware of my pregnancy you would have believed your mom’s words only and you would have never struggled to search me . Thats true why you have searched me you wanted me only at night to fullfill your needs if I am not then anyone other could have filled my place

Kunj- shut up just shut up ??? you are speaking too much yes i was wrong but dont you dare to say that again i loved only you and in my dream also ill not look at others and you are talking this much cheap about me if you were not pregnant also i would have waited for you who filled this all in your ears huh

Twinkle- huh how dare you to talk this louder to me I am going twinkle got up

Kunj- sit quitely now ok I am sorry

Twinkle- no ill not come with you ill go outside and ill alone do party

Kunj laughs

Twinkle- shut up

Kunj – which party you will do here haan kids dont go for party and you are still baby

Twinkle- I am not kid huh ill show you now

Twinkle stop….

Where this girl went he started to search for her everywhere twinkle…twinkle

Twinkle at bat

Twinkle- give me juice

Juice huh are you kid to drink juice a girl said her

No no i am not kid dont say this and you know i gave birth to 2 babies then how i can be kid what i have to do to prove I am not kid my husband also tease me by saying I am kid

Acha you drink this

Aww drinks its bad habbit

If you drink this it will give you dareness then you can fight with your hubby and you will win because you become strong after drinking it

Oh twinkle drinks it

Twinkle- hmm yes he was bad but becoming good now but i said him so many harsh words today i shouldn’t have told that i just spoke all those non sense thing which rupali told me on those days

Now who is that

My bhabhi huh she dont like me much in that home all love me except her she just dont like me she tell me so many harsh words

You should have told her back

Twinkle- haan first all i did this whenever she talked with me like that in taunting tone i gave her back because that time my strength was with me …

Other girl became full tight and left that place twinkle alone telling something she was sitting in park holding some bottles

Kunj comes there

Kunj- oh my god baba ji i can’t handle this girl now

Kunj- twinkle

Twinkle- kkkkunj hi hai you are not one you are two no three one …two…four

Kunj- why you are drinking

Twinkle- to become stronger

Kunj- who told you this

Twinkle- my friend new…friends she told by drinking this i can prove you iam not baby

Kunj- and what story you were telling her

Twinkle- our story

Kunj- hey baba ji yarr twinki aur kiskisko bathana hey aur kithna beijjath karna hey mujko

Twinkle- sabbbko….chabko sunna padega ill tell everyone sunno excuse me people can you listen me i and kunj fell in love…chodo chodu muje

Kunj- chup

Twinkle- ill tell you ok you don’t tell others do you wanna know what i was telling to my new friend

Kunj- ok

Twinkle- my bhabhi rupali not good she always fight with me she was telling me many harsh words

Kunj- how dare she you also scold her

Twinkle- yeah telling na wait sadu let me complete

Twinkle- haan first all i did this whenever she talked with me like that in taunting tone i gave her back because that time my strength was with me …after my engagement or marriage she use to tell me that iam poor now because I am marrying poor guy i told her what if he is poor he is rich from heart and whenever she spoke bad about i fighted with her and she use to tell so many things that time i gave her back because my strength was with me…..its you you were with me i trusted you believed that you will never prove me wrong but you did later after our seperation she told me harsh words when I am alone and i couldn’t give her back because my strength left me it made me weak and what answer ill give now when my love was gone so i became silent


Twinkle is few month pregnant all taking her good care in taneja mansion roopali wasn’t liking it bit she was talking nicely with twinkle infront of rocky snd all and when she is alone she was just taunting twinkle

Twinkle got sudden pain in stomach she cried rt took her to her room and all were tensed they called doctor

Leela- meri twinkle ???

Jeevika- dont cry mom she will be fine doctor will come now and check her

Roopali- hmm??? twinkle is alone in room ill go and meet her

Twinkle crying still

Twinkle- ahha why its paining ahha babies are fine na  ???

Roopali- is it your new drama Twinkle

Twinkle- ?? what? No

Roopali- ye tho tera rozz ka natak hey blo*dy attension seeker

Twinkle- ahha its paining please give me water

Roopali- if you want go and take I am not your servent to do your work

Twinkle tries to take jug falls down

Roopali- you broke it huh you know this only you broke your own home now you came here to break our home

Twinkle- shut up ill not bring anyone home and its my home also

Roopali- shut up ok its not your home it was your home now its not and now your husband left you so you and your baby is anath and you and your babies are unlucky.  Why don’t you abort them

Twinkle- chuppp?? they are not unlucky they are mine why ill abort them haan

Ahha abha doctor ko bulavo

Roopali- abh dardh seh nahi sakthi kya rath mey maza aaya hogo na romance karne mey abh bhugtho thu bhi unlucky aur tera baby bhi vo kisika ka paap hey paap .

Twinkle cried more listening to her

Leela- what happening here

Twinkle- maaa ?? my babies are paap? Haan no na and ill not abort them i want them

Leela- nahi meri bachi vo paap nahi hey aur abortion nahi karengey who told you this all Twinkle points to roopali leela looks at her angrily

Roopali- she is telling lie huh she is mad she is becoming mad after kunj left her

Rocky- shut up dont you feel shame to talk like this go from here dont come near my sister

Roopali- huh and oye Twinkle dont fly now listening that kunj searching for you he only want his babies so he searching for you otherwise he wouldn’t have cared about you . You go india after delivery see he will take your babies then you become alone saying this she goes outside.

End of fb

Twinkle- see for your mistakes i got punished i get to hear so many things

Kunj was angry on her bhabhi and also crying

Twinkle- you are crying haan see you are also baby come here ill make you strong drink this

Kunj- Iam sorry? because of me this all happened

Twinkle- its ok now come ill make you drink this

Kunj- no

Twinkle- peena padega she closed his nose and made him drink it forcefully kunj made her to leave him

Kunj- in drunk tone what you think i dont know how to drink haan see now he to drank and made her also drink it

Kunj- oh ho nooo??? siyappa

Twinkle- q?

Kunj- abh mey tukjo kaisho sambalu mey bhi sharab pee liya siyappa queen

Twinkle- idea mey thumko sambalungi aur thu mujhe

Kunj- ok

Twinkle- we…we will go to our palace now

Kunj- Iam king you are queen my queen

Twinkle- hmm challlo

Twinkle- see there our car is flying looking at plane

Kunj- yeah stop now who is taking our car haan we will go and catch it ok

Twinkle- ok ….they both ran a car stopped infront of them

Kunj- who’s cycle is it

Twinkle- its not cycle its bike brum brum????

Bebe came out of car

Bebe – ye keyy hey puttar ji kyu bhag rahe ho

Twinkle- bebe

Kunj- bebe our car is flying see there

Bebe- dhono key dono pee rakhe hey bhagwan driver help me they made tgem to sit in car and drove to home

Twinj come to there room holding each other hand and falling here and there finally reached room

Twinkle- my room she falls on bed

Twinkle- ahha something biting me there were ants which bited her

Kunj- you kept chocolate cover here so ants came hahaha why you removing your clothes like that shame shame

Twinkle- chup aha .

Kunj- how dare they to bite you only i can bite you ill help you wait

Twinkle- no dirty boy close your eyes

Kunj- arey i saw everything first only

Twinkle- aww when haha i also saw your naked body so many times

Kunj- acha but now its changed right see your right mole went on left side

Twinkle- aww acha

Kunj- haan wait ill show you both fell on bed both removed each other clothes

Twinkle- shame shame

Kunj- you are also naked haha and you are looking pretty

Twinkle- ???

Kunj- why you crying

Twinkle- you didnt told iam beautiful

Kunj- oh sorry I am beautiful

Twinkle- hmm now iam happy

Kunj- i love you your lips are so pulpy can i eat it

Twinkle nodes in yes they both kissed .

Twinkle- we will do that haan i miss that she bites his neck hen he bites her both covered in blanket both made love whole night laughing and moaning then slept in each other embrace

At morning

Twinj wake up

Twinkle- ahha head ahha and why are you here sadu she pushed him kunj fell down in thud

Kunj- ahha

Kunj- siyappa queen ??

Kunj- why iam naked???

Twinkle- chi shameless

Kunj come in blanket see her

Kunj- you too shameless you are also nakes

Twinkle- nooo then at night

Kunj- you raped me??? mey dhuniya walo ko kis muh dhikavunga

Twinkle- shut up you sadu ill kill you?

To be continued….


Uff finished how was the episode share yor views let me know whether you liked it or no….if you dont response ill not get what you want then ill loose interest to write anything and next which one i cant promise when i can update as i have to prepare for interviews and thank you for understanding me and for good luck wishes for exam… i got good results

Thank you everyone who commented  snd liked and also thank you for dislikes

Ignore if sny error mo proof reading

Share your views …

Bye love you all ???

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  3. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb episode dear how dare rupali use bad word for twinkle and her baby feel bad for twinkle and abh toh i feel bad for kunj also well post soon dear best of luck for your interviews

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